21 Questions with Hollywood Dave Stann

The one and only Bad Boy of Black Jack

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The Bad Boy of Blackjack is in the house. Parents, its time to lock up your daughters and strap on their chastity belts just in case. Pit Bosses, its time to put a fresh tape in the security camera and lock up the casino cage - the one and only Hollywood Dave Stann is here to set the motherfucking record straight. Buckle your seatbelts for a 200mph ride through the tinsel neon freakout with a one man wrecking crew who truly embodies the Dr. Gonzo credo in all of its debauchered glory. Yah thats right... he's got a mouth the size of the Stratosphere, but the brains to back it up. (Could he be the Stratosphere's visionary Bob Stupak's illegitamate love child?) Conjecture aside, you know him (and love or hate him) from his bitchslapping appearances on the Vegas Challenge, his candyflipping Tony Montana meets Ed Thorp and Hannibal Lecter play at the World Series of Blackjack and his incredibly subdued turn behind the tables as dealer on Celebrity Blackjack. But wait theres more! Beyond the antics and shenanigans is a man who loves Ibsen, desires to play the lead role in Hamlet, wishes to create a superfund for avant-garde multi-media theatre as well as have his own private Celebrity Three-Some Blackjack Tournament with some very specific celebrities. (Lara Croft portrayers and Cobain widows who fear deep-deck penetration need not apply.)

So without further ado, and because we ran out of hyperbole, we are proud to present 21 Questions with Hollywood Dave Stann - The Bad Boy of Blackjack.

1.) Let's start with the basics. Anyone with an internet connection and an interest knows that you are a member of Mensa and graduated from Kent State University with a degree in acting, but what we are missing are the basics. Lay back on the couch and tell us about your childhood. Are there any particular events that placed you on your current path in life?

Dave Stann: The bizarre thing about my childhood is -- it was totally normal. No divorced parents, no major illnesses, not even a quick feel-up by the local clergy. If anything stands out, its that my parents had me/married when they were both 17, so they're not really that much older than me now. Also -- since both of them were raised Catholic, they'd be god damned if they raised ME the same way, so i grew up without the typical religious brainwashing most people are blessed with. Not that i'm a complete heathen, but i'm definitely grateful that i grew up with a much more objective capacity to reason & an indomitable spirit of self-reliance -- not to mention a curious absence of religious guilt or shame -- that's really helped me as both an artist as well as professional gambler.

2.) Where did you grow up?

DS: Cleveland, Ohio. woo-hoo. Mistake on the lake. Great place to raise a family -- or KILL YOURSELF. As a younger actor, I always thought of Cleveland as a great 'training city' -- a cool place, but definitely in its own little bubble. Very easy to bump up against that glass ceiling of achievement. The 'big fish in the small pond' mentality was definitely going on there. I always knew i'd leave one day, and once i did -- that there'd be no going back.

3.) Would you say you were more of a Beaver Cleaver, Rusty Griswold or a Bender from The Breakfast Club?

DS: As a young'in, definitely a Beaver Cleaver. Good boy, smart, got in trouble a little bit but nothing too serious. Always attracted to the bad boys, by the time high school came around i was a full fledged Bender. But a more androgynous, artsy one -- more like Robert Smith from the Cure. I knew i was never gonna be the tough jock or bad ass gangstar, so i was the tortured poet/painter/actor who got all the crazy chicks. definitely more interesting than the cheerleaders!

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Dave is so awesome! I hope he wins WSOB and doesn't come in 2nd like last time...I'll be cheering for ya!

I wish dave had punched meatloaf out on Celebrity Blackjack

Excellent! Thanks for the great interview!

thank you so much for this interview. v. fun and entertaining.

Dave, I Love you!!!! I watch you every chance I get...King Of Vegas was AWESOME!!! <3<3<3

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