The Fabulous Flamingo : The VT Review 2004

Who's afraid of a the big bird's flu?

Posted by Chuckmonster

The view of dawn light from the 27th floor of the Fabulous Flamingo was breathtaking... a misty fog had formed over the Fountain pool at Bellagio and a slight drizzle had begun to rain down from the sky... rain in Vegas, imagine that. Eventually we closed the curtains and called it a night.

Morning came at about 4pm. I recall hearing the faint echoes of probably loud music coming from what I thought was a coupla floors below... maybe I was hung over. All might be true. It being "morning" and all we decided to order up some room service. The Fabulous Flamingo's room service menu is deceptive. They make every thing seem delicious, but the way the descibe what you get with your plates makes you think that you aren't getting that much food for your buck. When the food arrived (a prompt 40 minutes after placing the call) we were pleasantly surprised at the spread... great taste and great presentation. Plus the guy who delivered it was a pisser.

The balance of the day was spent downtown - craps at the Fremont (they have a cool 'dice toss counter' thingy that keeps track of how many times the dice have been thrown by an individual shooter) blackjack at the Golden Nugget (with a surprise meeting with Tommy Sunstrum from 'The Casino' - watch these pages soon for an interview) and other odd excursions. Eventually we headed back to the Flamingo by way of the Palms for some late night slot play and eventually to hit the sack. (I'm not copping out here - a full report of the downtown/Palms excursion coming soon) But first we dropped a coupla hundred bucks at the gift shop. Myra, the cashier hooked us up with a 10% discount because we had a Flamingo players club card. Be sure to check out the gift shop there - its one of the best in town for funky Vegas cool artifacts, and a bunch of the stuff is marked down too.

We rolled up to the room at about 3am and dialed in the 'on the TV' internet service. The wireless keyboard worked pretty well, but lost range if you sat upright in bed, they might want to think about a more robust wireless solution. The browser itself was a Windows 3.0 style deal that rendered webpages pretty slowly and in most cases pretty poorly. You're better off bringing a laptop and hooking into an ethernet port (not sure if the Flamingo has one like the LuXor does).

After getting our fill of the WebTV we looked around at the other options the TV had and ordered an 'adult film' just for kicks. The flick was called "Maneater" and was a sort-of documentary about a pornstarlet who - after taking a break in her career - decided to go back on her 'chicks only' rule and start balling dudes in her movies. She seemed to like rough sex as the guys she was with really pounded on her. The TV also offered a video game option, but with no game controller in sight we passed on that option. Repeat: the fountains at Bellagio look great from the 27th floor of the Fabulous Flamingo.

The next morning we were awoken by wake-up call at 9am... and ordered up some breakfast room service. again, it was top notch although they only brought us a small jug of coffee, not the large one we paid for. They brought a freshie up to the room 10 minutes after calling room service to tell them. After scarfing it all down we gathered our stuff and checked out via the Video Check out option on the TV. This is the greatest thing ever invented. We packed up our stuff, enjoyed our view of a rain soaked Vegas from #27004 and hit it.

Fabulous (adjective)

  1. Barely credible; astonishing: the fabulous endurance of a marathon runner.
  2. Extremely pleasing or successful: a fabulous vacation.
  3. Of the nature of a fable or myth; legendary.
  4. Told of or celebrated in fables or legends.

There's a reason why they call it The Fabulous Flamingo. It truly is fabulous by the textbook definition of the word. From its historic origins to it being one of the main pistons of the Las Vegas machine - the Fabulous Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada never failed to disappoint. The staff was unbelievably pleasant and fun, the accommodations, gaming and dining were top notch. The room rate was a mere $90 (thru VegasTripping's Reservation Partner the upgrade was free and we won a grip of money over the course of the weekend. Neither of us contracted the Norovirus. Its safe to go back in the pool kids... the Fabulous Flamingo kicks ass - get those cheap rooms while you can.

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