The Fabulous Flamingo : The VT Review 2004

Who's afraid of a the big bird's flu?

Posted by Chuckmonster

So what are we doing in this executive suite? We didn't come here to give it the Michael Tata inspection... it's time to go hit the tables! The elevator practically spills right into the Flamingo gift shop. Maybe it was the pink glow that emanated from its interior... or maybe the stacks absolutely groovy Vegas-cool kitsch crap. Or could it have been the sea of Bugsy Siegel emblazoned goodies found everywhere... after years of attempting to distance itself from its gangster past - the Fabulous Flamingo has gone capital on Bugsy - but in a classy way. No matter what the goods, a mental note was made to return to the gift shop with a stack of gambling wins and procure enough Fabulous Flamingo artifacts to start a satellite gift shop in the VegasTripping server room.

We bounced through the very empty casino, scoping out the general scene. Casinos are different when you're actually staying in them then when you're "walking through". You tend to take a real look at the joint, filing location bookmarks, mapping out potential eating strategies, looking at the overall lay of the casino - noting how machines are sectionalized by denomination, reel type or video type, and progressives. We made a quick circle of the gaming floor which was much more crowded than the slot areas. Most tables were $10-15 minimums with about 30% $25 and above. The craps and blackjack tables only had a handful of openings on each. Mostly, the casino was inhabited by drunk twenty somethings wandering about with 36" tall green decanters hanging from their necks by a strap ('A Yard of Beer'). I settled into some rum and cokes at a 25 Wheel of Fortune Red White & Blue slot and fed it my players card and a couple of Jacksons before it connected for a $150 payout while "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis & The News blared from the casino Muzak system (at least it wasn't Jimmy Buffet). At this point catching the Norovirus is the furthest thing from my mind...

In fact the only thing on my mind right now is heading next door to Flamingo satellite joint O'Shea's for some craps and Guinness on tap. Much like the Fabulous Flamingo, O'Shea's isn't particularly crowded. It should be noted that it is, after all, off-season for Vegas traveling too. We like off-season, cheaper rooms, comfortable weather, no lines for attractions, easier access to tables, un-crowded strip sidewalks... and generally cheaper minimums. So Miss Monkay and I settled in at the bar for some drinks and video poker action. Miss Monkey ventured into video blackjack which had a "Let Your Bet Ride" option after you won a hand... eventually she was betting close to $40/hand and winning. I took a little turn at the video blackjack, but found that its limited play was too confining - double down only on 10 & 11, only one split allowed - that kinda thing. By that time I had sunk $40 of my WoF winnings into it and didn't want to sink anymore - plus my hands were itching to throw the dice.

I sauntered over to the craps table and rode the seesaw up and down and up and down and up and down for about 2 hours until the newbie craps player next to me threw the dice for a good 40 minutes. By newbie, I mean that this guy knew absolutely nothing - I had to explain Pass Line to him after he had been betting on it and asking the dealer why he wasn't getting paid for about 40 minutes. I colored up my chips and headed back to the bar to see what happened to Miss Monkay. She had moved to the other side of the bar and was still transfixed by the video blackjack and holding her own despite the obvious bad odds. I sucked down a coupla more Guinness then ventured off to play some cards but ended up playing solo at the roulette table betting straight up on 3,4,7,19,35. I stuck it out for about 1/2 hour and pretty much broke even after tokes and drink tips. We decided to mosey next door to the Imperial Palace for some blackjack action - a bad idea - we both got our britches burned. By this time the sun had come up and we were getting woozy. Time to hit the sack. We managed to throw a bunch of loser money into dollar slots on the way back up to the room.

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