Cheating Vegas

The art of casino cheating comes in many disguises...

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Straight up Stealing happens at all table games, particularly Craps where bets are many and players can be easily distracted. 'Railing' is the act of snatching chips from other players racks while standing at the craps tables. Railers usually work in pairs... one snatches chips from the prey then hands them to the accomplice behind them who vanishes onto the strip once a decent amount of chips have been taken or if the prey begins to notice somethings fishy. Craps cheats also scam orphan winners from the table too... since craps is a pretty complicated game to follow and even more complicated to deal, players sometimes forget what bet is theirs and leave paid winners on the felt. Always keep your eyes on your bets and ask questions if you don't think you've been paid correctly or if you suspect that someone has poached your winner.

Casino cheats use a bunch of standardized chip maneuvers to gain advantage at casinos. Capping, is the act of adding to a winning chip stack depending on what cards the player holds. Hand-held blackjack players usually do this by sliding an extra chip underneath their chip stack when they tuck their cards in signifying they're going to "stand". Conversely, pinching is the act of removing chips from a bet based on the hand they hold. Players do this by tucking in their hand with one or more chips below the cards signifying "stand" then they decide to "take another look" scooping the chips beneath the cards out into their chipstack then tuck their cards back in.

Another popular past-time amongst casino cheats is the technique of past-posting. Past posting gets its name from horse-racing where bettors would phone in bonafide winner bets to their bookie bets after the race has been run, or posted (hence, past-posting). One way craps cheats do this is to cap their odds with more chips after an point has been made, hopefully when the dealer at their end of the table is pre-occupied with sweeping away losers or some other distraction. Craps past-posters usually do this when the dice are being thrown to the opposite side of the table from where they are standing - all eyes are on the dice at the other end of the table.

Blackjack players historically have tried to reduce house advantage by gaining insight onto the dealers hole card. They do this in various ways including strategically placing shiners (mirrors) in their hands to try and sneak a peak of the dealers hole card as it comes off the deck or out of the shoe. Some teams try and spot hole cards from other tables then signal to their players at the table from across the pit. Still other players take advantage of sloppy dealer techniques by sitting at 3rd base and trying to get a look at the hole card as it comes off the deck. Blackjack cheaters have notoriously tried to gain deck insight by marking cards as well. Card cheats mark 10 value cards with a small fingernail print, a slight bend, or even invisible ink (which can only bee seen by red tinted sunglasses or contacts - the red-tinted plexiglass used card holders and shoes were developed to thwart this practice).

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