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The art of casino cheating comes in many disguises...

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Disclaimer: The information contained in the following article is for entertainment purposes only, VegasTripping does not condone or participate in cheating at anything, particularly in a casino. Being caught cheating in a casino is serious serious business, you will face long manditory minimum jail sentences, lose your privlege to enter and play in a casino, lose your freedom and inflict some bad karma on yourself. We present this information because we find it interesting, thats all. We ask that you think long and hard about trying these techniques and urge you to refrain from cheating. Anything that happens to you as a result of cheating is your responisibility and your responsibility only. By reading further you agree that, its writers, editors, owners, affiliates and associates will not and cannot be held responsible for your actions. Ok, now that we got that out of the way... let's boogie.

The art of Casino Cheating comes in many disguises, from grinders plunking shaved slugs into slot machines for "free pulls" to highly organized teams of players and casino employees systematically bilking casinos out of large sums of money. It's a simple game of cat and mouse, cheaters and casino bosses alike usually say. Once the casinos pounce a paw on one mouse another one with a new unheard of scam takes its place. With the advent of robotic eye-in-the-sky video surveillance technology, only the most daring and talented casino cheaters evade capture long enough to actually enjoy the fruits of their labors. Most of them get caught... and go to jail. For a long time. Dig?

For as long as there have been coin operated mechanisms, there have been slugs. Slugs are quarter or nickel sized discs of metal, identical in shape and weight sometimes with grooves on the side to make them look like a quarter. The principle is simple, drop a worthless piece of metal into the slot machine and eventually some real money falls out (and some slugs) - when you've got enough buckets of quarters (or have run out of slugs) you bolt the casino leisurely with your loot in tow. Nowadays casinos have optical barriers and very strict weight tolerances for acceptable change, thats why a lot of your old 1950s quarters fall right through the machine to the tray.

The second contraption slot cheats used was the trusty 'coin on a string trick.' Simply take a quarter, drill a small hole at 12 o'clock, thread it like a fish hook, drop the quarter in until the credit registers then pull it out. Pull the arms and make some money. This method is pretty archaic in slot cheat land, any and all slot attendants/cocktail waitresses will see this unsuave maneuver and alert security immediately. Nowadays, slot machines pull coins in then twist and rotate them before credit is given in such a way that this cheesy trick just won't work. If a casino catches you trying this, they just might laugh you outta town before arresting you.

Bucket snatching is another favorite past time in the slot pit. The thief tosses a couple of coins to the side opposite of where the players bucket of change is. The players attention is diverted to the ground, usually they bend over to pick up the stray coins (thinking they dropped them) the theif grabs the bucket of change and bolts, and the player is left with a coupla quarters - until security returns with the bucket and the thief a few minutes later.

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