Interview: Green Valley Ranch & American Casino's Wayne Shadd

Watch out Newton... there's another Wayne in town!

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Discovery's 'American Casino' and FOX's 'The Casino' both began airing at the same time... where 'The Casino' was derided for its obvious planted guests and false pretenses, 'American Casino' has been praised for its honesty and sincerity in displaying the behind the scenes workings of a real American Casino. Particularly the complex relationships that exist in any workplace.

How has the success of American Casino changed those relationships?

WSL It's really made us all stronger, both individually and as a team.

The loss of Michael Tata was devastating to us, and we only knew him for a coupla months on TV. Has it been hard grieving with cameras following you around?

WS: We all miss Michael dearly. He truly was a great leader, a great team member and above all else, a great friend.

Have you watched FOX's 'The Casino'?

WS: Didn't miss an episode.

Neither did we... we loved the show and thought that it got a bit of a bad rap in the press. However, it is a fitting tribute that their show got cancelled and American Casino has been renewed for 18 more episodes. Prior to becoming Director of Marketing at GVR you were in charge of Player Development/Casino Hosts. Do you have any advice for aspiring Casino Host/young punk Tommy Sunstrom over at the Nugget?

WS: I actually went out with Tommy one night. What a great person. He's definitely going to do fine in this industry.

We think that pairing your assistant David 'JC2K' deMontMollin and Tommy Sunstrom in a Survivor meets Vegas setting would make a great spin-off show. Who do you think would win a Jeopardy head-to-head showdown... Tommy or David?

WS: As much as I like Tommy, I got to go with my boy David in a landslide victory!

Speaking of David, what's up with JC2K?

WS: He's currently scouting different locations for JC2K as the popularity of JC1K forced him to relocate out of the Jockey Club!!!!

Wayne Shadd 'Behind the Music' : what's in your CD Player right now? (or iPod or iTunes...)

WS: The wife controls the CD Player------I think it"s a country album, maybe Brooks & Dunn"s Greatest hits or something like that.

Wayne Shadd's cocktail of choice is....?
WS: Grey Goose with a dribble of tonic.

Down the hatch!

The VT staff wants to thank Wayne for spending some time with us. We'll be sure to stop by and give you a drink over the head next time we're out at the Ranch, or, if you're in our neck of the woods, you've got a standing invitation to use our tub. And for those who haven't made the trek to GVR, it's high time you did... you're guaranteed an interesting conversation with somebody's drunk grandma over at the Wheel of Fortune slots.

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Hey Wayne... Grey Goose Rules baby!

That Tata death episode was some sad shit.

I am wondering what happened to Mike? Did you ever find out the cause of his death? Sorry to everyone who works at GVR and to his family. I really enjoyed the show as I am in a wheelchair and watch alot of the tube. Best wishes to all and I hope for your success in the future, I would love to see GVR one day.

He died of a lethal mix of fentanyl and alcohol.

check the news desk:

Wayne's HOT! :o)

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