24/7: Living It Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas

How to blow $50,000 of someone elses money in Vegas

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"Dell Publishing, Office of the Editor how can I help you?"

"Hello, I've got an idea for a book..."

"We don't accept telephone solicitations sir."

"Just hear me out... If you give me a $50,000 advance, I will go to Las Vegas and visit 10 resort/casinos over 30 days and will gamble it relentlessly, living the high roller lifestyle to the hilt. When I return, I will write a book about the trip! Whaddya think? Do we have a deal or what?"


"We have a deal, we'll send out the check tomorrow morning."


Ok, so it didn't actually happen like that, but that sorta is the whole premise of Andres Martinez' "24/7: Living It Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas". From its opening 50k bank withdrawl to the exciting gambling spree ending, we watch Martinez' 'nest egg' fluctuate like a freefall stock market. Along the way we visit some vintage, not yet built and recently imploded megaresorts. We meet a former millionaire sports gambler bottoming out after having lost his own $5M dollar nest egg, a Christian minister who works as a restroom valet at a Vegas strip club, a former 'arm candy' goddess from the 50s who now works at a casino gift shop and a slew of superstitious Asian Baccarat players, comp-giving casino hosts, rude dealers, croupiers and gamblers.

Martinez spends his evenings betting big at the LuXor, Hard Rock, Caesars, Ballys, The Golden Gate, Palace Station, the Desert Inn and more, while by day going to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, religious services and visiting friends of his law school friends (who all happen to be mormons living in casino-free Boulder city.) Martinez lives the Vegas life to the fullest, splurging on a fancy dress shirt at Caesars' before re-upping his wedding vows with his visiting wife Kat - Vegas-style Elvis package! He spends days working on his squash and tennis game with a semi-retired semi-pro tennis shark (who is also a former casino dealer) rheuminating on Dostoyevsky's gambling addiction by the pool at the Hard Rock, donning goggles and hard hat for a VIP cocktail party prior to the Alladin implosion, visiting the 1998 World Series of Poker, joining a public school sponsored 'clean up program' only to arrive after everybody else had left.

Probably most striking are the blow-by-blow accounts of warfare at the high limit tables. After taking in a tidy sum at the blackjack tables, Martinez heads to the Baccarat tables, where he discovers the true essence of Baccarat at a table full of Asian high rollers. Each day is documented in full detail, and at bedtime the Nest Egg toteboard is updated. After suffering a devastating loss at the tables, Martinez recoils to his room in complete devastation, describing the losing end of gambling fever in great accurate detail. They say that the second best feeling to gambling and winning is gambling and losing. On Martinez' trip, he covers all the bases.

While not as heady or razor sharp as Jim McManus' "Positively 5th Street", "24/7: Living It Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas" is an exciting read and dosen't suffer from '5th Street's' tangents. If you can't be in Vegas, this is a good dose of methadone for you. Check it out.

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