Palm Springs Tribal Casino Poker Run Pt. 3 - Soboba Casino

A tee pee for my bung hole.

Posted by Chuckmonster

The billboard on the freeway says Soboba Casino - It's closer that you think. Bullshit. It's about 20+ minute drive through the San Jacinto mountains then some local roads to a dead end out in the middle of quasi-nowhere. Its further than you think, and it isn't as cool as you think either. Welcome to the only casino named after a tribe on Survivor - Casino Soboba [ ].

Granted the drive through the mountains is quite pretty (except for the grizzly accident on the north bound lanes) but it does take longer than you'd expect. Eventually we exited the highway and bounced along a quint country road to the Soboba Casino site. The Casino itself are three metal Tee Pees with a valet drive up and a large uncovered parking lot... your car will bake in the sun here. Also there is a large grand stand looking object where they host some kind of sporting event although i'm not really sure what.

We parked the car, slurped the last bits of the roadside milkshakes and headed in, our pockets bulging slightly from our take at Agua Caliente, and Casino Morongo our imaginary giant foam cowboy hats propped prominently on our imaginary sheriff swagger.

Our first impression upon entrance into Soboba was one of disappointment... inside the giant metal tee-pee is a barely appointed, un-casino like atmosphere with exposed air duct ceilings, dingy vibes, and nothing but slots in view. We wandered through TP1 and found a passage way to TP2. Inside of TP2 is a 'virtual reality blackjack table' (which must be seen to be believed) Multiple-deck and single deck black jack, three-card poker, mini baccarat, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, Bingo and a coupla thousand slot machines about 10% of which are 1 machines.

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