Planet Hollywood Ultrahip Rooms

The VegasTripping Review 2016

Posted by Chuckmonster


Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Bathroom Entry

Whereas the bedroom of the Planet Hollywood Ultrahip room looks and feels cheap, the bathroom feels luxurious.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Sink Mirror

A single sink countertop with backlit storage, a huge mirror and flanked by two sconces that look like bongs.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Bong Light

On the left is a small vanity mirror mounted to the wall.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Bonglight2

The bong sconces are just fabulous... a hand blown glass with bubbles and colors and all the eye candy bongs are known for.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Sink

The sink... with no frills fixtures.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Toiletries Soap

Toiletries are manufactured for Caesars Entertainment by Gilchrist & Soames. Nice quality stuff... their bath soaps are great.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Room Review Toiletries As Presented

The toiletries were presented in disarray (above).

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Comments & Discussion

The room is unappealing, but the tub is nice.

I know I'm in the minority, but I miss the uniqueness of each room's memorabilia. There was something so "only in Vegas" about being able to wake up next to Walter Matthau's hat or the plate from "Spaceballs".

^ yeah Robbie, but the lacquer fingers!

It's nice that they finally updated the bathroom sink fixtures. Although Planet Hollywood hasn't been the Aladdin for the last nine years, my last stay in 2013 still had the Aladdin oil lamp style sink.

I've liked what Caesars has done with Harrah's, Cromwell, and (for the most part) its Julius tower rooms. But this bedroom is a miss for the design team, which is a shame because I had high hopes for this review when you stepped off the elevator.

I actually prefer an empty hotel fridge to one filled with overpriced beverages. So the P.Ho gets points there. The bathrooms look fantastic, too. I even like the peace fingers, dude.

But there's nothing appealing about the rest of the room, including the begging-to-be-stained fainting couch, the coffee "nook" where I presume a closet used to sit, the artwork on top of artwork, and the other "flair."

I'd probably stay in an ugly hotel room with a great bathroom before staying in a great hotel room with an ugly bathroom, but in Vegas there are so many rooms that do both things well.

Really hard to get excited about that room when I've seen similar prices at Cosmo and lower at Aria. I hoped that the updates would make PH feel hip again. Note I've given up on Aria with all the MGM crap.

The P-Ho's renovation looks great. I love the bathroom. I'd definitely give them a shot.

Great review as always chuck, those shitty coffee pods aren't complimentary?

Great review, I wouldn't mind staying there myself. I'm a fan of tubs and walk-in showers too. BUT…not at weeknight rates north of $200 a night with resort fee added.

Price-wise, it looks like these renovated "standard" rooms are going at a huge mark-up over the yet-to-be renovated standard rooms—which is the same thing they're doing next door at Paris in their rolling reno. I'll be watching how they price out down the road.

It does look like they've updated the bathroom some, but its amazing that it's still essentially the same bathroom as when the Alladin was built. Which in truth is far and the away the best part of any PH room, for the layout, tub, size, etc. I do like that it looks like they added some shelves in the shower area, which were severely lacking before.

As always a very nice review.

PH was my hotel of choice when I decided to return to Vegas. I never had a bad experience there. The rooms are fine, the beds were large and soft and the dining/shopping options are some of the best on the Strip. Aside from the fainting couch and the fridge this looks like the room I stayed in years ago. I may give the place a go again.

I'll be opening Planet Hoboken in Las Vegas in 2018. North strip, of course.

Everytime I see that nude woman with the top hat, I scream on behalf of her spine.

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