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Another great article by VT staff! Really enjoyed this article. Would have liked to have gotten an update on Penny Pibbets and what happened after her solo kickstarter show.

Thanks for doing/making this interview.

Like Cirque a couple decades ago, Spiegelworld seems to have an eye for talent and an idea on how to bring new forms of entertainment to the masses. I hope, in 20 years, Spiegelworld has maintained its fun and innovative spirit so it doesn't get as stagnant as some Cirque shows seem.

In other news, I would have LOVED to experience Vegas Nocturne's all-too-brief run. Wallet willing, I would have been that guy there from 7:30 p.m. to whenever the fun died down.

What's the purpose of this? It's basically a promotional piece for a new show. Wow.

@supervegas The only time anyone is willing to give an interview is when they want to get the word out about stuff. We're fans of Ross' work and jumped at the opportunity to ask him the questions WE wanted to ask him - including talking about the new show. His answers are a riot! Damn, you're jaded.

Absinthe is one of my favorite shows! I like that it breaks the mold of what people expect to see in Vegas. The casinos have become so...mute and aren't risky anymore. Yet, Absinthe comes in and pushes the boundaries. It's a breath of fresh air.

Absinthe is showing this Sunday before Never Sleep Alone...I wonder if seeing both in one night would be Spiegelworld overkill?

The beauty of a show like Absinthe is that it's never the same show, and that's what makes it such an enduring show. I'm surprised that they haven't looked at finding a spot for their sister show Empire, which did a few performances in Vegas a few years ago prior to it's debut in New York. After its' NYC run, they took the show to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and North America (They recently wrapped up their tour in Portland.).

I was a fan of the show from the first time I saw it back in June 2011. With the exception of the one night trip last year, I've seen the show every trip to Vegas since June 2011. I've seen the show nine times over the course of seven trips (two trips, I saw it twice). That first time I saw the show, I was sitting up front (somewhere I have sat nearly every time), knowing full well that I was a potential target for abuse by the Gazillionaire and Penny. I've been picked on mercilessly several of those times, but I've also been one of the lucky guys that get extra attention from the Green Fairy during her numbers (Only twice have I seen the show and there was another performer portraying the Green Fairy instead of Melody Sweets.). Even though I've seen the show so many times, it is still absolutely hysterical.

Thank you for another great interview! Really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the interview, good stuff. Interesting take on the mix of casino business with arts/filling seats.

"I wonder if seeing both in one night would be Spiegelworld overkill?"

About two years ago, I was going to attempt to hit Vegas Nocturne and Absinthe on the same night (I had already bought my ticket for Absinthe prior to the trip and was going to make use of an Identity deal for Vegas Nocturne.). Those plans were dashed when my flight got diverted to Salt Lake City due to air traffic control issues that shut down LAS and a number of other airports in the SW for a time. The flight ended up getting into Vegas about four and a half hours late, as they had to scrounge up two pilots to fly the plane to Vegas because the original pilots did not have enough duty hours to legally fly the 45 minutes to Vegas. So had I gotten into Vegas on time, I would have gone to seen the early edition of Vegas Nocturne and then made a beeline over to Caesars for the 10PM performance of Absinthe.

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