Treasure Island Deluxe Rooms

The VegasTripping Review 2016

Posted by Chuckmonster

And now... the bathroom!

Treasure Island Review 2016 Toilet

The toilet is a medium rider and flushed with gusto. A towel rack above the commode held ample bath towels, hand towels and a facecloth. The toilet paper is a right backhand away. On the surface, everything looked clean.

Treasure Island Review 2016 Sink

To the right of the toilet, a large single sink countertop with a ginormous wall-sized mirror. Two rings on either side of the sink held towels.

Treasure Island Review 2016 Sinksoap Treasure Island Review 2016 Toiletries

The soaps and stuff are branded "Oleksandra" the name of the Spa at Treasure Island. Oleksandra is Oleksandra Nikolayenko, 2001 "Miss Ukraine" and wife of TI owner Phil Ruffin. Here's a photo of the happy couple.

The not-neat assortment of toiletries included a refreshing body massage bar, nourishing shampoo, nourishing conditioner, cleansing shower gel and a moisturizer.

Treasure Island Review 2016 Mirror

A vanity mirror is mounted on the wall by the entrance.

Treasure Island Review 2016 Tub

The shower features standard MGM property fixtures, including the bowed shower curtain rod. These same shower heads and tubs are still in use at many MGM properties. Tall guys: the showerhead only required a partial limbo to rinse hair.

Treasure Island Review 2016 Showerwall

A small ledge is provided in the corner of the shower stall. The shower provided ample hot water, quickly.

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Comments & Discussion

I wonder if we will ever get to the point in Vegas where there's no bathroom. Rather, the shitter and tub are just in the room with you. Anyone at MGM listening? Imagine community crappers in each hallway!

Yes. Peep the SLS Story Tower hotel room review. Both the shower and the crapper are a thin metal sliding door away.

The TI rooms have held up well. Look cozy.

I would imagine those fainting couches get a real workout. Maybe they ought to be in hose-downable vinyl. Overall, though, the room looks pretty good for sure.

I'm going to assume the stain is from someone sitting there after returning from the pool.

Excellent review. Thanks for doing it, really enjoy reading these. I haven't stayed at TI for many, many years.

One of the first places I stayed at many moons ago when I first started going to Vegas. Enjoyed it immensely back then. Always a great value, and great spot on the strip. Glad to see she is holding up pretty decently.

We stayed at Treasure Island over Super Bowl wknd. The room was pretty much the same as this review, but we asked at the desk for a south facing room, for the sun, and were rewarded with a spectacular view of the strip. Looking south you see everything, all the lights at night. It's really beautiful.
The TI sportsbook is not that great, it is small, and the screens are old school focusing on horse racing.
No worries, it is an easy walk to The Mirage, or across the bridge straight to the Venetian, or across to the Wynn, all of which have world class sports books.

Thanks again for a thorough review...

Chuck, do you wait until you're about to check-out before you do the blacklight tests (ignorance is bliss)? Or does what you find not really bother you all that much?

I can't decide if know that stuff was there would drive me nuts, or if I would adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude. lol

@frostbyte doing the black light video changes what you use/touch. The piss covered lounger was a no-go in daylight. The barf other stuff was certainly a surprise.

This couldn't have been more well timed for me. Staying there this weekend. Thanks Chuck!

Also no way in f'ing hell am I watching that black light video until I come back haha

Am I the only one that likes their furniture pre-pissed on?


I think I stayed in this room years ago. Same view but somehow they stuck me with two beds. The beds here are very comfortable. I didn't get the fainting couch though. The dining options are okay. Gilley's is good and the buffet is small but with multiple options. TI is very nice and affordable.

Wait a minute. So you're not supposed to use the fainting couch to relieve yourself if somebody is in the bathroom? Well slap me in the face with a mackerel and call me Sheila, you learn something new every day.

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