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Inside Casa De Shenandoah

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Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Finally, we made our way toward Mr. Newton's house. This is the fountain out front. A tour guide explained that several artesian wells supply the property with abundant water, and account for the lush green spaces on what would otherwise be dessert landscape.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Casa de Shenandoah.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

The foyer of Mr. Newton's house. A tour guide revealed that the original railings were made of fragile crystal. An insurance company required that they be replaced with sturdy metal railings before public tours could be permitted.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

The dining room. I believe the guide said that the painting over the fireplace is an original Renoir.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

The kitchen. Notice the cookie jar on the counter, which is a replica of the house. I opened it up and discovered a tiny porcelain doll that looked exactly like me, and that's when I vowed never to eat peyote buttons before touring Wayne Newton's house again.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Wayne Newton's bowl of plastic fruit.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

A panorama of the living room. This is where Wayne wooed Ellen with Dean Martin's pasta in Vegas Vacation. He always makes too much.

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I was in a movie called "Wayne's Junk Is Better Than Mine"

That's some serious shade being thrown at the parrot. And the bird freakin' deserves it.

Anyway, cool tour. Cooler write-up. Feels like I was there. As such: I can save my $49, stay on the Strip and pay extra for my Bellagio booze. #Priorities

"Gorgeous pool table"

But why is there a stripper pole on the kitchen counter? I mean besides the obvious reason that strip clubs with stages are better than strip clubs without stages.

I was in a movie called "The Biggest Set of Headlights You Can Find".

I was in a movie called "Everyone's Garage is Packed with Junk."

I'm guessing Mike Tyson's peacocks got tired of the bullshit they were getting from his pigeons.....

that Burt Reynolds picture has inspired me to send autographed photos to friends and family and bitch if its not posted in their house. Great article misnomer, as always.

RobbieNomi was in a movie called Wayne's Man Cave

I hope you didn't breathe in any of the black mold in the plane. Maybe that's why everything is covered in ugly plastic.

Plastic fruit

RobbieNomi was also in a movie called "Plastic Fruit"

The entire house is so "OMG" for real. I want to go to this next time I'm out there.
That Mercedes tho.....could the man not see at night!? And I like that they have a separate Visitor's Center for the joint. Did it really need that? And is the giant bronze eagle in the lobby for sale? I feel like I need that over the garage of my house.

I'm just wondering where is Wayne while you tour his house? :)

This was a perfect review, but I have one quibble:

No shatphone?

I was in a movie where I sang the song "Wayne's plane sits vainly on display."

I just came back from a Vegas vacation that included a vist to Casa De Shenandoah. It was a really fun time, the tour did take around 3 hours but it's filled with great Las Vegas memorabilia. I would really recommend this tour for Vegas aficionados and Wayniacs.

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