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Inside Casa De Shenandoah

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Casa de Shenandoah, the sprawling 52-acre estate of Mr. Wayne F. Newton, takes its name from the Spanish "casa de" - meaning "house of", and the Indian word "shenandoah" - meaning "foreclosure". And while some of that is probably true, what is completely certain is that the house and surrounding grounds recently opened for public tours. I bought the ticket, took the ride, and here I share with you a glimpse into the life of the man they call "Mr. Las Vegas".

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

The tour begins in a visitor's center located a short distance from the estate. While waiting to be admitted to an ambitiously-sized theater (approximately 100 seats; there were 9 people in my tour group), you can view a number of items taken from the Aladdin hotel, in which Mr. Newton was once an owner.

Wayne Newton  Casa de Shenandoah

After a short and genuinely interesting movie about Mr. Newton's time in Las Vegas, we were loaded onto a shuttle bus and driven to the estate. What many wonders lie beyond these gates? Spoiler: There's a monkey in there. Have I got your attention now?

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

The tour begins in a building adjacent to the faux airfield where Wayne's plane sits vainly on display. Also on display are many pieces of memorabilia related to Mr. Newton's USO work.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

As the tour continues, you make your way through the exhibits and eventually end up aboard Wayne's plane. A short video explains how the plane was trucked to its current location from Detroit, but it makes little mention of the unpaid storage fees that precipitated the move. The tour guide explained that the entire interior of the plane, as shown here, was installed for the purpose of displaying it. The interior was apparently quite different when Mr. Newton was actually using the plane.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

As the tour moves on, it pivots from planes to automobiles. Mr. Newton was fond of Rolls Royces.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Also on display in Mr. Newton's garage is this custom-built Mercedes. I'd like to think Mr. Newton's instructions to the car builder were, "I want you to start with the biggest set of headlights you can find, and just build the rest of the car around them." To the left you can see the Hummer that General Motors gave Mr. Newton, the last one ever produced.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Everyone's garage is packed with junk. Mine includes a 300 lb. tube television, and a box filled with water damaged issues of Cat Fancy magazine. Mr. Newton is no different in his accumulation of random things; his garage contains his childhood bicycle, a bass drum, the canoe used in the movie On Golden Pond, and a settee from the movie Gone With The Wind. Wayne's junk is better than mine.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

Just off the garage is a room filled with Mr. Newton's costumes. I did not touch them.

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

"A singer's body is his instrument, and I believe in keeping my instrument finely tuned."

Wayne Newton Casa de Shenandoah

More costumes. Terrifying clown paintings. I didn't understand the connection, and I didn't ask.

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I was in a movie called "Wayne's Junk Is Better Than Mine"

That's some serious shade being thrown at the parrot. And the bird freakin' deserves it.

Anyway, cool tour. Cooler write-up. Feels like I was there. As such: I can save my $49, stay on the Strip and pay extra for my Bellagio booze. #Priorities

"Gorgeous pool table"

But why is there a stripper pole on the kitchen counter? I mean besides the obvious reason that strip clubs with stages are better than strip clubs without stages.

I was in a movie called "The Biggest Set of Headlights You Can Find".

I was in a movie called "Everyone's Garage is Packed with Junk."

I'm guessing Mike Tyson's peacocks got tired of the bullshit they were getting from his pigeons.....

that Burt Reynolds picture has inspired me to send autographed photos to friends and family and bitch if its not posted in their house. Great article misnomer, as always.

RobbieNomi was in a movie called Wayne's Man Cave

I hope you didn't breathe in any of the black mold in the plane. Maybe that's why everything is covered in ugly plastic.

Plastic fruit

RobbieNomi was also in a movie called "Plastic Fruit"

The entire house is so "OMG" for real. I want to go to this next time I'm out there.
That Mercedes tho.....could the man not see at night!? And I like that they have a separate Visitor's Center for the joint. Did it really need that? And is the giant bronze eagle in the lobby for sale? I feel like I need that over the garage of my house.

I'm just wondering where is Wayne while you tour his house? :)

This was a perfect review, but I have one quibble:

No shatphone?

I was in a movie where I sang the song "Wayne's plane sits vainly on display."

I just came back from a Vegas vacation that included a vist to Casa De Shenandoah. It was a really fun time, the tour did take around 3 hours but it's filled with great Las Vegas memorabilia. I would really recommend this tour for Vegas aficionados and Wayniacs.

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