The Two-Bedroom Penthouse Suite at Bellagio: If I Must

The VegasTripping Review 2015

Posted by MikeE

On the other end, a bedroom with two queen beds. Only two-bedroom Penthouses ending in 057 feature this bedding set up. All other two-bedroom units have a king bed on both ends. Stick with the latter so as to subject fewer victims to these awful accommodations. Textures and colors contrast less than the adjacent bedroom, but the bathrooms' set up are identical.

Bellagio Penthouse Bedroom Queens

Overall, this wretched experience has heightened my yearning to stay in a Grand Lakeview Suite next time I'm in town...

Oh, who am I kidding?! Like most of my room reviews, I started the introduction long before checking in. Underwhelmed with what I'd seen from scarce information/pictures I found of the renovations, I was fully anticipating at least some tiny iota of disappointment, especially considering the room I had stayed in previously.

But no. Perhaps it's the extra high ceilings or perhaps it's the juxtaposition of so many rich, deep colors that can't be properly captured on camera. Needless to say, I love Bellagio's new two-bedroom Penthouses. They're a masculine, cozy retreat that serve equally well as an entertainment space. While lacking that special Vegas kitsch of the Grand Lakeviews - no striking patterns, wall coverings, or bold colors - the two-bedroom Penthouse is no less complex in its space, achieving a subdued quality not found in any of Bellagio's other accommodations.

Please enjoy the hungover, one-hour-late-on-checking-out video tour.

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Jesus Christ, Mike.

Mike, Jesus Christ.

The extra 6" of wall before the ceiling really says something.

Wow, another great review.

"Yea but we're never really in the room." - Vegas Poors

Sign me up! If only I could get them to include the connecting third bedroom in my Mlife website price.

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen The Grand Lakeview Suite?

I'm sure Jimbo was holding his breath until he got to page 6.

And, I've never read a more compelling intro than this one. Mike_E outdid himself.

How of the other half of the 1% live........ ;)

"Yea but we're never really in the room.- Vegas Poors"

Best comment ever, because it articulates exactly how I feel when I travel to Vegas and visit my friends in their lesser than my giant suite accommodations. Thank you for this. Now I can perfectly articulate my Vegas superiority and assholery, well except to Mike E, he still has me beat, for now....

I'd have felt a whole lot worse about myself when reading this review if I knew just how much smaller this piddly penthouse is compared to the vast expanses of the Grand Lakeview Suite.

Nice to see Bellagio has been updating its rooms to stay at/near the top of the Vegas food chain.

Could do with a bigger fuck bench in that steam shower.

Well written good sir.

Personally, the colors in the room itself do not do it for me. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It is possible per the last page that it just doesn't photograph well.



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