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The VegasTripping Review 2015

Posted by Chuckmonster

LINQ Hotel & Casino Room Review Reception

I arrived at LINQ via the self-parking garage and hauled my crap down the escalator, passing the Selfie Machine, through the shopping promenade filled with nondescript stores with strange generic names, through the casino and voila - the reception desk!

Wait time to check in was under a minute and I had my keys in a jif. This is a good thing because I had to poop like whoa. The receptionist pointed me back where I just came from and explained that if I follow the carpeting that matched the color circled on my keys (blue) it would take me directly to my room. Tha blue carpet treatment - I'm such a gangsta.

I hit the button and wait for the elevator. Here's a pro-tip, there is a bank of elevators behind the bank in the hallway, always use those. Or you can wait in the thoroughfare with the other schmucks, your choice.

LINQ Hotel & Casino Room Review Elevator

Elevator arrives and I hit 18. The doors open and...

LINQ Hotel & Casino Room Review Landing 18

Whoa... dude the wall is breathing in the shape of the floor number. Triiiiippy. I'm happy to report the 1970's are alive and well at the LINQ.

LINQ Hotel & Casino Room Review Landing Doors

The rest of the landing looks like a subway station. Does that mean I can poop in the corner?

LINQ Hotel & Casino Room Review Landing

Neat lamp.

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Comments & Discussion

I've never seen vertical TP before!

Love the price, I may suggest this to friends on tight budgets.

Black box thing in shower is clever. I'm sure that allowed them to raise the shower head from its former low rider position. That cleverness is counteracted by that stupid curtain. As usual, great review. Did I miss any comment about a shatphone?

I am pleasantly surprised. The room is a nice size and looks comfortable. The switch on the lamp is a little weird as is the desk but not in a horrible way. The fridge is way cool and unexpected. How comfortable is the bed? This looks like an option if I want to save a little cash.

Great review, and it jives perfectly with what I found on my recent stay. Linq has replaced Flamingo as my go-to value property.

I was just down the hall, in room 28148, July 12-14. Craziness.

Er, room 21848, I mean. The room number I typed in the previous comment would indicate the 81st floor. Duh.

Seems like the desk and chair create a choke point in the room; I might be happier if the desk was flipped closer to the window area. I also think one desk chair and one aux. chair is a little skimpy for a room that *could* sleep four adults.

I share your dislike of hotel rooms featuring some or all of: the swampcooler/AC, "closet" curtain, and floor switch for the main lamp.

The barndoor bath and (empty!) fridge are very nice. I like that Big C is starting to care more about environmental stuff including: recycling, refillable dispensers, and (fridge) energy conservation.

To use your word, I'm grateful the bathrooms were a full remodel, which means they're clean now (or clean as long as it takes for the deferred maintenance to rear its ugly head).

Anyway, this room is not fancy, but might end up being where I'd stay in the future if I'm on the Vegas Strip on my own dime. Call it the IP, Quad, or Link, you can't beat the location.

My only complaint is the shampoo dispenser thing. It's all about saving money. Disney World used to do the same thing at their lowest tier "All-Star" hotels until about 2007 or so when they ripped out the dispensers and gave people the little bottles that they crave.

Thank you for this. With Monte Carlo evolving, I am also trying to establish a bargain, dependable go-to option on the strip. I really like unique touches like the bar graph note pad...I have not scene those in hotel rooms, ever. And, great point on the value of the fridge. I am just concerned about being able to trust these properties to adequately function under the current financial strain.

Dont know why anyone looking for a budget place would stay elsewhere. This looks pretty great for the price.

FYI you can also donate the mini-bottles to local shelters if you get a good amount together. They love having them to hand out.

I've been looking forward to this review, pre-Harrahs, I was a big fan of the remodeled, cheap rooms, at the IP, and I also get goosebumps from the entrance way and the feeling the old casino had upon walking in.

Things I'm glad to see, the rip roaring air conditioning is still an option, I've never had a room in Vegas that cooled down like the IP rooms, glad to see it's still the case. I like the new showers, they needed to replace the old tubs, although I suspect the water pressure now sucks on those shower heads, too bad, as it was another positive of the old place.

I like the overall remodel though, glad to see they gave it some real attention, although I do hate all those colors on the outside of the room windows, and painting over that 'rock' or whatever it is, makes it look worse then it already was, although views in my Linq room wouldn't be a priority.

Another pro tip, if you can get a back room on the 2nd floor I believe, you can use the back escalators to get to it, and no need for any elevators on a trip.

I also miss the old rooms that are now cabanas that had the walk out to the pool, such a cool little luxury in a crappy old place.

Why no balconies? When I saw the photos of The Linq getting it's "paint-lift" I ad assumed they would add a railing and restore an incredible feature. Now there is just a fuscia (or whatever color) overhang out your window. It's too late now I am sure as it appears they installed a floor-to-ceiling window instead of a door. Too bad, that would have really made The Linq Hotel stand out.

I would guess that black shower thingy is prefab plumbing. Put together in the controlled setting of a factory for better quaility control and quickier (and cheaper) constrution. Mounted in the inside of the shower instead of inside the wall to save time too. Plumber just hooks it up instead of building it out himself.

What a great and thorough review. I'm new to the site and loved it. Thanks.

I'm impressed with what they've done with the space. It looks like they've managed to update every surface and create a modern and efficeint environment. I wonder, do you think Ceasars has their own design team or is this something they sub out?

I'm pretty sure that's not a swamp cooler. The AC looks like something you'd find in a motel or an extended stay and I'm sure the other half sits outside the wall.

The shower looks good. I'd bet they're covering pipes up below the head as that would be a silly waste of money and space if they weren't. The shampoo dispenser isn't a bad idea, they just need to make it more spa like and less like a rec. center locker room. I've stayed at a Viceroy where they provided $40 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Use what you like, but take the bottle and you'd get charged.

Way cool, in many respects. For me, this review moves the property from the "fuck off" category to "sure, maybe".

Great review. The Flamingo was my low-end Caesars property of choice. I'll probably move here as the prices are comparable.

Not enough lipstick on the pig.

Great review! We're staying at the Linq on our next trip. Reasonably priced and in the middle of the strip. What's not to like?

After stalling i finally booked my room for VIMP and here is where i am going to stay.

Following Chuck's stellar review I took a chance and booked a five day stay here for VIMP. I loved the place.

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