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The VegasTripping Review 2015

Posted by Chuckmonster

Cromwell Las Vegas Deluxe Room Review 2015 727

I arrived at the door of room 727, took out my Drai's Beach Club branded key card and slid... Uhm. Whut. Waittasecond. There's no key slot on the door handle, Jeeves, just a black circle. I waved the key against the sensor and *tick* the door unlocked.

Nice knockers.

Before we go inside a few general comments: this room is really really really dark inside. The photos you are about to see were long exposures or photoshopped after the fact to help shine a light upon the very dark decor. On the last page of this review, you will find a full video room rundown with narration by yours truly. This will give you great idea how dark the rooms at Cromwell are. That being said, let's go inside, shall we?

Cromwell Las Vegas Deluxe Room Review 2015 Entryview

Alas, room 727 at The Cromwell, in a Deluxe Dual Queen configuration. Two beds, a closet thingy, a vanity area, a bathroom way back there, a love seat and a large trunk underneath the TV set.

Cromwell Las Vegas Deluxe Room Review 2015 Floor

First thing I noticed was the hard "wood" flooring. With all the potential for klacking from upstairs or next door I didn't hear a peep of floor noise. Caesars Entertainment experimented with hardwood flooring in the Fab Rooms at The Flamingo a number of years ago, perhaps this is the results from that experiment. A lack of carpeting means less cost to replace carpet, less time cost to vacuum and remove stains from carpet and an exciting chance that the property will evolve into having a classic "aged" look that worn wood provides. I kinda like cushy pile carpeting in my luxury hotel suites... they just feel nice.

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Comments & Discussion

Thanks for the review. So you fell asleep to the gentle rhythm of Oontz Oontz Oontz. I wonder if your room got an average amount of noise from Drai's or if other rooms get it worse?

I've stayed at the Cromwell three times once in a standard room and twice in suits. I really like the property but could never accurately describe the decor. Chuckmonster, you did it in one sentence and it's why I enjoy your observations immensely. "has a quasi-French feel, but with nods towards antiquity". Perfect...

I'm kind of fascinated by the hotel corridor's carpeting. And I love the retro-look furnishings that still offer modern amenities.

Are dogs sitting on literal thrones the new shatphones? If so, me likey.

I was just getting ready to write this: "How did Big C get this hotel room so right, yet allowed Flamingo to become so wrong?" when I read your page 14 and answered my own question. We all better enjoy these rooms while they last.

Having the bathrooms on the outside wall has two horrid effects - first the lighting issue (exacerbated by the wall outside!!), and secondly the beds end up way too close to the front door and corridoor - you must be able to hear every noisy douchebag that walks outside!

I will pass at those prices...

Started off with Bill's Doody, now the Bill's Booger..... ahhh I mean Cromwell.

Ah, Vegas needed french tradional contemporary wh*rehouse styled hotel rooms. This room fits the BILL WELL. I actually like it, it has some nice touches for sure. Pity about the booger on the wall and the roof overhang from hell. There is always tradeoffs when trying to reno an aging property to today's expectations, and that roof top pool cover is a doozy. Then having the bathroom on the outside wall, its no wonder its dark in there. Maybe they thought dark would be charming. Or mask better when they don't clean the room very well. Great review!

Cool room. More than I expected, I guess.

Thanks for the review. Gave me a much better perspective of this property.

I'm definitely diggin' those burgundy headboards & paisley wallpaper!

Very nice review, I do love how your review style comes through so strongly in these reviews and grows the more you do them, a very entertaining read, from someone who has read a few too many reviews in his time.

Awesome review, I appreciate you calling it as you see it. You're obviously not a vodka drinker but the minibar was impressive and more inline with true 5 star properties outside of vegas.

I like the decor. It's different enough and appeals enough to my dark sadonistic side that I kind of want to stay here. I just wish they wouldn't have done the quotes in the shower and in the carpet. I hope they fired whoever's idea that was - It ruins the vibes for me.

@captain thanks! i'm a drinker of everything and see that they've got 'the good stuff' in there. you are right that vodka isn't my first choice, but i love it just the same.

Great decor but cant get over the fact that the bones of that place (low ceilings, small rooms/bathrooms) are outdated.

One wonders why the SLS rooms could not have looked like first glance, a lot of the interior touches would have worked better at that property...

With a CVS across the street at T-I, and an ABC Store across the street from Monte Carlo, you'd have to be beyond lazy to pay $6 for a Pepsi...

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