The Grand Lakeview Suite: Bellagio's Most Iconic Digs

The VegasTripping Review 2015

Posted by MikeE

Stepping out of this bedroom and across to the second master. It features a dramatic first impression with regal headboard set against textured, gray wallpaper. A chaise lounge replaces the two seats found in the adjacent bedroom. The carpet is free of patterns but supremely plush with a deep pile to sink in to after a long day out on the town. The south-facing balcony can also be accessed from here.

Bellagio Grand Lakeview Suite Review Bedroom 2

Unlike the other master bedroom, furnishings are plain and in stark contrast to the bold wall pattern. The hallway leads into identical his and hers baths previously pictured.

Bellagio Grand Lakeview Suite Review Hallway 2

Overall, the suite is one of MGMs better attempts at renovating a Steve Wynn shell. During the day, the room is fresh and inviting with colors that compliment the light flooding in from floor-to-ceiling windows. In the evening, the comfortable, sectionalized areas accompanied by strategic, ambient lighting provide an intimate setting in an otherwise enormous space. A brief gathering of Vegas Internet Mafia bosses had the #family in agreement - while individual spaces are loud and almost tacky, together they form a space with a design aesthetic far greater than the sum of their parts.

Of course, no review is complete without a detailed video tour. The hairy dude in the robe not included. Enjoy!

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Comments & Discussion

Even I cannot shit on this awesomeness. Very cool.

Seems like a nice room.

I guess it's worth mentioning that I saw a document aimed at travel agents that said the difference between Grand Lakeview and regular Lakeview was the balconies. I assume this is because of the alternating floors design of the building where half the floors have a balcony and half don't. So if you like this room, but don't NEED the outdoor balcony and don't have a casino history, they're still available.

I don't know why they reserve all of these balconies for casino guests, when there's larger rooms than some of them throughout the hotel, but they do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyhoo, I wonder what these rooms looked like when the property opened, but I'm glad MGM seems to have been conservative with their retro-mod kitsch. It doesn't have that weird pinstriped "French Circus collides with your grandmother's attic" feel of Roger Thomas's Bellagio that still exists in the villas, but it doesn't also feel completely divorced from what you see outside or in the casino.

Gorgeous taint-alizing tuffets!

Good looking space. Both bedrooms are the most "cohesive" spaces in the suite. And I must agree on the wallpaper in the half bath...nothing wrong with it, but nothing right, either!

WOW! Breathtaking! Thanks for this!

A long time ago I realized I didn't have the money, palate and discipline to become a true wine snob. I set my sights lower and decided to become a mustard snob. But you sir are a suite snob, and I wish I had made that choice instead. You would never had scored that grand lakeview unless you knew exactly what you wanted and asked for it.

The villa I'm sure would have been great in other ways, but this suite has unique things going for it. Villas are tucked away and walled in with high hedges. A top suite IMO needs a view. And you have maybe the best one in Bellagio. And not just a balcony, but one of the ONLY balconies. The sense of height, exclusivity, uniqueness, that is what separates this from other nice-but-cookie-cutter suites. This is a real gem. And the renovation is icing on the cake.

Thank you for this amazing review!

Great review. awesome suite

Without comparing this to other similar suites in other properties, the aura of Bellagio would put this one over the top in my humble opinion. I have never stayed in a suite like this, but I have been attracted more and more to the property in general. Sometimes, just like a particular casino game, you hit a lucky streak with a property and you just want to come back. Knowing the author scored this when he wasn't expecting to adds to the intrigue. In the heat of the summer, I wonder if the cooling system hits all walls of the suite? Where there areas of comfort, but then down the hall maybe a little muggy? Who cares right? Great feature, especially since I just returned from a stay at Bellagio. Thanks.

I want a Grand Lakeview Suite (with or without a hairy dude).

Great job, Mike!

Pretty amazingly! What a room for the price. Thanks for sharing.

Tantalizing write-up, Mike! I love the prospect of seeing this stuff myself; knowing it's out there but not *completely* out of reach. And seeing it in a post like this gets me excited for my next trip, pedestrian though my digs may be. Vegas is a cool place and I love knowing that this room exists.

Thanks all for the comments so far.

@MinVegas I came across this PDF which you speak of while searching for any info I could find before this trip. They are in error. Lakeviews are on floors 17-28 and indeed have balconies on odd-numbered floors, but they are something like 3-400 square feet smaller with slightly more obstructed views.

@skyontherocks A/C was a bit of a concern for me with the size of the room, all the windows, and the summer heat, but there were no problems. That said, I was pretty proactive setting the main thermostat as low as possible about an hour before I had the #family over.

Nice score. I mean: You pretty much ruined future Vegas for the 21-year-old, since you set the bar so high, but that's *his* problem.

Anyway, this room (and this write-up) continues to bolster my opinion that Bellagio is Vegas' grandest dame. And when the dame gets a face lift, she looks decades younger. That said, I prefer the traditional look of the second/southern bedroom rather than the bright colors of the first/northern bedroom. Nice to have that option though, isn't it?

Since you seem to be a pro at this, any good ideas on scoring an upgrade from a basic Spa Tower room to a two-room Bellagio suite (still in the Spa Tower) while I'm in Vegas next month? That'd make this low-roller feel as baller as the Grand Lakeview upgrade made you.

yeah, but there's no gorgeous pool there.

This is a fantastic suite, and I love the fact that finally somewhere, I can see a pic/watch a video of what it looks like to be on a Bellagio balcony.

As much of a sq/ft and rank snob as I am, I think though, I would actually prefer the Cypress Suite (with balcony) as I like the idea of laying in bed and watching the fountains. That would probably be one of the only times I would ever take a downgrade.

My next trip to Vegas is a stay in a Skyloft, a Panoramic Penthouse at Aria, and my cheap room is a Deluxe Fountain View Room at Bellago. I may just have to bite the bullet and cough up the cash for an upgrade if it is available. Darn it, that last night was supposed to be cheap too!

Those real balconies overlooking the iconic fountains & Strip make it worth the price! And as an earlier poster mentioned, staying at the Bellagio is awesome because of the overall ambiance of the joint & the classy vibe you get walking in the public spaces with the energy of thousands of other tourists! Thanks for the video tour and write-up!

Very cool. The retro-ish look to it seems to have just enough of that "old meets new" touch. The first time I stayed in LV @ circus circus, I remember staring up at the spine of that building and wondering. Now we all know!

Thank you all again for the comments.

@anawas Honestly, I just think a big smile and courtesy are your best bets at that point, though being open to a suite in the main tower would increase your chances significantly.

@pkluvsvegas Heads up though, none of the Cypress suites have balconies and I wouldn't pay for the upgrade unless they promised something above the 10th floor.

Stellar review, strategy, experience. I've been probing for a Cypress Suite since an employee let me peek in one my first stay at Bellagio. Guess it's time to re-examine my strategy, plus I've been roped into planning a Late December 21st birthday first trip. What a great blueprint to try and follow, thanks!!

I hope people realize how rare this room is. There are technically more Villas than Grand Lakeview Suites.
Great job and well played Mike E!

Great photos and review of the suite, Mike E! I too know firsthand what this suite looks and feels like in person. Working with Bellagio security during renovations, I got the opportunity to spend a few evenings in pretty much all of the suites from the 29th floor up, as they were being redone one floor at a time. This suite was basically torn back to bare walls and concrete. All that remains of anything original is made of stone, ie. floor tile, countertops, bathtubs or showers. It was pretty amazing to see what went in to getting this end product. And that strange shade of red wallpaper in the first bedroom looked awful in there by itself, yet looked perfect when completed. And yes, some of the decorative vases have been broken and a few toss pillows have disappeared. The suite truly has to be seen in person to be appreciated, just like the view down of the fountains from there! Will likely be the most time I ever get to enjoy one of these suites on my salary. Stunning.

Nice review.
I would agree that the Cypresses, which also are 001's below the GL's, are best above 9001. 10001 and up for better fountain view.
Mike, how many thermostats did the suite have?
I regularly stay in Wynn Salons and they have 2 thermostats in the living room, another in the bedroom and one also in the massage room. I'm surprised that this suite didn't have as much HVAC.

@Malibugolfer In my recollection, only three thermostats.

Fine report. Everything about Bellagio sounds good to my ears as it continues to be our "go to" choice. Balconies, however, mess me up; I have this image of me standing out there going "Top of the world, Ma!" just before I tip over Bourbon-soaked and plummet to my untoward demise. Thank you. Carry on.

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