Roger Thomas Talks Encore Room Renovations

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Posted by Chuckmonster

Wynn Resorts Vice President of Design and Development Roger Thomas spoke to us this morning about the renovations coming to Encore's Resort and Tower Suite's hotel room line up. Straight from the master's mouth.

Chuckmonster: What can you tell us about Encore's room renovations?

Roger Thomas: We made a decision based on Encore rooms are so very popular, that we're not going to make major changes. We're not going to change the color scheme, we're not going to change the furnishings, we're just going to upgrade the experience. We're going to begin this summer 2015 and we will complete in Fall of 2015. This is a very 'friendly to the world' kind of change.

Our guests should have the advantages of better technology. It is time to refresh materials and finishes in the room. These rooms are popular and get a certain amounts of use so we like to do that if nothing else. We're going to go top to bottom doing that and my team will be leading that way.

We are changing tops on cabinets and on desks so they are upgraded. They used to be wood and we're putting one of my favorite materials on them - black galaxy granite which is a beautiful, dark, almost black color that has flashes of natural mica and travertine in them. So that they have... I love the way light shines on them they look like a starry night. And we're going to put 'at-the-fingertip' pop-up access to USB port and electrical plugs on every nightstand. It will be concealed if you don't want to use it and rise at the touch of a finger if you want to use your laptop, phone or your iWhatever while you're enjoying the comfort of bed.

We're upgrading the lighting in the bathroom with all new fixtures that'll give a beautiful sideways even glow, much like the fixture we had before but of course. Lamping opportunities have changed due to the environment and much more efficient. We've had the lamp color custom colored by Philips to our specifications. The world of LED is one of bluish or greenish light, but we've managed to get the technology so we can get a wonderful candle glow color that is very flattering.

And, of course, as technology marches forward we're going to from our 42" television to a 55" television with extraordinary resonance. I believe is a Samsung product if I'm not mistaken. In fact, we're upgrading to exactly what we just changed Mr. & Mrs. Wynn's villa to be. So guests will be seeing the same thing Steve and Andrea Wynn. (laughter) If they tune in to the same channel. (Laughs) Steve loved it so much he called all of us and says when any great new technology happens "this is the technology I want to use." He is a great tester of technology, he and Andrea, so we always stay current.

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Comments & Discussion

So the real "Tower Suites" aka Parlor and Salon will receive upgrades but the Tower Suite will not, I gather that because it is the same room as Encore's Resort Suite.

Regarding what Roger said about too many properties calling their rooms "Deluxe" is somewhat disingenuous. Currently the base rooms at Wynn are Deluxe Resort, so Wynn is no better than say Aria, and you caught him there. Good work. Sort of feels like to me he is just towing the company line here.

As for Encore being very popular, and correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the Encore side fairly dead, at least not when the clubs are booming?

Too bad they can't install double paned windows on rooms that face the clubs. That would get more people in the rooms than any renovation.

Re: "deluxe" ... Roger didn't understand the question. It wasn't a gotcha moment it was an attempt to clarify what the nomenclature would be for the new rooms. I think is answers are brilliant nonetheless.

I think the interview itself was awesome. Amazing that you were able to put that together. Great read.

Great get, Chuck!

%u201C %u2018Friendly to the world%u2019 kind of change.%u201D Code for low impact, enviro-friendly, i.e., there won%u2019t be much landfill because they%u2019re not going to change much. (Low suds carpet cleaner? ;)

I kid, because I do agree Encore%u2019s rooms are beautiful as originally designed. The color scheme was adopted for the Wynn tower renovations, after all. (Irony that Encore%u2019s rooms were by a certain subcontractor. ;) I wonder if the replacement of the wooden surfaces is an acknowledgement that they are showing the most wear & tear. Clever way to keep the existing furniture. Bigger end tables in the Suites, 1.

The 55%u201D TVs will make the room divider seem more like a true wall.

Hallways: Aw, no lamp sconces for sale!

Abused Guanyin: what happens when you turn a five-star property over to the club kiddies%u2026.

I would hope the renos include replacing any of the jangling metal bits that provided accompaniment to the club music during Misnomer's unfortunate stay....

Also, I could easily hear my neighbor's voice not only under the connecting door, but also along the window! Soundproofing, to the extent possible, would be great for that and would help against the intrusion of club noise.

(Hey, what happened to the quotes and apostrophes in the comment above? Ew.)

Thanks Motoman.

Re the strange characters... What you are seeing is unicode encoding of Microsoft Magic Quotes. Are you writing your comments in an external application (i.e. Word) then pasting them into the site?

I've been trying to squash these encoding bugs for years but the seem to keep popping up.

It is interesting that Wynn Resorts decided against doing a full renovation of the rooms. Granted the first half of the use cycle was at much lower occupancy due to the recession, they've chose the pragmatic approach of upgrading what needs to be done - technology, soft goods and minor furnishing adjustments.

I'm compelled by the black quartz mica granite with travertine streaks. Roger's description is dazzling and I see the streaks playing deliciously against the RT designed black couches with white piping and the houndstooth wall.

Frankly these rooms (originally designed by Todd-Avery Lenahan) are some of the most compelling, thoughtful, artistic and beautiful hotel rooms ever to come to Las Vegas. Dense in meaning and glorious in subtlety. There is no reason - stylistically - that these rooms should be renovated.

I'm certainly a bit sad that I'll have to wait until Wynn Palace in Cotai opens before we get some new RT designed room product, but then again opening is only a year from now!

Based on what I've found, the Cotai rooms will have a similar approach to the Encore resort rooms but with tangerine orange replacing the red.
Can't wait to see the finished product.

Re: Todd-Avery Lenahan
yes, that's the "subcontractor" I referred to in the hosed comment above. (Heh heh. You said "deliciously.") You mention lower occupancy due to the recession during Encore's early years. No doubt that's why they broke the five-year cycle and let Encore go for longer. That, and as you so eloquently put it, the sheer awesomeness of those rooms.

And yes, I cut-n-pasted from TextEdit (Mac user all the way). I'm a rough draft kind of guy, after a few regrettable posts in the past. Now I know to replace punctuation before hitting "Post Comment." ;)

black granite = better surface for blow

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