VegasEats: The Westward Ho! Mega-Dog

$1.39 + $50 = :)

Posted by Chuckmonster

A few days or so before a weekend blast to Vegas, Miss Monkay and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home, blipping our way through some programs on the TiVO when we came accross an episode of "The Amazing Race". In it teams of world traveling contestants were forced to eat a massive chalice of Beluga caviar before reaching the finish line of the race. Whichever team comes in last would be eliminated. We laughed at the weakness of the teams, who alternated between teary-eyed outbursts and dry-heaves between spoonfuls. Both Miss Mo and I said... "that would be easy... just shovel it in and leave."

Fast forward one week to Vegas. We're walking out of the Stardust (through their fabulously funky sports book) and notice a large sign on the wall of the Westward, Ho! (MEGADOG $1.39) I say to Miss Monkay... "i wanna go look at those hot dogs." She says... sure. We head over to the Ho, play some slots then Miss Monkay says 'i'm hungry.' (DING!) We head over to the 'snack bar' and to my surprise and delight she orders the one and only MegaDog. Now, i've never seen her eat a hot dog once in all the time i've known her, so this kinda surprised me. I ordered a sandwich and we decided to share a lemonade. There was no way I was gonna even attempt to eat a MegaDog... I stopped eating hot dogs after I heard Ralph Nader give a speech on em in 1995 - I believe the term is 'lips and assholes'.

We plop down at the public benching snackbar kiosks. They're set up in such a way that you're gonna have a conversation with whomever is sitting accross from you. In our case it was a very cool Canadian couple, slurping down Labatts Blue, telling us about their global travels. Miss M, says to our collective area... "I don't know where to even begin..." to which I say "I'll bet you $50 bucks that you can't finish it." All of us break out in laughter and Miss Mo starts to chomp away at her mustard/relish/onion covered Mega Dog.

It seems that our Canadian friends are staying here at the Westward Ho! They flew into Vegas from Alberta as a last minute thing... and got a cheap room here out back. They describe the room as 'clean' and kinda like a Motel 6. Nothing fancy, cheap, its a room. In fact, they've stayed here before, so if it was scary I doubt they'd stay here again.

Meanwhile Miss Mo is about 33% done with her megadog and has started to move in on the Lemonade and is talking more than eating.

Our Canadian friends tell us all about trips they've taken to San Francisco and Thailand and New York and how the rock band Nickelback is from their hometown, how Canadians are much different than Americans, the George Bush situation and more. Super cool folks, they don't gamble much either... mostly go to shows, sight see and play a little slots.

The conversation eventually turns back to the MegaDog... which appears untouched and half-eaten. I enquire to Miss Mo, "are you gonna finish that?" "Nope... I think it won" she says while peeling out two twenties and two fives from her wad of cash and slapping them on the table. She begins to protest, saying that she never agreed to the bet and that this is 'pity pay' because I had just gotten cleaned by the Wheel of Fortune slot machines at the Stardust and she won. Regardless, she paid off the bet and we said goodbye to our Canadian friends and wandered out towards the $1 craps table and played for a 1/2 hour.

While we were leaving the Ho! Miss Monkay said to me "that was the most expensive hot dog I've ever had."

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Can you REALLY trust anything that has "Ho" in the name? I mean, really...

That Megadog is insane. I managed to get about half of it down before I had to toss it. That thing tasted worse than a public school lunchroom hot dog! As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for." The only good things about the 'Ho are the cheap import and microbrews and the margarita bar.

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