The Pyramid Suite at Luxor

Review by VT Reader Devastazione

Posted by Chuckmonster

Luxor 2015 Dev Light

Bathroom. Vent fan's (not working properly) grid forgotten on the sink by Consuela and a huge shower.

Luxor 2015 Dev Sink

The light fixture on the mirror is pure Best Western-meets-dystopian-underground-bunker to me, for some reason I kept ogling at it. Everything else is pretty much standard Best Western Plus bathroom, except for the towels that were not fluffy like those in a BW Plus. Funnily enough, even if this is a suite's bathroom it is smaller than the one you would get in a regular room either in the Pyramid or in one of the other towers.

Luxor 2015 Dev Fancover

This shower is big and comfortable, I can soap and clean myself while staying away from the dreadful over-chlorinated Vegas water stream except for getting wet and rinsing. If you lived in Vegas for a while like I did you know what I mean.

Luxor 2015 Dev Shower

I have to ask, why does Excalibur and Luxor have showers that resorts like Mirage, Treasure Island or NYNY can only dream about? This isn't a suite's shower, you get these shower in every room!

10 years ago I brought a bunch of friends with me at the Excalibur and they still remember these comfy showers.

Luxor 2015 Dev Wp

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This is what the promotional photo for this room looks like on Luxor's website:

I have stayed at Luxor the last two years and aside from the tub by the window the regular rooms seem better. The massive shower is there and the tub is right there with it. The coupon book is a cool thing to get even though there is no possible way to use all of them. i usually give what's left to someone coming to Vegas before the coupons expire.

Nice review. I've never stayed there but have always imagined the slanting walls would make the rooms feel claustrophobic. Your photos appear to confirm that. As far as de-theming Luxor, why would MGM even try to do that? It's a giant pyramid. Embrace it, Jimbo.

There are two reviews on Trip Advisor and one on Yelp that claim that their Pyramid Suite was haunted. Perhaps that is why the guest felt like the room was soulless.

Nice review. I stayed in a Tower Spa Suite at MGM a few weeks ago and the mattress sagged something furious in the middle. Seems like it's a corp-wide problem. That plus a constant stream of cigarette smoke seeping in through the vents (on a non-smoking floor) and a regurgitating shower drain made things feel less than luxurious.

I've always liked the Luxor - i tell friends on a budget to give it a look. When I stayed there i think I was on the 29th floor - so high up in the pyramid that the center wasn't open so we had to go down a floor to look out lol.

This room is a fucking mess! Where do I start? How about with the second picture on page three of the review...with what I think is actually a "no longer a Jacuzzi tub" (based on the giant access panel on the side of it in the picture on the next page) that seems to be shoved into some otherwise unusable space...WTF?!? Then there's that very, very, sad "living room like space" wedged under the sloping windows...can an average height person sit in that chair without hitting his/her head on the window? Then there's that "climate control niche" in the first picture on page 5...anyone want to try to tell me housekeeping ever does anything there? Comments on page 6...just one...there is NO EXCUSE for the trim piece to not have been re-attached to the vent fan...NO EXCUSE! (And...that shower's not, really, that big!) That is all!

One of my predictions for 2015 was that nobody would mention Luxor all year. Thanks, VegasTripping!

Anyway, this is a good review of a still-decent room. I'd imagine a pyramid room to have lots of weird nooks and crannies. A couple 90s-era beanbag chairs would fit nicely in that behind-the-TV space.

That said, for my $119, I'd rather stay offseason at Aria or Bellagio, shoulder season at MGM or Tropicana or high season at Casino Royale (yes, the Best Western) or somewhere downtown so that I'm closer to all the action.

Very nice review, the 'old' just jumps out in the picture, and glad Chuck pulled their promotional picture too, it was the first thing I wanted to see when looking at yours.

Since your review didn't mention it, I'm hopeful that they've remedied the 20ft long Cat5 cable, that they had behind the TV for your resort fee charge, that seemed to come standard in the tower rooms, at least during my last stay (about 2 years ago). It would be interesting to see what a nice remodeling on the rooms does, and I have to agree on the showers at Luxor and Excalibur, great features to otherwise average rooms.

Thanks for this. Planning a long form trip in July and wanted to mix in some nostalgia. This was something I was considering. I like the design of the room, but seeing this condition has turned me off.

We have stayed at the Luxor for years, and I enjoyed your review. We have stayed a couple of times in the Pyramid rooms, and they are very big and clean. The only part I didnt like was if you lean on over the wall looking into the center of the pyhramid, the wall "gives and moves" kinds scary! The tower rooms are so much nicer, with the same big showers, and the rooms are a nice big size.

For a while in the past, wifey+me have been fans of the pyramid, and I'd still stay in it on a higher floor just for the view down on its inside. First time we got a suite like that in the review (same corner, floor 25), next booking was a standard room about halfway up facing McCarran, and on our third try, they "upgraded" us to a poolside tower room I'd prefer to forget. I'd say, second was the charm, we did not like the tower room at all - a pyramid hotel without a pyramid, but with l.o.n.g. ways to everywhere - not again, thanks. Main drawback on Pyramid room was a rumbling aircon, and being 6ft4 tall, I repeatedly hit my head on a sloped wall. Ok, I'm rambling... yeah, the suite back in 2006. I never understood why you have to enter your space through your "private" rooms (bedroom+bath) to go into the living area... seriously, Folks, do you let in your guests at home via your most sacred rooms? I'd also would have expected at least a second toilet. The "Jacuzzi" (in 2006 it was still called that way on the hotel website) was already back then exactly what Devatazione described: A tub without bubbles, though the switch was still there - guess they removed it in the years since. Additionally, if you still dare, you'll have a chlorine stink in your bedroom for the whole day. Back when we visited, TVs were still CRT types, and I agree full-heartedly: The extra room is uninhabitable due to said reasons. Only chance to stay there is to turn the armchair away from the dead space and read a good book.

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