The Red Rooms at Paris Las Vegas

The VegasTripping Review 2014

Posted by Chuckmonster

Paris Red Rooms Review 2014 Dome

Lost somewhere in the middle of the center Strip building boom four years ago, Paris Las Vegas introduced the Red Rooms, a supposedly sexy refresh of a portion of their hotel room product. Due in part to the explosion of newer, better and gooder hotel room offerings on the Strip, exploring Paris' Red Room offerings fell further down my Vegas to-do list until... well... it fell off.

Almost. Here we are... at Fake Paris! In the Red Rooms! In Vegas!

After a high speed burn through the desert, I arrived at Paris Hotel & Casino porte cochere where the valet and I traded a car for a slip of paper. Fifty yards later I'm three deep in a disorganized reception rope rodeo, looking, seeking and peeping...

Paris Red Rooms Review 2014 Checkin

I have a theory that the lobby of a hotel will tell you nearly everything you need to know about your impending experience. Other than valet, this is the first interaction most guests will have with the hotel. Is it clean? Is the check in process organized and efficient? Is the facility maintained properly? Do you get a sense of pride in ownership?

Paris Red Rooms Review 2014 Lobbytile

While zoning out on the intricate floor tiles, the receptionist motions for me to step forward. I oblige. We engage in a very quick and pleasant transaction wherein I exchange a plastic card for two different plastic cards, a password to very slow wifi network and a map to lead the way. Vive Le France!

On the way from the reception desk to the casino, I took an informal poll of cracks, corner and crevaces, reconnoitering the presence of gunk or nay along the way. In fine Parisian fashion... fake Paris is fucking filthy. Peep this:

Paris Red Rooms Review 2014 Crud

Of the five or so corners I looked at, every single on was filled with schmutz, and one stretch of the walkway contained a comprehensive catalog of crud. I'll bet some of this fermented mop sludge dates back to the Napoleonic era.

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Comments & Discussion

Nothing sadder than a stripped minibar. At least swap it with an actual, usable mini fridge if you are too cheap to outfit the real thing.

I'm still picturing a mitre saw on the top of the maid cart. I'm imagining the maid wearing a tool belt also. I stayed in one of these rooms when they first was cleaner. Seemed like a reaction to the Flamingo Go rooms without investing much money. Enjoyed the review

Extra, unnecessary pillows annoy me. Put them on the dirty floor while I sleep, then housekeeping puts them back on the bed.

This would explain why I never get a room in LV that doesn't have a bible with pages torn out.
Great review. Thanks.

This place doesn't pass the Roger Thomas test, but if you set your standards that high there's only about four places in town you can stay.

If the showers have warm water with gusto, the TVs have the HD stations, and you don't find any bugs of the roach or bed mite variety, then this seems like a perfectly serviceable option for someone who spends a moderate amount of time in their room.

Oh wait, let me add this addendum: except for the unstocked minibar. If they let you use it as a personal fridge, it's juuuust barely acceptable, but still. Yeesh.

The orange safe was the most impressive thing to me, without sarcasm.

The box of soap looks like it was sitting in my mom's purse for a month. Actually the entire room looks like a mom's purse. Just needs some rusty pennies and stray stick of Doublemint in the corner.. and the faint smell of 5 different perfume samples.

I was just waiting for you to say you found bedbugs, too. No, huh?
Toilet phones are the worst idea in the world. I always wonder who exactly has such an emergency they can't wait to call someone until they're off the toilet?

Anyone else think of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys when looking at that carpet? While I like some of the dining options at Paris, I've just never had the desire to actually stay there.

Stayed in the Red Rooms several times, no complaints, not the Aria or Cosmo, but for a comped room not that bad.

Ha. Is that the official Gary Loveman salute in the bathroom mirror, or are you merely channeling your inner Frenchman?

I like Paris.It's not a bad deal if you can catch a room at $80/night or thereabouts, but not so good a deal when rates go through the roof on weekends and big tradeshow nights. At that point I'd be pretty unhappy with the various "deferred maintenance" issues myself and yeah, you're better off in the other joints you mentioned.

That Red Room doesn't look like THAT much of an upgrade over the standard rooms we've stayed in. For the extra money, I think I'd sooner pick a standard room with a pool/strip view (which is fabulous).

That lobby was beautiful when it was new. Shame they haven't kept it up.

Don't these hotels contract out the mini-bars? Does it even cost them anything to have them stocked?

Hey Chuckmonster, Is there any chance MGM trades Caesars something for this property? How good do you think Paris LV could be in the right hands?

As mediocre as this room is, it's probably the best room in the Loveman collection that isn't on the Caesars campus. Unless I'm forgetting something.

^^^ Cromwell rooms are pretty nice. And some Linq rooms aren't horrible from what I've heard.

Anyway, thanks for the Paris review. I can overlook an empty minibar because I buy my snacks and booze elsewhere (or bring my own), but I can't overlook the pile of chairs and other assorted roof litter.

But between the cracks, chips, stains, peels and horrible views, it's clear Caesars staff aren't maintaining their rooms. And if they don't care, why should we stay there?

@juicifers i don't see caesars giving anything up... if anything, they'd dump Rio then Harrahs. Paris has high market value, has undergone dining renovations and as the the fountain right outside. You'd have to pry it from Lovermans cold dirty calculator hands before anyone gets it.

Yes, Paris might be better under better funded operations, but I like the joint as is. Vive!

Oops, yes forgot Cromwell. The hotel where you can sleep on top of Giada.

Thanks, Chuckmonster! I love this site. Lots of fun people here. How long do you think Caesars can continue to defer maintenance until all their properties look like the old Imperial Palace?

Someone should start and post nothing but photos of rooftop garbage. I stayed at the Riveria over Thanksgiving and had a beautiful view of pipes, towels, smashed beer bottles, chairs, and what appeared to be a lamp. Good times.

Paris is inextricably linked with Bally's. If one was given up, it seems certain the other would, too.

I think when push comes to shove and the creditors and greenmailers and so on start to gather, the company would probably shove off what's south of Flamingo in order to keep CP and the stuff directly across from it.

Jucifers - it took 40 years for IP to become what it did!

Jake - great idea!

MTC is right... Paris and Ballys are essentially one property. CZR would hold PH and fold ParBal first.

This is exactly the reason I stay at Wynn or Bellagio.

I recall reading somewhere that Paris and Bally's share some kind of infrastructure--mechanical systems or employee amenities or a loading dock, etc.--that would make it expensive and difficult to sell just one of them.

Perhaps the cold sore on the couch is from the same...gentleman who left the stain on the bed?

So the hotel was dirty, like actual Paris? LoL At least they're keeping up with their theme. That carpet in the room reminds me of the design on Ricky's shirt from Trailer Park Boys. Fantastic.

Can you complain a little bit more?

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