SLS: Service Luxury Style or Sam's Large Silo?

MikeE Looks Into The Grand Opening

Posted by MikeE

I like the carpet quite a bit.

Sls Opening Carpet

And back near-ish Bazaar Meat, one part of the carpet even pays homage to SLS's roots.

Sls Opening Sahara

Looking back at the porte cochere. It'll be interesting to see the amount of light that floods in during the day.

Sls Opening Looking Back

And finally, a panorama of entry and casino, and as a bonus, not one, BUT TWO angles of middleclassbuzz's wicked hair.

High Roller Panorama

The place feels like a warehouse, almost unfinished. It's missing awnings, light fixtures, general decor - something to keep the energy of the space from rising above the blackjack pits and getting trapped in the exposed air ducts. Despite the buzz and excitement of the crowd on opening night, it felt cold and I had no desire to lay money on the felt. It's like the Los Angeles edition of South Point. Now imagine how bad this lack of energy can potentially be in six months when they're about as busy as Encore is during the day.

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Kinda surprised about the lack of lights in the casino - remember the Lamps Plus renderings? The VIP room is interesting, but it seems cluttered. Perhaps I like it because it looks like Roger Thomas?

Thanks for the good coverage Mike.
It looks like just what I expected. Front man Sam and a transported LA hipster scene with no concern for, nor care to appeal to, gamblers. Clubs and food are it.
Couple that with 350 sq. ft. rooms (really, are they kidding?) and it will have a tough time getting the target clientel away from PHo, Cromwell and especially Cosmo.

I skipped the midnight madness for the actual door opening and went the next day at noon.... Was glad I did. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a ceiling, too- Actually asked a dealer if it didn't arrive in time, and he said he wasn't sure. As you asked in the review, Yes the daylight pouring in the front door window makes it scream WAREHOUSE!! All the walls were covered with either temporary canvas tarps painted like artwork or floor to ceiling curtains like a 80's movie theater. The wanna be Cosmo atmosphere was over apparent. The shops and restaurants looked nice, but in general, knowing well how the Sahara was laid out, very little is different other than being re painted and left me wondering where they spent that 400 million they got from the Chinese investors.

I do love that light, but those ceilings are a mess, reminds me of my 20s in nightclubs built in warehouses in Cleveland, not a great look. Hopefully the next owner will have some cash to handle that issue :)

The open air at the top of the casino has all the charms of a Chipolte's . Dark casino then a splash of light one you leave it? Bizzare. You still have to wonder what the target audience is. No one is going to casually wander to the end of the strip so people will have to be drawn there. You will get wanderers from Circus Circus and Rivera but that sure isn't the demographic SLS is looking for.

Sucks Less Sahara

" - *something* to keep the energy of the space from rising above the blackjack pits and getting trapped in the exposed air ducts."


Almost positive I've seen some of that decor in the VIP lounge at Ikea before. The photo of Audrey Hepburn for sure

the comments i've read perfectly matched my thoughts. i visited SLS 9/11 and was underwhelmed to say the least. arrived by monorail.. poor signage for directions, even more poor signage inside the joint... casino had no buzz, dealers waiting for players.. walked the perimeter looking for a rest room ,finally finding one far away from the entrance.(rest rooms are a priority to a beer drinker like me). we decided we wanted a cocktail at the monkey bar and when looking at the menu, wine starting at $18 a glass and no prices for a mixed drink, high tailed it out of there vowing to never go back.
can't see this joint surviving for long

On my last day in town I wandered down to SLS and while it looks like a cool place on the inside there is no way people are going to go this far down the Strip to check it out. The staff is for some reason wearing tartan jackets and the look is a bit disconcerting. It was the middle of the afternoon and the place was empty. The place under construction across the street may help but the carcass of Cosmo does nothing but make you nervous to walk that way once the sun goes down.

Agreed on it looking too warehouse-y. It was definitely remodeled on a budget, big time, you can tell it everywhere. The nightclub even looks like it was done up cheap. I like the layout of it because you can see the stage from just about anywhere but everything there was done fast and you can definitely tell.

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