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Simply incredible accommodations. I was blown away when I walked through this room at VIMFP. These accommodations are downtown's equivalent to Aria Sky Suites... modern, classic styling. Derek told me that they were designed by Gensler... a rare small hotel project from one of designs biggest and most famous firms.

Is that a shaved polar bear behind the polar bear towel?

Sure looks like *some* kind of bear, Blackjacker.

I was quite impressed with this room type last year when I had the opportunity to attend the media/invited guest shindig the first night of their grand opening celebrations a few days before VIMFP last year. Definitely gives the Golden Nugget some competition in terms of suites (although with the resort fees factored in, the prices are practically a wash most of the time).

For my next trip, I'm debating between a suite at The D or at the Golden Gate.

"impressed by the apologetic assertiveness of the handsome Canuck". Hah!

High quality of carpet, furnishings and shower.

This is the best suite in a hotel named after a slang term for penis EVER!

nice touch a horsehead on the bed. the room is impressive!!!!

"This is the artwork over the plush sectional. It's probably a picture of a girl with a fedora on, but it could just as easily be an afghan hound under that hat. You don't know, and that's why it's art."

Glorious review! Thanks for sharing some of the D's more exclusive nooks and crannies with us.

Great room, great review, gorgeous towel

Seems like a great place to enjoy some #VIMFPtucky chicken and waffles and about 37 beers.

If you are traveling alone, I am a big fan of Bell Trans VIP shuttle. It is $38 roundtrip for Downtown hotels and $28 roundtrip for the Strip. It is technically a shared ride in a Town Car, SUV, or Limo, but I am 4 for 4 in having a private ride. I have never had any wait. It is as cheep or cheeper than a cap, and so much nicer.

@red, I took the Bell VIP shuttle for #VIMFP and after an hour of waiting at the Bell Trans podium and getting no response from their staff both in person and on the phone i grabbed a cab. I hope this was the exception but I am leery to try it again. I booked it as I had heard great things about the service, i used it for the return trip and it was great so likely this was an off day.

Let me guess--that last photo is going on the VT Christmas card?

very nice review, and glad they took care of you. Even though we know that travel issues inevitably happen and typically we are able to move past them, it always helps when a trip takes a full 180 after being off to a bad start.

More reviews by Misnoper please.

I hope you did the right thing and left the horse head laying on the bed when you checked out.

Great review, and what a gorgeous room. You had me at "3 adjacent TVs." Dang.

Re. Presidential Limo, does anyone else think their service quality has declined dramatically in the past few years? On my last two trips using Prez, I've had the same experience as misnomer -- no sign of the driver at baggage claim, and he calls with some lame excuse, and I have to drag my luggage down to level 0 to meet him.

In January, my driver thought Bill's was Paris. Seriously, he didn't know that Paris was the joint with the giant Eiffel Tower in front. Not sure what's going on with Presidential, but they're not as great as they used to be.

Fantabulous. Awesome bathroom. So far everything Ive seen about the D has been head on good. Glad you enjoyed your stay and got to keep that room. It reminds me a lot of the Planet Hollywood towers room we had at Christmas a coupla years back.

@erzeszut I've used Presidential/Bell Trans (Bell Trans and Presidential are owned by the same people.) my last three trips (the last two using their VIP Airport Shuttle) and have yet to have any issues. So I was quite surprised when Donnymac and Misnomer had issues with them on the same day. My driver on my return trip to the airport had only recently started working for the company and the only hiccup on the return was he missed the turn for the airport off of the highway (Not an issue since I always get to the airport no less than 2 hours before my flight.).

A few days after I got back from VIMFP, the Bell Trans and Presidential twitter accounts and Facebook pages posted job announcements looking for experienced and inexperienced drivers. That second part troubles me, as limo companies are usually wanting people who have at least a year's experience as a driver and know their way around town quite well (Many limo drivers previously worked as cabbies or bus drivers.). Plus these folks may not be knowledge about Vegas to give much in the way of recommendations to customers.

One of the reasons why I switched over to Presidential is that the company I used to book with uses a contractor and the quality of their drivers started to go downhill the last two trips I used them. I hope that Presidential's quality doesn't continue to slide, as my previous experiences had been positive.

Excellent review, thanks for the laughs! I'll even forgive that photo ambush at the end. I can only pray that the towel has recovered from the shock.

Excellent review!

regarding that last photo: i bet that would make for a gorgeous pool towel, man.

Excellent review, great pictures! We were at The D for the same weekend, and although we were in a regular room (901), it was by FAR better than the Harrah's room we had previously occupied! Kudos to Derek Stevens for making The D what it is! Thanks also to ALL the staff at The D for their great service, especially where fast and strong drinks are concerned!

So you're the horsehead! Great job!

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