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At a buck forty nine a night, seems like quite the bargain. Was that midweek prices I take it? Also, did you sample the famed room service menu?

A bed more comfortable than Aria's? Say it ain't so! I mean, aside from the warmth of the memory foam, Aria's beds are almost dangerously comfortable. I may have to give the Caesars empire some of my money the next time I go if this is the case.

I was sadly unable to sample the room service because of the aforementioned early check out. I hope to very soon. The menu was certainly intriguing.

I was curious: would you choose this tower/room or the Octavius tower/room? I ask because I am booked in an Octavius room in October and that was based on the review of the Octavius provided by this site.

Thanks for the review.

I know this is nit-picky, but I feel the coffee table could use an orchid or a book on sushi... it just struck be as a bit austere. I really enjoy the furnishings, very unique for a Vegas room.

This room offends me.

Curious on two things...

Is the artwork in the final shot avaliable for purchase? It looks kinda cool; more approachable than what might find at Wynn as one example..


Why is there a scale in the bathroom? Unless you're an MMA Fighter or Boxer trying to make weight, what's the point? I've also seen them at Wynn and Mandalay Bay..just not getting that one..

this design is frighteningly dated. the living room looks like an office waiting area you might find in an old rerun of The Bob Newhart Show. I keep waiting for Suzanne Pleshette to walk out wearing a loud floral print white flared pantssuit with white plastic earrings and left over Jackie O sunglasses... barking "Bob!" in two syllables.

The color schemes in the bathroom (could be the lighting) lack any sense of vibrancy and the Japanese stool in the shower is an almost insulting afterthought. The bowl sink is all flash and no function. Who needs a sink like that? Designers picking stuff out of the "Asian" section of the design catalog. Also, the vanity. No towels, no moisturizer, no tissues, no plugs and no zoom facial mirror or other amenities. Nobu did their brand a disservice with these designs... I expected true boutique - small, funky but elegant in design and pizazz - but instead it is modernized leftovers from the Imperial Palace.

I'm diggin the room, especially the bathroom. The beds are comfy huh? I thought the beds at the Wynn were supposed to be THE best. Has Aria outdone the Wynn's bed only to be re-outdone by Nobu?

Great review, thanks. I'm looking at a LV trip over Labor Day (probably 8/30-9/3) and only CP option showing up is Nobu. Everything else claims sold out - both when I log-in and when logged out. Can this really be true? I kind of doubt it. Was hoping to snag Augustus or Octavius. Have stayed in both, though, so at least Nobu would be new. Also would like to hear thoughts on Nobu vs. Augustus/Octavius - certainly size would be one difference.

80th floor? Are all the rooms 5' high?
I do love the design features but it seemed a bit cramped.

Very interesting reading and great photos. Really like the top entry safe. I do agree the coffee table looks a little forlorn all by its lonesome. I'd like to try it, but the only CP room I've stayed in was in the Augustus Tower, and I liked the spaciousness of it. You're much more mellow than I would have been if I had been checked out without my knowledge.

Nice report, I think it's awful that the hotel has been so difficult in returning your belongings to you. Just not the type of service I'd expect from a place striving to be high end.

I like the room design and I think they did a nice job with the shower, it reminded me of the Forum tower room which is shower only as well, but not nearly as well designed.

Re the 80th floor thing...

Every tower in Caesars is numbered consecutively by floor. Therefore the each one starts where the last built left off. For example the first tower is 1-20, the next is 21-41. That's why Octavius goes up to 60, Nobu to 80 and on and on. Eliminates duplicate room numbers.

100 trips to Vegas, including many to Caesars, and I still have much to learn ^
Thanks blackjacker, that makes sense and to the staff makes for quick differation between towers.

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