Four Seasons Las Vegas Photo Review 2013

Step Inside DavidF's Room at FSLV

Posted by Chuckmonster

Four Seasons Las Vegas Suite Review Renovations 2013 Vestibule

Entry vestibule from within. The gold glass makes the interior of the room look blue. This is why hotels build those glass testing things... so see how the refraction looks indoors, reflection looks outdoors and how they age. Seems a little odd to have a wall sized painting with a piece of furniture in front of it.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Suite Review Renovations 2013 Livingroom

The living room. Two chairs, couch, end tables and a coffee table. The cut mirrors in the bar compliment the circles of the wall paper and the baubles design in the carpet. Damn shame about the way the gold glass makes this room look. Just for this reason, I don't think I can stay here.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Suite Review Renovations 2013 Livingroom 2

TV stand, table and entrance to the bedroom. The desk is to the immediate left. I like the carpet pattern... kinda weird.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Suite Review Renovations 2013 Desk

Le desk. Which side do you sit on? The phone is set at a different direction from the Eames office chair knock off.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Suite Review Renovations 2013 Livingroom 3

Alternate view of the living room. I like the clear glass lamp stand. This looks like a great place to sit around and discuss blackjack strategy while plowing through the goodies in the minibar.

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Comments & Discussion

I know service is what sets Four Seasons apart from other 5 star hotels in Vegas, not necessarily room decor or features, but wow am I disappointed. I actually like the old version of these rooms better and I was not a big fan of those either. How anyone could choose to stay here over Mandarin Oriental when MO has a way better location on the strip, much more elegant room offerings, and the same service level is beyond me. Considering the price of this suite there are SO many other options to consider. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and had an amazing stay at Mirage in one of their Penthouses. Service was great and the bathroom was way, way nicer than this. The bathrooms at The Hotel are nicer than this, as is room decor, at least in my opinion. Sure, you won't have a butler to wipe your butt up to your suite in a few minutes, but you will have a nicer room and have several hundered extra dollars to blow in the casino later.

Lovely bride and I stayed for the first time at the Four Seasons last Labor Day week for our annual honeymoon trip. We were in Las Vegas for 7 days so we split between an Encore Tower Suite for the first half and slid down to Four Seasons for the second half of the trip.


Quiet. Nice veranda for breakfast. Totally awesome pool service - I got woken up from a semi-buzzed nap in the sun by a waiter handing out free frozen red/white/blue bomb pops. Free pitchers of ice water. Buckets of beer...very nice.

Super-secret Bat Cave access right to Mandalay's casino - way cool.

Huge 2-room suite for the same price Encore was charging that week. Kickass floor to ceiling window views.

The place was not remodeled yet, so it was dated. But nice and quiet - and best hotel lobby bathroom ever. Ever.

I'd stay there again for 2-3 nights if I was in Vegas for a week - on the back end of the trip to wind down a bit.

Zero douchebag factor and not bloody likely to change from that. Can't say that about Wynncore.

I stayed in Suite 35320 a couple of weeks ago. A few comments on the photos:

- there is no blue light sensation when in the room;

- the note on the bedside table is generic information on how they are trying to save money - sorry "conserve water";

- the last two photos are of the powder room which has large washstand room and a separate WC or "can".

The suite and the property are very nice and still have that everything is new smell. The photos do not really do it justice.

I agree with the previous comment that the Verandah Restaurant and pool service are terrific.

The Four Seasons claims it occupies the top floors of the Mandalay Bay (35 to 39) but there are higher, all-suite floors (floors 61 and 62).

While my wife likes the separate room for the poo dispensary, I don't like having to live in my own stink in a closet. Nice rooms tho, I think I would still take THEhotel over them....oh wait, I can't do that anymore..

Steve Wynn mentioned the effect of glass on color wthin the rooms when he discussed Philly and Everett:

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