LVH: The VegasTripping Review 2012

The No Resort Fee Premium Room

Posted by Chuckmonster

Lvh Review Sink

The bathroom featured a single sink, with toiletries, tissue box and ample towels. The lightbulb was burned out, other than this error, housekeeping was immaculate throughout.

Lvh Review Toiletries

Toiletries were made in China and branded "kudos spa." Mmmmm conditioning milk.

Lvh Review Can

The can was a low rider and flushed with ample gusto. There was no shatphone.

Lvh Review Tub

The tub was quite large, and featured a bowed shower curtain (yay) and a slip mat (gross). The good news is that the tub was spic and span from top to bottom. No PUBES! No mold! Hot water was fast and more than ample.

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I've enjoyed the Hilton, err, LVH when I've stayed there. The room has been clean, and I like working at the desk that faces the window. I've always stayed there for conventions, so when I'm in town for fun, I generally stay someplace else cause I don't want to surround myself with conventioneers. The only serious issue I have with the property is F&B, I think they are pretty weak on diverse (and good) dining outlets. I enjoyed TJ's though.

Those shampoo/lotion bottles appear be the same exact stuff Boyd Properties put out. I have several dozen at home.

I'd stay there just to pick up some of that complimentary gambling related hotel art. That'll go nice in the room where I currently have "Dogs Playing Poker" hanging.

the room looks pretty good. i have been going to vegas annually since 2004 ans heve never set foot in the place. this may be a what the heck kind of option in the future

It doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. LVH wasn't that bad of a property when I went in there. Plus the guys bathroom downstairs in the casino is funny. This place is constantly on the "Groupon Getaways" list. I'd actually consider staying here in the future on one of the "Vegas on the cheap" trips.

Thanks Chuckmonster. Although I have to ask, in your room reviews you never seem to post a photo of the view - is there a reason?


After reading the view for a second time and looking at the pictures I'm not too impressed. I know that the rooms haven't been fixed up in a while, but they don't look special whatsoever.

I'd rather stay at South Point, The M or The Orleans/Gold Coast.

Only thing I guess I enjoy from LVH is full pay video poker at all levels and the awesome sportsbook.

@rgb - sometimes i post a view, sometimes not. generally, i don't because not all rooms come with the same view, but they will come with the relatively similar furnishings and layouts. if i open the window and say wow... I'll take a photo. see the revel review on

@sturmgeist these rooms are somewhat recently renovated. the point i tried to make (without being direct about it) is that the prices at LVH are quite low compared to the product being offered. Secondarily, the product offered is leagues over what is happening in standard rooms on the strip... most of the Caesars portfolio and the bottom 2/3 of MGM's as well. LVH is a great option on price, class and cleanliness.

LVH does have the added bonus on being on the Monorail line, which is great unless you're trying to get to Wynn, Encore or Treasure Island. My last trip I accidentally found the short route to/from the MGM Grand station (Previously I took the long way via restaurant row and the various retail shops.) so that cut a few minutes and it takes maybe 10-15 minutes to go from the Monorail station, across the bridge to Tropicana and over the bridge to Excalibur to catch the tram to Luxor and Mandalay Bay.

I may have to give it some considerations for my Fall trip next year. Maybe by then they will have renamed it Vegas International.....

Was that a WebTV that I see in front of the TV?

@rhaps sort of a webtv, but not exactly.

Terribles also places Parlay cards in every room...they and LVH are the only ones I know of that do that sort of thing..

The room looks a little, well, crowded...the chair and ottoman takes up some space..but if you move them around, its a much better way to watch TV than lying in bed and falling asleep..

I've been planning to stay at LVH for years..need to do it one day soon..

One interesting switch is that you can get back $10 for every day that you don't use housekeeping. This is sort of a reverse resort fee where you give up and amenity and get something back. Ask at the desk to get a Green sign. I think the $10 is issued in food comps.

Wow, I'm surprised. I really thought it had gone to the dogs, but your pics and description show it is at least in the middle of Vegas offerings, at a bargain price. Wonder how long it will go before it is sold.

And I wonder why Vegas casinos don't put a $5 match play chip on everyone's pillow. Wouldn't that encourage casino play?

Only reason to go there was the Star Trek experience.
No Quarks with giant fishbowls of liquor = no reason to go there.

i've stayed here at least 5x in the last 8 years, both before and after the name change. i don't know that i've ever raved about the hilton, but i do know that i've never had anything bad to say about it. great sportsbook, good c-list entertainment (cheap trick, dice), generous room offers for low rollers, good vp, working showers, good rooms, and with the monorail access it's really the only place you can stay on the north end of the strip without renting a car. called last week and got the friday and saturday of march madness for $56 total, $150 less than cet and mgm wanted for their low-ends.

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