The Flamingo Fab Rooms: The VegasTripping Review 2012

Peeping the New Rooms at the Dirty Bird

Posted by Chuckmonster

Flamingo Fab Chair

Meanwhile, there is this little sitting chair over by the window. The black seat cushion makes me think that the seat is missing a cushion.

Flamingo Fab Desk

The desk featured a matching lamp, wired internet connection, hotel brochures and a black pleather chair with a single solitary pink button pleat. Cute. The artwork is 1980's inspired rendering of the Flamingo.

Flamingo Fab Schmutz

Looks like someone had a wet toilet paper clump war in here at one point.

Flamingo Fab Tv

The TV is set atop a dresser, the inside shelf of which looks incredibly worn. I'm guessing this is "reclaimed" furniture - slightly refinished with a new formica top glued on. The throw carpet reminds me of a barcode I once dated.

The "renovations" stop here... now shit gets ugly.

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ah crap. reservation here for #vimfp might be a bad idea.
maybe i'll move it to the stratosphere.

For $40 that room didn't look bad. Until you got to the bathroom. Eeeek. On that part. If they would've had a clean bathroom then I would say this room was a steal with that view. I've stayed in just about all types of hotel rooms, from a Super 8 to the Waldorf Astoria and that bathroom is just gross. The room itself looked clean and kind of a "we did what we had with what we've got" style renovated but that bathroom, barf. Seriously Flamingo, clean your shit up.

Great review.

Fucked up that Caesars has such shoddy standards. That bathroom is seriously disgusting.

Agreed for the paltry sum you're paying to stay at the Flamingo, everything seemed pretty damn reasonable up till the bathroom fiasco.

They need to round up those cleaning ladies and figure out what the hell is going on. That's unacceptable.

A nasty room and bad customer service through out the place, once again why I will never stay at the Flaming-O ever again!

I used to be a big fan of the Flamingo, loved the Go room remodel as well. My last stay there was in a 'deluxe' room and it was just as rough as the Fab parts that weren't refurbished, add on the elevators being disgusting and things like cockroach washclothes not being picked up for a day or so, and it's a disaster. I had booked it early once VIMFP was announced, but had to change a couple months ago as the thought of the bathroom from my last stay pushed me over the edge.

As the cockroaches show, there are far more issues at the Dirty Bird then a coat of paint will even handle. They need a thorough refresh of the rooms and the casino floor.

The furniture, floor, bed throws and draperies were bad enough, but the bathroom would have done it for me. I wouldn't stay there. It seemed a lot cleaner in the late '80s.

I'd like to know how many rooms the housekeepers are assigned per day at Flamingo vs at Caesars. I bet it's not even close.



Aside from white sheets, it's the only thing they need to get right at that price.

that shit is shameful.

A little off-topic, but I couldn't help but notice in the picture of the Mirage... what are they building? Is that part of the Forum Shops, or the Mirage?

It looks like they exchanged the baby stains from my Fab room and replaced it with a roach.

The GO rooms are great, but the FAB rooms are absolute crap. It's like a tale of 2 hotels.

A little rust on a light fixture and one cockroach?!

Some mold on the shower curtain?! You don't have to eat off it or give it a hug.

Tough crowd.

^ the target demographic.

I'm booked in a FAB Luxury for #VIMFP and despite the less than stellar reviews of the FAB product here and elsewhere, I'm planning on sticking with it because I got a really cheap TR rate for the room. I'll keep an eye on things and perhaps change if I can find something somewhere else that doesn't put too much of a dent in the budget.

Actually, it was under $40 - Closer to $35/day so I did not have high expectations. That said, I really found myself wishing I had brought some slippers or bath flip flops so I did not have to touch anything with bare skin.

I tried to go back to sleep after he mentioned the roach, but I just could not.

It was truly one of the more memorable stays ever.

The non-TR rate for the next two months is mostly north of $100 weekdays and over $175 weekends. At THOSE rates, that moldy BR is a crime.

@middleclassbuzz I'm pretty sure that's Linq construction on top of what is currently Imperial Palace. The perspective makes it look like it's across the street.

I stayed at the Flamingo a month ago and made a Trip Advisor review complaining of both the hallway carpet hat has 2" high rolls in it the entire hallway on the 25th floor and our disgusting shower curtain that was so moldy you tilted away from it taking your shower.

Wow. Caesars clearly does not give a shit. Even for $40 you should at least get a clean room, roach-free room.

Very sad. I was married in Vegas 23 years ago and we stayed at the Flamingo. Classy joint back then. Even 8 years ago it was still decent for a business trip. If I walked into a bathroom like that I would immediately exit for another hotel. Pathetic.

We were exposed to this Fab redo back in February, with similar results.
I saw a roach in our bathroom too as well as not touching the shower curtain more than necessary. Everything in the bathroom said OLD.
The bedroom redo simply looked and felt cheap. Our room had the same fuzzy baby blanket at the end of the bed, and all I could think of was what was crawling in the fibers. It got tossed to the floor pronto. Speaking of floors, this had to be the cheapest thing short of bare concrete they could surface this space with. I would not walk on it barefoot, and it echoed sound throughout the room, not to mention the paper thin wall separating us from our all-night coughing neighbor.
This was my first time, and last time, to stay at the Flaming O. I'll take a room at Ballys or Harrahs anytime over this.
They can implode this place as far as I am concerned.

Stayed in one of these "Fab" once. My wife and I really like the Flamingo but this was very disappointing. They basically polished a turd with this one. I'll stick to the go rooms, thank you.

At least they don't charge a resort fee ;))

Did a hazmat team have to be called? Man, even for $40 bucks I couldn't stay there. I would rather sleep in the Bellagio fountains.

My wife and I stayed in the FAB room in June. Our review would have been a carbon copy, save for the visitor in the bathroom. We have stayed in the GO room in the past and loved it. After the FAB, not so certain I would not look else where. My wife did call the front desk and ask for someone to come up and re-clean the bathroom. Someone came up, nothing changed. bathroom at home is cleaner than a wide margin..

You hope somebody there sees this...cause this is enough to keep the Flamingo off the list of places to stay for a long, long time..

How much is a new shower curtain...$10?

I wonder if it would be worth it to grab some bathroom cleaner at Walgreens, take a video of me cleaning the bathroom myself, and sending it to somebody at Caesers...

I'm stealing this from the Wynn Tower Suites discussion, but perhaps we should declare them Ghetto Fab rooms

What a mess. That room looks like a project from one of those "48 hours and a thousand dollars" home remodeling shows...though, honestly, I'm not sure they even spend $1000. Other than the chairs and the lamp all the rest of the furniture seems re-used.
Unrelated: I'm not sure I've ever seen Ceasars with NO construction going on!

Oof, that's bad. I've only been in the Flamingo once, and I remember walking into the casino entrance from the strip and being overwhelmed by the smell of stale vomit and... well, I can't identify but it was unpleasant enough that I've never been tempted to stay there, despite the interesting-looking Go rooms.

And cockroaches? Wow. Call me a snob but I have never seen one indoors... That would be an immediate checkout in my book.

Just stayed 5 nights at the Flamingo in a Fab Luxury Room-was not impressed AT ALL. One day we got back to our room only to discover we had no towels! The update is a joke--the bathrooms looked like they came out of the 60s. One of the lights didn't work at all. Will never stay here again.

Very disappointing. Last year I stayed in a GO room and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had an idea some of the other floors in the place were bad but not this bad. CET needs a wake up call.

Pink mould at the Flamingo--somehow apropos.
Seriously heard about this on VG podcast and HAD to see it for myself.
Too bad you didn't get a pic of the cockroach.
Wonder if the rest of Caesars' properties are like this??

Thanks for the great review. Another one scratched off the list, unless it's imploded and rebuilt...

Great review! Have never stayed here but would probably avoid after this. The cockroach part of the story pretty much sealed the deal for me.


Those shabby nasty carpets are not only ugly and rippling, but they stink like mildew. DEEEEEE - FREAKIN' - SCUSTING !

OMG so glad I read this. I was only going to be paying about $10 a night for the Fab Luxury strip view room, but NO WAY. I canceled and moved to Harrah's for 100% free. Nasty!

Sure would like to see them fix it up, though. It's a part of Vegas history...

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