Inside The Golden Nugget Spa Tower Suites

Peeping The New Suites With Joekollar

Posted by Chuckmonster

Goldennugget Spatower Master Bath

The master bath shower is enormous and could easily hold 4-6 people if you're lucky enough to have parties like that. It also doubles as a steam room with a Steamist timer on the wall. That steam was great to relax in before going to sleep.

Goldennugget Spatower Shower

Down the hall from that is a makeup table, closet and then the water closet which featured a whisper flush low rider and a bidet for those of you who enjoy a nice spritz on your nether regions.

Goldennugget Spatower Masterbath Bidet

The 2nd half of the master bath had a dual sink setup with a TV in the middle. It also had a large(big enough for 2) Jacuzzi tub. The TV was perfectly situated for relaxing in the tub and watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" which always seemed to be on when I was in there. The GN provided lots of good quality towels, Gilchrist & Soames shampoos, conditioners, soaps, Q-Tips, shower caps and cool dental kits as well. They even had a bath gel with a poof cloth which is the first time I've gotten those in a hotel room. The bath hallway closet has a good sized safe(iPad and other stuff fit easily), robes, slippers and a full size hair dryer too.

Goldennugget Spatower Jacuzzi

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Mirror above the bed would give me the creeps.

Great Review, I've always loved the Golden Nugget and the recetn renovations and improvements make it a little jewel box.

Thanks for the great review. I really have to stay there sometime.

My wife would like to add that the GN pens she took were the good kind, not the cheap plastic Bic type :)

This place looks fantastic! If I ever wanna switch it up and stay in a suite downtown this would probably be it. That staircase is orgasmic...thanks for sharing!

Nice review and pics!

So, what you're saying is this a great room for an orgy...for people with pugs for heads. ;^)

Holy crap. Is it a coincidence that I literally just had a dream about staying in this room last night? Friggin creep-tastic

Really informative review.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the review. The G Nugget rocks!

I stayed in this type of room a few years ago. You can check out my video:

I just booked one of these for my next visit. This will be the cornerstone of my evil plot to convert my better half to a downtown girl

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