Caesars Palace: The VegasTripping Review 2012

Finding Faith In The Deluxe Palace Tower Room

Posted by Chuckmonster

Once again, traditional Greco-Roman design flourishes make their way into the room with this chair, subtly amped up with the meandering Greek Key pattern stitched onto the seat cushion. Striking.

Caesars Palace Tower Chair

Some more designy stuff... the photos don't really do justice to the subtle shades of color in this design. The gold in the curtains matching the gold stitching on the pillow, the blue of the pillows match the blue of the carpet and the curtains, and of course who can ever forget the big brown sofa. Fortunately, you will not need to push the big brown sofa to look out the window. I mean, you can, but you don't have to. I'll stop.

Caesars Palace Tower Sofa

The desk. Love the circle motif around the mirror, the spherical blobs on the lamp and the 'circles' in the carpeting. Too bad they couldn't upgrade to a better phone, but then again I've found these newfangled tablet phones which control everything to be more trouble than they are worth. Also on the desk is a Keurig coffee machine, perfectly at hand for those stuck in their room slaving over some work at the desk. The presentation of the stuff is a bit cluttered, but it is all there including wired internet and a plug above the desk.

Caesars Palace Tower Desk

The entertainment center featured a small assortment of barware, minus the barware, some snacks and a smallish flat panel TV. Hidden inside is the minibar.

Caesars Palace Tower Tv

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Comments & Discussion

The room decor is pretty much the same as in the Augustus Tower, just laid out differently. I'm pleasantly surprised and may have to give some consideration to staying in the Palace Tower at some point in the future. When I stayed at Caesars back in December, I originally had a Forum Tower Deluxe room booked but got offered an upgrade at check-in to the Augustus Tower for $40 more a night. It's the first time a hotel even offered me an upgrade and considering the price (It was a slow weekend so I had managed to score a sweet TR rate anyway.), it was an easy sell.

I came away from my stay there pretty impressed with the place and the only hiccups I encountered the entire trip were early on in the trip and one of them was an employee hiccup. I get to my room to unpack and go to put some stuff in one of the dresser drawers and a couple of bags of snacks from the previous occupants were in the drawer. Housekeeping didn't check to see if the drawers still had anything in them. I went and put them on the nearest housekeeping cart as I didn't want someone else's food in my room. The only other issue was the room safe had been locked by the previous occupants and I had to call to have it opened, and that was taken care of within 10 minutes of calling the front desk.

When you stay at Caesars, you quickly forget that they're owned by the same folks as Harrah's, as the place and its' employees are the cream of the crop. I know one of the knocks on Caesars Palace has been the room rates, and while they do seem pricey when you think of it as a Caesars Entertainment property, but once you stay there, you can see why they charge what they charge.

This room was described to me as a Palace tower junior suite with a "Jack and Jill" shower (entrances from both bathrooms). It is a relatively common free upgrade given to mid-level player's club members.

I will stay just for the bidet, I had one installed in my house!

Are the showerheads that low or is Chuck just tall?


Sometimes it's way too much work to take off your shoes!!! Great review. I had the same room booked for #VIMFP but the hotel came along with a better offer. Will likely stay there in the future though

Nice review Chuck. I stayed in the Palace Tower back in '99, two years after it opened. Thought the accomodations were pretty much on par with what was offered next door at Bellagio.

So its the Centurion Tower that is being converted to the Nobu Hotel, right? I guess that would leave the Forum Tower as the oldest accomodations at CP. Anyone ever stay in the Forum Tower since they were renovated a few years ago. The pictures online make the rooms look pretty nice.

What, no Scotch in the minibar? What the hell??

Does the picture of the bidet come in a wallet size?


The oldest rooms are in the Roman Tower, which is the original hotel tower, and are absolutely dwarfed by the other towers at Caesars.

Had I not taken them up on the upgrade offer when I stayed there in December, I would have done a review of the Forum Tower rooms. I'm tentatively looking at another stay there in March and looking at the rates, I may book a room in the Forum Towers or perhaps even splurge on the Octavius Tower as the price differences between the Forum Tower and Octavius Tower are $50-100 night for the single bed options in the Octavius Tower (Deluxe and Luxury), plus the Octavius Tower has its' own entrance and check-in area.

There is nothing wrong with this room...except the price tag. I still don't know how their rooms go for 400 for a basic room on many weekends. I'm guessing this room goes for 6 or 700 on a typical weekend for non/ low tier gamblers? And how big was that T.V...22 inches? I admit I'm bias against all Caesars properties but regardless I have yet to be impressed by any of their medium level accommodations at any of their properties that wasn't an outrageous rip off.

You've given out my best kept secret! These are my usual digs in Vegas for trips that I've planned out several months in advance.

Combining two mid-level Platinum players cards gets you this, free, for a nice 6-day weekend stay. Shorter notice trips are Flamingo GO Deluxe rooms; still not bad.

Honestly, I've stayed in Wynncore, and the image was stuffy and forced. Never hit Bellagio, always wanted to. Caesars always left me with an unassuming sense of where they were in the Vegas food chain. And it never felt like they had to prove it.

You're in a great room (Though the hike to Palace can be long with a few drinks), with great service, and as a mid-tier player, I have never felt out of place. The Palace is my favorite place in Vegas. Period.

Oh, and the Palace tower (If anybody cares) is essentially what Caesars Windsor's room product is; but the view is of Detroit, not the strip. Another Great hotel, fantastic service, nice casino. Great place to jump out of if you have business or stuff to do in Motown.

I believe the standard Palace Tower layout is 2 sinks, jetted tub, water closet (no bidet), and separate shower, but all else identical. At least that's the type of room I've had during the 2 times I got upgraded to Palace Tower.

Really glad to hear you had such a good experience at Caesars. I've had the same experiences over time. To the point, where I truly believe that the history of the property helps prepare it's employees for delivering the service they do. (I also think Bellagio accomplishes this). It's almost like they ignore the parent company they work for and just focus on where they are at.

I will be staying in the forum tower this week. Got comped 5 nights by some sheer act of god. Usually get comped at Ballys or Rio. Guess the powers that be on the TR site that day were feeling generous. I'll let you know how it goes!

Is it just me or does the headboard look like a slab of cheese?

"The lamps had plugs in their bases, for those who to plug appliances in next to their bed. Toasters, hot pots, you fill in the ___________."

Phone, perhaps?
At Vdara, the funky wavy nightstand completely blocks the bedside outlets and can't be moved, and the clock-radio had no iDock -- so I had to plug my smartphone/alarmclock in at the window, away from the bed.

At Aria, I pulled the bed out in order to reach the central outlet that feeds the lamps, touchpad controller thingy, and clock-radio.

Great review as always, Chuck! Andy hit the nail on the head with his response...the Palace Tower is so often overlooked b/c now it's not considered the new/hip tower any longer. Fact is, if you're spending any length of time at the pool or in a convention, it's by far the most convenient. I stayed in this exact same layout of room a couple of years ago, and I'm impressed by the renovations they've done. The room already had great bones, but the new carpeting and furnishings are on par with Augustus.

Having stayed at Bellagio and Encore, my main impressions of their run-of-the-house rooms are (B) small, a bit cramped, and that wide open bathroom isn't conducive to sharing a room with anyone but your significant other, & (E) nice, spacious rooms, but I couldn't get over how the woodwork & mouldings in the room seemed to be fashioned of heavy duty particle board. Caesars, to me, was built to stand the test of time/changing design fads. Even the Roman Tower rooms I've stayed in--while not the height of luxury in 2012, by any means--were very decent rooms, especially considering many of them are original to the property.

I'll end my two-cents here: I considered Caesars my home away from home all the years I visited before finally moving here. I've stayed in every tower except the Octavius, and I was privvy to an impromptu walk-thru of it right before it opened last December (i.e., I was nosing around and took the elevators up, only to find most of the room doors propped wide open!). Six out of the seven times I've stayed there, I've gotten free upgrades, without pulling any $20 tricks. (Okay, my Caesars Palace T-shirt and chatting up the front desk clerk about their computer system works wonders.) For all the things that may be wrong/old/lacking about the property, they're obviously doing something right to've been open and still on top of their game for 46 years now. My very first stay there was in '03 in an *old-old-old* Forum Tower room w/ the mirror on the ceiling and a "nursing home tub" of sorts in the middle of the room. My most recent stay there was in a renovated Forum Tower room which fit the bill just perfectly. The location can't be beat, and the service I've received has always been second to none. Need I say more? Okay, I resort fees! (This has not been a paid review by Totes Rewards, Caesars, or the ghost of Jay Sarno.)


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