The Vsuite Vlife (Part II)

Vdara Penthouse Suite Review By LAVegasphile

Posted by Chuckmonster

Vdara Penthouse Review Staircase

Upstairs to the loft...

Vdara Penthouse Review Bedroom Bed2

...and here's our bedroom. Nice to actually have the closet in your bedroom this time, unlike the hospitality suite.

Vdara Penthouse Review Livingroom Above

And finally a better look at the living room.

Sorry I didn't take more/better pics! It was a fantastic room...probably the coolest one I have stayed in cuz it was two bedrooms. It felt smaller than the hospitality suite, but it felt more like a home. The loft layout is one of my personal favorites so perhaps I'm a bit bias, but this ranks up there with the Tropicana Penthouse loft even though it doesn't have a huge jacuzzi.

I would have totally plunked down whatever outrageous sum MGM would have asked for had the condo market not collapsed. But having stayed in a few condo-hotels now, I personally find the Vegas Strip condo crash serendipitous since I would otherwise never have been able to experience these kind of rooms. I would say I totally prefer these rooms now to standard hotel suites, especially since they are almost always cheaper only because they are not attached to an actual casino.

I'm sure this room will easily go for a G/night once the economy recovers, even though the furnishing aren't exactly premium. Doing a search for this room on my birthday weekend in June, it's going for about 600 a night for the one bedroom. But the penthouses and Hospitality suites also come with airport limo service and a spa credit...C2Cali got to use the limo service and wasn't particularly impressed, and we never actually got the spa credit. Not worth pressing when we got this room for practically free on accident...I was quite impressed MGM followed through with the room and didn't really dick us around at all. I was overall highly impressed with the service at this hotel...they also let us keep the room till 1PM on Monday at no extra charge! All it took was a little sweet talking.

These condo-hotels are fantastic for bachelor groups who don't have as much money as they pretend to have. I think you could easily fool some random Marquee chicks into believing this suite is for high rollers. The Vdara style is contemporary and tries to look like Aria, but made in China instead of...wherever Aria stuff is made which I'd like to think is somewhere like Canada or Europe.

You could easily sleep 4 or 5 people in a one bedroom suite and everyone would be comfortable . I would recommend this room to any small group or a couple who wants to splurge on a romantic weekend. The rooms and definitely the service are better than Cosmo's, and cheaper AND still close enough to enjoy Cosmo and Aria. As I said in the previous review, the walking was no problem for me and shouldn't be any kind of deal breaker for this property. Aria is across the porte cochere and Cosmo is just down one set of stairs and a hundred or so paces East. The Valet was the easiest I have ever used and obviously better than self parking (especially Aria). If you drive around Vegas a lot you'll find the Harmon entrances quite strategic since you can easily jump to Koval or Industrial. I'm most likely staying here again in June in a smaller suite, the Executive Corner. Fingers crossed for another M Life hotel rate glitch!!

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Nice review. FYI with the executive corner, the space layout is progressive, moving room to room, and there's a major design flaw. The return air grille is right beside the bed. This creates a major lack of humidity for those who don't like waking up dried out like a piece of jerky. Otherwise nice.

Dear penthouse...

Nice review of both suites...not a big fan of the more modern/minimalist look, but the views are amazing and the amenities are nice. Thanks for sharing the photos and commentary!

Thanks for reading everybody!! I promise from now on I'll take better pictures!!

Interesting, we stayed in a Panoramic Suite at Vdara once and it looked exactly the same as this, minus the upper floor. And I mean exactly the same, both the room layout and the furniture.

It was an excellent stay though, also on a very high floor. Actually, it might have been the suite directly below this one.

funny how I read these awesome reviews and try to log on to the MLife page and it says the following
This site is temporarily unavailable as it undergoes
improvements. We apologize for the inconvenience.
For immediate assistance, please call (866) 800-4668."

Not that I would know how to find the glitches but I was still curious.

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