The Vsuite Vlife (Part II)

Vdara Penthouse Suite Review By LAVegasphile

Posted by Chuckmonster

Vdara Penthouse Review Bedroom Bed1

The downstairs bedroom had a similar layout as the previous suite, but with more windows and the closet was actually in the room.

Vdara Penthouse Review Bedroom Tv

The rooms aren't exactly big though...

Vdara Penthouse Review Tub

Bathrooms in this suite are like all the Vdara bathrooms I think. I guess it makes sense since these were supposed to be condos. They all use the exact same tubs and showers and sinks. But keeping with the panorama theme of the room, this bathroom has windows unlike the bathrooms in most other Vdara rooms (including the hospitality suite). I thought these tubs were supposed to have jets? None of the tubs I saw all weekend had any...

Vdara Penthouse Review View Aria

Which afforded this view from the bathtub. Which I totally took advantage of, doobie in hand.

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Nice review. FYI with the executive corner, the space layout is progressive, moving room to room, and there's a major design flaw. The return air grille is right beside the bed. This creates a major lack of humidity for those who don't like waking up dried out like a piece of jerky. Otherwise nice.

Dear penthouse...

Nice review of both suites...not a big fan of the more modern/minimalist look, but the views are amazing and the amenities are nice. Thanks for sharing the photos and commentary!

Thanks for reading everybody!! I promise from now on I'll take better pictures!!

Interesting, we stayed in a Panoramic Suite at Vdara once and it looked exactly the same as this, minus the upper floor. And I mean exactly the same, both the room layout and the furniture.

It was an excellent stay though, also on a very high floor. Actually, it might have been the suite directly below this one.

funny how I read these awesome reviews and try to log on to the MLife page and it says the following
This site is temporarily unavailable as it undergoes
improvements. We apologize for the inconvenience.
For immediate assistance, please call (866) 800-4668."

Not that I would know how to find the glitches but I was still curious.

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