The Vsuite Vlife (Part I)

Vdara Hospitality Suite Review By LAVegasphile

Posted by Chuckmonster

Vdara Hospitality Suite Review: Bathroom

Vdara Hospitality Suite Review: Bathroom Sinks

Into the bathroom we discover that we have indeed received a wheelchair accessible room. Note the shower which is at the same level as the ground and floods the floor every time you use it. The bathroom is actually pretty huge, but with a lot of dead space that would have been better served as part of the bedroom instead.

Vdara Hospitality Suite Review: Bath2 Towels

Fortunately these suites come equipped with a plethora of towels in all three bathrooms. More than enough to sop up the inevitable river the shower in this room produced.

Vdara Hospitality Suite Review: Sink Alt

I looooove the TV in the bathroom! Nothing helps get the bowels going like a little MSNBC. I forgot to photograph the ever popular shat-phone too.

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Comments & Discussion

Nice and honest review. I kinda love the two-story suites at Vdara, so can't wait to see Part 2. Thanks for sharing!

Nice review, thanks for the pix

Really enjoyed reading this review! Thanks for the update!

Ive always liked Vdara and I know you can buy the 'scents' in the spa!

Great review. I had never considered Vdara before but you have persuaded me to try it.

Rates are pretty good and location is better than expected. It' actually the quickest way to Cosmo from City Center. Although I still have a problem with no casino, 24hr bar, or restaurant.

I've seen or stayed in other property's Hospitality Suites because of a junket or convention... this looks far superior. Usually they are pretty simple spaces used to host a big party or showcase product/equipment during the show. They'll have an attached room, and all together they just feel "well-used". This looks more cohesive and much better appointed.

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