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Vdara Hospitality Suite Review By LAVegasphile

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VT reader LAvegasphile recently had a gonzo stay at Vdara of all places and brought back TWO fascinating reviews of their higher end suite product. The first is a full on review of the Vdara's Hospitality Suite, which will be followed by Vdara Penthouse Suite. This is a neat peek into some of Vdara's offerings that most of us probably wouldn't even consider. Thank you LAVegasphile for sharing these two groovy reviews!

Vdara Hospitality Suite Rev

I'm a spoiled rotten bitch when it comes to Vegas now; if there's one thing I've become too accustomed to, it's damn nice suites. I'm convinced anyone who says "I just need a place to shit and shower" has either not had a nice Vegas suite, is anti-social, or just not a fun person. I can no longer experience Vegas without a room that is less than 600 square feet. I'm the kind of guy that loves a lot of space to stretch out with a big group of friends and have some truly grand pre-gaming sessions before a night of revelry. And of course few things in life compare to the sheer joy of getting said suite at an incredible rate. I've been lucky enough to catch glitches at Tropicana to experience their 2 story penthouses and grand palm suites for less than 200 a night, and Jetsetter flash sales on a Cosmo Wrap-around for 400 on a weekend. But with the help of my partner in all things Vegas "C2Cali", I think the rooms we had at Vdara recently are the best I've had yet. "Vdara?!" you gasp. "The, red-headed step child of City Center?! So pious with its lack of gambling and aversion to smoking?". Yes. Maybe my tastes aren't as refined as some of you (in fact I know they aren't... Wynn is way too high society for me), but I've stayed in a lot of nice rooms and I still can't believe I'm saying genuinely that I can't wait to go back to Vdara. C2Cali caught a glitch through M life that got us their nicest rooms, the two bedroom, two story penthouse (which we didn't get till the last day) for such an incredibly low rate, I literally can't tell you. All I'll say is at least one zero was missing from the price we paid.

Our three night trip began on the perfect note with a valet and bellman that were both jovial and helpful. Being a little stoned already, I had forgotten to hide our booze in our luggage before we arrived (sorry, no 8 dollar beers for me). Having stayed at Cosmopolitan, I know some hotels can take umbrage with you bringing your own alcohol, but the bellboy just chuckled and said "it's fine, we aren't at that level yet...maybe soon though." Cool! Of course we get to go to the special invited guests line an bypass what might have otherwise been a lengthy check in (oops, forgot pics of the lobby). It smells great in here...jasmine maybe? I dunno...I'm a guy and all I know is it smelled beautiful in there. Like sex and money might smell if they didn't actually smell rather gross. We are greeted by a cute and very nice young lass named Chelsea, who gets to work immediately checking us in...but I was anticipating problems all along because this deal was just way too golden. And sure enough "We're sorry but we've already given out all of our Penthouses so we're going to 'upgrade' you to the Hospitality Suite" she says. We both sigh in our heads, but hey, the Hospitality suite is still pretty damn nice so what are we gonna say for what we paid (by the way, MGM later acknowledged the fuck up, proof enough that they will honor any glitch you are lucky enough to come across!). However she said they could move us to the Penthouse Sunday night. Cool! So we get to stay in their two nicest rooms! It's funny that they somehow consider the Hospitality suite an upgrade. It's about the same square footage but only one story, although the kitchen area was certainly nicer in the Hospitality.

So off we go to room 45011, conveniently located right next to the elevator and ice machine. Wave the key, the lock groans, and in we go...

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Nice and honest review. I kinda love the two-story suites at Vdara, so can't wait to see Part 2. Thanks for sharing!

Nice review, thanks for the pix

Really enjoyed reading this review! Thanks for the update!

Ive always liked Vdara and I know you can buy the 'scents' in the spa!

Great review. I had never considered Vdara before but you have persuaded me to try it.

Rates are pretty good and location is better than expected. It' actually the quickest way to Cosmo from City Center. Although I still have a problem with no casino, 24hr bar, or restaurant.

I've seen or stayed in other property's Hospitality Suites because of a junket or convention... this looks far superior. Usually they are pretty simple spaces used to host a big party or showcase product/equipment during the show. They'll have an attached room, and all together they just feel "well-used". This looks more cohesive and much better appointed.

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