The Encore Salon Suite: The VT Review 2012

When The Beautiful Age Beautifully

Posted by MikeE

Encore Salon Suite Review

Almost three-and-a-half years might not seem like a long time. Three-and-a-half years for any hotel room is when you start seeing stains on the carpet. Three-and-a-half years in a Vegas hotel room is when you start seeing loose threads and torn sheets. Three-and-a-half years at a Wynn property is when Steve gets bored and starts poking Roger to think of some redesigns. Yes, three-and-a-half years at Wynncore means the room is officially over the hill.

Without getting comfy with casino head honchos, the Salon Suites at either Wynncore property are the créme de la créme of their offerings. In the last year, Wynn's have undergone a renovation that have turned out so spectacular that I may or may not have read our own VT photo review without my pants on.

Encore though? Their suites seem like old news and by Wynn's standards, they're aging. Let's see if the Encore Salon is at least aging beautifully...

Ah, the most beautiful hour. The lights are dim, turn down service performed, and the music plays lightly on the television.

Encore Salon Suite Review - Floor Plan

The entry is near-mirror-reflection symmetrical made even more inviting by strategic, ambient lighting. Check out the single recessed lights standing directly over the work desk and end table on the opposite end - functional without the eyesore most desk lamps provide. Houndstooth carpet and mirrored ceilings remind you that you're still in Las Vegas.

To the right is the guest bath. Iíve always wondered what the significance of that little crown etching at the top of the mirror is.

Encore Salon Suite Review -  Bath

Butterflies in hand painted gold leaf remind guests that they're taking one of the poshest poops of their lives.

Encore Salon Suite Review - Encore Bed

On the opposite end of the foyer is the massage room. The novelty factor runs out after about two seconds. A stupid waste of space, especially with a spa as spectacular as Encore's down below.

Encore Salon Suite Review - In Suite Massage

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Comments & Discussion

I don't know if I could ever stay in that room. There is simply too much stuff that I would try and steal.

Still a gorgeous room. It's hard to imagine how it can get any better (although Wynn & Co. always seem to be able to one-up themselves).

@MikeE - would you say that the $100 - $250 per night upgrade charge is for rated players, or do you think they would offer that to anyone if the rooms were available? Also, when you say, "depending on the type of room you booked originally", are you taking about a Tower King or Parlor, or could you get the same offer if you originally booked a Resort room. Thank you.
Great review, as always.

I may be in the minority on this, although the room is elegant. It's beyond boring. It reminds me of my grandmothers house, boring. This room would work if you just want a quiet room with your wife/hubby and you read at night. This room isnt "Vegas". When you enter the room, it feels like you may be ready for a nap vs a party.

Not a big fan at all.

Ironically I just stayed in one of these for two nights and I have to say that it gives any other room I have ever stayed in a run for its money. The simplistically elegant and symmetric design is stunning in that way that hits you as over the top, but understated dramatically.


I know MikeE has his special ways, but I snagged my room for a $200 dollar upgrade from the Resort Desk from a Panoramic King Suite. For the record a standard Tower was $35 a night and the Parlor was $100.

@MFP01 - No special ways really. I've heard it running as much as $250 from a Resort Room upgrade but sometimes less depending on availability, etc.

I always book a Tower Suite and almost always get the free upgrade to a Parlor through Amex Platinum. Sometimes I actually deny it because the standard TS is supremely comfortable and has better views. But on special occasions, I do upgrade to the Salon and that has ranged from $100 per night up to $200.

Great review! We just got back from our stay at a regular Resort King, and we were generally pleased with how everything has aged. Our room did have some standard wear and tear (especially compared to when it was just 3 weeks old). The only real issues we had in our room were that the motor for the sheers and curtains completely died when we tried to close them the first night, an issue that a maintenance guy told me was getting to be a real problem for them. The flooring in front of the sinks in the bathroom looked like someone had rocks stuck to the bottom of their suitcase and decided to see how many times they could drag their luggage across the marble before they passed out from exhaustion. I don't think anyone has ever bought any of the stuff on top of the mini-bar cabinet as it was all covered in dust. lol

Overall though, we had a great time. Still one of the best joints on the strip. Can't wait to try Encore Tower Suites later this year.

Wait - you have to get your own ice at the Wynn Tower Suites?? Even at Mandarin Oriental (which is the competition for Wynn; Wynncore TS prices are way higher than MO prices so they better match the service) for a regular room the staff delivers ice to you complementary on request...

@HedgedBettor No, no. The bellhop offers it when delivering luggage or you can of course phone it down. That's all fine and great, but being ETS, it's a $10 tip for something I'm perfectly capable of doing myself.

Always a great job Mike; Thanks!

Does anyone know if the massage table in the massage room in the Encore salon suite can be moved against the wall so someone can sleep in that room? Wondering its bolted to the ground or not. We have an obscenely loud snorer who must put hidden away in this room else no one else will sleep. Wondering if there is room.

they move.

Thanks Chuckmonster!

Just stayed in this room for first time, Mike's review was spot on and so was his upgrade advice. It was one kick ass room!

I want to thank you for this review. This past weekend we were booked in the Encore TS, were offered an upgrade and I asked about these. It was an extra $250/night and based upon your review we took it (#1706). So all told for three nights (TH, F, & Sa) the rate averaged out to about $619 per. Best room we've ever been in hands down- honestly, after this experience I would not want any other room at Wynncore. Except....I saw another set of double doors at the end of the hall and wondered, "Hmmm, is that one of the apartments." I pulled up your other review and that was the location you described them to be. The second day of our stay someone came to fill the minibar- I asked them about it- and she offered to let me see it. This one did not have two levels and I was only in it a short time, but it was flippin' awesome.

This trip, as with most, I average about $15000 coin in on the penny slots and will usually get a few nights comped- sometimes even a a standard room at Wynncore. Yeah...not so much here. lol. Thanks again.

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