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I'm gonna miss seeing Groucho at the end of the hall.

I'm definitely impressed! If I was booking a stay at a mid-level Vegas hotel, these rooms would definitely be on the short list.

Not bad. I like the 10th floor elevator lobby and even the long, long hallways. I'm glad MGM has finally realized rooms need safes large enough for laptops. The main lobby needs to be brought into the 21st century. The acoustical tile ceiling is almost 20 years old, and it looked old on opening day at the end of 1993. Did you have a connecting room? Was that the cause of the noise from rowdy neighbors? Thanks for the great review.

Great review. I will definitely stay at MGM again. Nice to see a full renovation unlike the Flamingo "refresh". I'm ok with the resort fee If MGM continues to reinvest in their properties and keep them clean and in good repair.

A fantastic improvement.

Honestly, I'd consider staying in one of the new suites here. I like the MGM Grand's restaurants and gambling, and now that the rooms are upgraded, well...

The makeover is far more energetic than Aria's more restrained/relaxed/serene look. It's much more of a Cosmo vibe.

I'd suspect after the MGM Grand, the next project on the renovations list is Mandalay Bay and after that the rest of the "neighbourhood" properties.

MGM Grand may be too large and was too themed when it opened in '93, but it really has been a leader in dining. Before celebrity chefs popped up on every corner in Vegas, MGM Grand led the way with Charlie Trotter's, Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe and Emeril's. Trotter's was superb but a few years ahead of its time on the Strip, and Emeril's was LaGasse's only venue in Vegas when it opened in '95(?). He was frequently in the kitchen, and it was excellent. That's where I met David Bert of KNPR when he was a server there; a fascinating guy. I'm happy that MGM is reinvesting in the property. Does Scott Sibella deserve some of the credit, fighting for corporate dollars for MGM Grand?

What? No Drew Barrymore staring down at you while you sleep? I wish they had kept a little more of the old hollywood art deco vibe but it's not horrible. It will be interesting if they make a new room tier out of this.
On a side note...just got back from grandsierraresort in reno. They are in the middle of a remodel. They have pics on their website. The MGM hallway carpet and the Grand Sierra casino carpet look very similar (to me)

Chuck and Eric, I don't know which one of you came up with the Styx tie-in and tagline. But, that's some funny shit.

That's the boss...I'm not nearly that funny.

The carpeting of the room looks very similar to the Comopolitan style. Compare and . Granted, there's nothing unique about interlocking circles, but it sure makes me think "modern" and "hip" instead of "MGM."

I like the bathroom layout..lots of room for stuff..just wish they had a clock that would allow you to recharge your iPod..very minor point, but even the Golden Gate has those..I like the elevator lobby too..very striking..nice job on MGMs part..

As always a top notch walk through and review. Many thanks for the format, insight, and photos.

I like the look of the new room. Having stayed in the West Wing and the previous deluxe rooms, this fits very well with the West Wing in my opinion. (Which I consider a very solid room for the challenges they had with it).

Nice job by MGM. I do like that they have the demo of the room downstairs too.

Based on the size, I'd pay the extra $20 (rack price) for a Bungalow Suite. Furniture is a little dated in those, but they are much more accommodating for larger parties. I'll consider staying in a renovated room when they bring the prices down...but it seems Fri/Sat nights are still over $200 for Spring.

We saw the model of the room when we were out there in December. I wonder if I can book that. "Yes I like a renovated room, but I want that one right over there. Yes that model one." Then I would repeatedly call the front desk to tell them there's to much noise, and could they please turn the lights out I'm trying to sleep.

Looks great ...leaps and bounds better then when I stayed a couple years ago. I do not think though they addressed the biggest issue in my opinion....the noise. I am a hard sleeper...former US Marines. That means I can literally sleep anywhere but the noise coming from people talking walking past your room was incredible. I could hear entire clear conversations. I would rather have the old rooms and MGM fix the noise rather then new rooms and same old noise.

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