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Over in the corner next to the TV is a mini corner couch with a desk. The desk contained your standard Vegas magazines and some Mandalay Bay stationary along with a pop up advert for some Michael Jackson tribute show.

Oh our view. Here's where the 7th floor was a mistake. The 7th floor rooms are located BEHIND THE WINDOW SCAFFOLDING!!! Looking at the hotel from the outside, I didn't even know they had rooms on the scaffolding floors!! Who the hell thought this was a good idea? "Oh wait, we'll save THAT FLOOR for everyone that didn't pay rack rate for the rooms."

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Notice the bitchin' floor lamp that was pretty much just in the way and could only be turned on be pressing the floor button which was behind the couch. Across from that in the other corner was another little barcolounger/chair deal. Both items were firm and sort of comfy.

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Stayed at Mandalay Bay a million times, never paid rack rate, and definitely never got stuck on the 7th floor. That looks awful, though. At least now I know to not take the "Strip view but on a low floor" bait if I ever wind up with that choice.

Brilliant review! May consider MB as a future place to stay!

Thanks for the review. I was just thinking that I need to venture down there next time. I don't think I've been there in five or six years. How was the trip during Christmas time? We've been thinking of going on Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve. Pain in the ass or no? Also, what do you have to do to get the Grey Goose? Blow a bellboy? Mount a maid?

Great pictures! Thanks for the review. I stayed there the first year it was open, I think it was 99 or so. The rooms look a lot nicer now then they did when new. This decor is better then the Tropical Island deal they had going back then.

@BigHoss No idea how to get the Grey Goose. It was locked up with no key anywhere to be had. Maybe it was behind the TV with the minibar menu. I think the Grey Goose lockbox lit up to because it had a plug on it. After knocking every last weighted snack onto the floor I didn't touch anything else over there, not even to turn the TV on.
Christmas was fun. There were just a ton of Asian people out there. I'm not racist (is that the right word?) or anything, it was just weird. The night of Christmas Eve I swear me and my dude were the ONLY PEOPLE on the strip. It looked like we had Vegas to ourselves. Not even a car on Las Vegas Blvd. Come Christmas Day until the day we left (Dec 29) the place was a zoo. I think I got put on the Afrojack guest list 4 times.

I'm sure that some of your best friends are Asian, right? What is the fixation about Asians being present in Vegas? You've mentioned it multiple times. Your comments can be a tad offensive to some who might check out this site.

Christmastime is one of the busiest seasons for travelers from Asia to visit Vegas, mainly because most of them don't celebrate Christmas, and Wynn has a huge baccarat tournament.

Nice review. I've always liked MB, and I recommend it often to people who are searching for a nice hotel within the $100-$160/night price range.

Ah, yes. The 7th floor bunker rooms. It just so happened it was a Hotwire deal a few years back that landed me there, as well. Room was fine, but that view is a bit grim.

I didn't realize the pools and even a pool bar were open this time of year. Good info! It may be a bit chilly for swimming, but it is never too cold for drinking.

Recently stayed at MB in late January; my host put me up in a suite on the "62nd" floor that, although very nice, I'm pretty sure hadn't been renovated in many years, possibly not even since the place was open...overall it's still a good value, especially if you like places that aren't super crowded; the location, combined with the fact that there's really nothing new to draw people in anymore, have really thinned out the crowds, at least in the wintertime, perhaps in the summer when all the pools are open it's a different story...also, several of the restaurants are still putting out good food, and the staff in the high-limit room is top notch, but MGM really needs to start putting some money in the place ASAP.

Nice review thanks! No beer in the mini bar??

@JakeZ thanks, that's all the answer I wanted about the Asian thing. That's just stuff I notice when I go on trips. Like when we were in Berlin last year, there were ton's of Australians there and then in Amsterdam it was packed with British people. In Austraila at certain times of the year it's packed with German people. Orlando draws a huge British crowd over the summer because of Disney. I don't mean it to offend anyone, it's just an observation I make. I notice weird stuff like that when I take trips.

@SaharaLV - so if she went during the Rodeo Convention and didn't know it at the time, would it still be offensive to say "hey, there's a lot of guys wearing cowboy hats and boots this weekend, and i don't know why"?

it's not like she said something that was actually offensive...

In 2005, I had a room on the 7th floor, sadly there was a convention and no empty rooms so I spent the next 3 days with that yellow light searing my eyes and the endless clucking of the pigeons...I complained enough to get a fistful of free drink coupons.

I always make sure to avoid that floor now.

The window to the bathroom is only there in the King rooms, although I could not resist giving my wife the old pressed hams while she was enjoying the bathtub.

Making comments about the abundance of cowboys during a rodeo, or douchebags at Wynncore, etc. is hardly a good analogy. Neither are a race or nationality. But let's just drop it.
I'll just learn to ignore certain aspects of this site i.e., Steely Dan bashing, etc.

Very thorough review! I stayed at PH in Dec. and was flabbergasted to see people swimming, as I just assumed the pools would be closed. Thanks for sharing your perspective on Mandalay.

Nice review

Nice review. Have considered MB several times, haven't stayed there. Will know to avoid the 7th floor, yikes. Every hotel has those "worst view rooms" that you hope you'll never see.

Like Donnymac, I'm stunned by the fact that there was no beer in the mini-bar. I've never seen one without beer.

That ugly and in-the-way floor lamp is the exact same kind I had in an MGM West Wing room last month.

That's why i specifically chose the rodeo/cowboys - a group that isn't a race/religion/ethnicity/etc.

If there is no racial overtones about saying that a group of a certain makep is present, then it's not racial, just an observation.

Yes there are HD Channels on the TVs..

Mandalay Bay has some of the most comfrotable rooms on the Strip..great bathrooms..plenty of room for stuff..the closets are also a plus..if you're bringing different outfits to wear per day, you'll have all sorts of room to hang them..

Appreciate the review! For the price you paid, It looks quite alright.

Very interesting that the pool is open year round...Is it open to non-guests during the winter too?

We stayed at the MB in August-2011 for a family wedding. There were good dining options, the rooms were well-appointed although a bit small and worn, and the pool complex kept the kids entertained (I know, refer to "family wedding" portion of intro). Given MB's conference facilities, the elevator banks and taxi stand are prone to ridiculous lines. I found the casino to be only slightly more enjoyable than the elevator bank. Most of the dealers performed their job with the efficiency and passion of a robot. Tips would cause them to make eye contact and nod, although this was the limit of interaction. And, attempts to engage in conversation were equally unrewarding. My takeaway is the MB is in the midst of an identity crisis: the decor, amenities, and gaming seem directed at an older, more conservative, more affluent market while the pool complex, tattoo parlor, HoB, Foundation Room, and MJ show target a younger, faster-paced crowd. Perhaps I simply fall in a gap between target demographics, but I will not return to MB except for a possible dinner or concert/event.

I have a soft spot for Mandalay Bay. When I was a teenager, my parents took my sister and I here very soon after the hotel opened. I had never seen anything so luxurious in my life. I thought the bathrooms were just amazing. I have stayed at MB twice, and THEHotel once, and I'd certainly go back there -- but only in the summer. I've never really liked the casino though -- the vibe is good but I don't like the dealers there and I've never won a red cent. Although I've had good times in the Poker Room adn they have a decent sports book. Rockstar Karaoke at the HoB is also fun. My problem is that even when I contemplate staying somewhere like MB, I feel like I'm cheating on Wynn and Encore...that siaid, at MB you can get two-bedroom suites (the ones at the end of the hallway) for a steal!

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