New York New York Park Avenue : The VT Review 2011

Peeping New Rooms At The Small Apple

Posted by Chuckmonster

New York New York Park Avenue Room  Review Iron

What requires such monumental use of space? An ironing board, a safe, a tv and a closet. Hrm.

New York New York Park Avenue Room  Review Armoire2

Stuffed in the corner is a small chair and a lamp.

New York New York Park Avenue Room  Review Chair

The wall plug is handy for charging devices.

New York New York Park Avenue Room  Review Desk

On the opposite side of the armoire is a small desk and chair. There was some kind of greasy schmear on the glass that covered the desk right in front of the lamp.

New York New York Park Avenue Room  Review Desk

The blue/brown checker curtains make me feel like I won the Pinewood Derby. Note the red window frames and the Tragic Kingdom down below.

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I do not like this place and I never want to stay there again.

Damn, that room is small. My hotel rooms in Germany were bigger than that. That's seriously about the size of my HOSTEL room in Amsterdam.
I will give NYNY some credit though, you could've gotten a small room because it was right next to the elevator (according to you emergency map). Rooms that are next to the elevator and/or stairwells are usually a smidge smaller than those in the hallway. I experienced this on my most recent hotel stay in Tampa, we had the room right next to the stairwell and it had a queen bed instead of a king since it was the smallest room on the floor.
That hotel is horrible. Everything about NYNY is just ridiculously lame. I hate that hotel. The theme, like you said, is cute but that's ABOUT IT. There's no buffet, no good restaurants, a "meh" level nightclub and a RUDE as hell staff that expect to be tipped for nothing. It's on the same level as Excalibur, cute for the "1st trip to Vegas" or a family trip (since there's a huge ass arcade on site) but other than that, I'll pass.

Not a big fan, but I do like that Zumanity sticker!

Maybe the smaller than hell room is a continuation of the New York theme? Lulz. Anyway, there is something charming about this dysfunctional clusterfuck that I can't help but like.

Holy crap that room is tiny!

Apparently, if you stay in the building that has the green glass exterior, the green actually shines through and coats the entire room.

Venusians? It's actually Venetians. Venusians are people from Venus. Just FYI.

I stayed at NYNY a couple of times a few years ago and had pleasent stays. We are stating in a Spa Suite at Christmas and I will take pictures and maybe even do a VT book report on our experience. We chose to stay here because we had not in quite a few years hopefully we made a good choice. Although there are no hotels on the strip that I would'nt stay in.

And where is the patented VT room video with accompanying kick ass soundtrack??

I never had any great desire to stay at NYNY, and this furthered my ambivalence about the property. There are better places to stay all over the place, and I've never loved their casino anyway.

And holy Jesus, that really is a cartoonishly small room.

JakeZ... i pick my words on purpose, including venusians.

donny... unless the room is a suite, we don't do the walkthrough. also, youtube bitch slaps us with copyright violations for using bitchin soundtracks.

And the room key humour is awesome. Sarcasm is always good.

Did you ever figure out what the extra fee they tacked on was? MGM is getting ridiculous.

NYNY used to be charming, before they started de-theming the hell out of it. I miss the tables under "Central Park" and the larger Coney-Island themed arcade. Also, does anyone else find it strange that there are more restaurants that are actually from New York City at Caesar's than there are here? I'm sure it has to do with price. I guess most of them are a tad too spendy for the NYNY crowd.

@chuckmonster, I think the preferred usage is "penusians."

Also, I have some socks that look like that headboard. If I ever stay there, I'll make sure to wear them.

I will have to concur with most of the thoughts above. I stayed here when I was on a business trip and I thought that I'd do my employers a favor because I had free nights here. I was severely disappointed. They do have that beer place on the second floor that had some good Dogfish Head selections, but other than that it was basically a Best Western with a casino that I don't particularly like.

We stayed there once, had the same small room. Then we dropped some large bets in the Sports book. They called us up and moved us to a Players Suite. A Huge room, with 2 Queens Beds, an in room hot tub/spa, a fireplace, couches, a dining table and chairs. A much better room, much better experience, highly recommend it.

I'm assuming that you stayed here because you lost a bet, there can be no other explanation.

@chuckmonster - Was this a recent stay or has this been in the patented MonsterHopper for awhile?

Just an FYI, these rooms are about 10 years old. The newly remodeled rooms are the 'Marquis Avenue' rooms, which run around 500 square feet. Very spacious, clean, and comfortable -- and with the rates NYNY offers me, I always have a great place to stay if I choose not to stay at the higher end properties. I think you got unlucky with your room, especially with the price, as I've had generally positive things to say about the rooms. I have pictures from this same type of room, and it's much bigger - about the same size as Mirage or TI.

NYNY is always my plan B, and it never fails to provide a cheap and fairly nice room at a very low, if not comped, rate.

$15 fee inclues - "Free" internet; Unlimited phone calls for the .0002% pop that don't have cell phones; Boarding pass printing (using southwest air we never need a boarding pass anyway - we use the sky cab bearing tips and smiles); Notary services that are much needed on vacation.....PPPbbbrrrrrrrrrt!; Incoming / Outgoing faxes with a limit of 5 now....don't get greedy; Daily newspaper (you probably have to retreive least this is the case at the Luxor); and finaly the extortion is topped off with 2 welcome cocktails to numb the wallet beating you just encountered.

So you were a dick to the front desk on purpose? And what was that purpose again? I know resort fees suck but were still dealing with a human being working a job. As a person in customer service I have to say I have a problem with that. I love the site, and Chuck, I normally find your reviews thoughtful and insightful but being a dick just to be a dick is not funny or helpful. -1

This room is still nicer than over half of the CET properties

Another "a C is a passing grade" MGM property.So much potential.They should bring back the Manhattan Martini Bar.

Oh nvm I misread. I agree with donnymac66 that this nyny room still beats most of CET's room offerings

It's a damn shame that a building that is so architecturally interesting from the outside is so disappointing on the inside. I mean, think of how great this place could be if it were a more upscale property...they could've filled it with outposts of great restaurants from NYC (wouldn't Le Cirque, Rao's, Old Homestead, etc. be perfect choices for a hotel called "New York New York"?), and the tops of all those towers could be filled with really awesome and interesting penthouses inspired by great Manhattan apartments, and with the casino they way it originally was before being partially de-themed, it had the potential to be such a cool place, even for a themed casino...just a damn shame...

Last time I went to Vegas, I won enough in a couple of hours playing blackjack at NYNY to pay for the whole trip and then some. So I am a fan, at least until the next time I go there and leave with only the clothes on my back.

But as blackjack goes in Vegas these days, it's seriously one of the better places to play.

@ndwabashfan - the purpose is to protest their insulting their customers with a bogus resort fee and the hogwash they use to justify it. if customers don't complain - which is what i did - the company will never know. unfortunately, front line employees are going to hear it. i've worked in cs... if enough customers complain, cs employees kick the issue upstairs. i'm not a sadist.

@ratevegas the monster hopper... g2e.

Years back when I was in Vegas with friends a buddy;s mom stayed at NYNY and we walked her to the room. She was right over the walkway to MGM and the room seemed incredibly small to me then and this room looks no larger. I do not hate NYNY and in fact have never had a bad time in the casino or the resturants I ate at but I would never stay there.

That room has to be a hassle for there even room to vacuum between all that furniture? I bet there are dusty corners everywhere.

I, too, have socks that match the headboard...they're quite comfortable.

And, really, who doesn't like bumpy soap?

The one time I've stayed at NY-NY was four years ago when I was walked there (=free stay) from an overbooked Caesars. I believe I stayed in the Park Avenue tower, and it was definitely nothing to write home about. Adequate at best, and I had a decent view. That huge armoire is what makes the room so small...I wonder if those are refurbished Bellagio fixtures as well.

Ha! Your beef with the receptionist probably earned you the squished room next to the elevators that's saved just for guests like you.

As one who refuses to stay at a place charging resort fees: thanks for taking one for the team!

I've stayed at NYNY once a few years ago, and yes the rooms are small..but this one is Golden Gate small..MGM seems to love these huge TV closet setups..its pretty much standard now..

I've found the employees at NYNY to be very pleasent and fun to deal with..if you have a question, it gets answered and resolved..I enjoy the casino too, as I've won here on several occasions..

Having said that, I agree that outside of the Steak House on property, which has NYC roots, and Nathan's upstairs, this place cries out for a place like Juniors..MGM Grand at Foxwoods has one of the four locations, and the food is always excellent..

Stay there last month. Was not happy with the bed, they only had 2 queen bed rooms. I complained on my survey and I got a form response they will give me a comped free upgrade to a park Ave. I was like your kidding me I get already when ever I make a reservation beacuse of my Mlife. I will not stay there again. Yes the rooms are very small. I do like the Casino , alway to decent to very good there.

In 2010, I stayed in a Spa Suite at NY NY and hated it. The room was pretty filthy ... dusty, brown grout in the shower, hair in the jacuzzi, and stained pillows. The room is supposed to be one of their newly remodeled rooms, but I couldn't get pass the nasty shower. I could also hear the roller coaster whizzing by no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. At least the staff was nice, but I definitely wouldn't stay there again.

I stayed at NYNY once like 5-7 years ago. Room was extremely small. The casino itself I like as despite the dethemeing there is still an overall NY theme throughout the casino. Moreover, I like the fact they have both sit-down, wait for a server eateries but also walk-up, sit yourself and eat eateries. Especially the fact their fast foods are not corporate chain trash that I can get anywhere in not only in this country but the world (eg. McDonalds....). Alongside the fact the pizza place is open until 3, which is great for after drinking and needing a quick bite before gambling.

The rooms though are pathetic and for the price not at all worth it. I get good prices for all of MGM properties but for some reason the NYNY is always way more expensive a night than Monte Carlo, Luxor, MGM and even Mirage. More often than not, by the time I book a room at NYNY I might as well stay at one of MGM's nicer hotels like Mirage or even Aria as typically their rates are the same if not cheaper which is crazy as imo (without much detail or all things considered such as location) Excalibur < Luxor = NYNY = Monte Carlo = MGM < Mandalay Bay < Bellagio < Mirage < Aria.

So I haven't stayed at NYNY since that one time and with the room I had and the service.

"Note the red window frames and the Tragic Kingdom down below."
lol Chuckmonster, i'm cracking up, you made made my day.

That room is definitely small. I've stayed in a room that size at Harrahs and it's frustrating and makes you feel claustrophobic after a couple days, especially the third or fourth time the armoire drawers don't close all the way and you have to close them to walk by.

I have stayed in a smaller room at the Crowne Plaza in Chicago though, so small, many of the drawers only opened half way since the bed was there, and to get from one side of the room to the other, you had to go over the bead. Old building that they had remodeled seemed to be the reason for that design choice. Considering this was built in the 90's it's really bizarre, especially since Marnell Group was involved.

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