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Kiss And Condotelling at the P-Tow

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Ph Towers Bathroom

The twin sinks are set far enough apart to provide hectares of counter space. The provided toiletries are from Gilchrist & Soames, which my wife tells me is a good name. They kept me clean and reasonably stink free for the entire trip. Beneath the counter are copious bath towels, hand towels and washcloths, all good sized and not too rough. Hiding in the middle of the sub-sink cabinet is a mini washer/dryer unit.

Ph Towers Safe

Storage space was good enough for our needs with a full closet in the bedroom and a coat closet off the dining room, although drawer space was a bit skimpy even for just two people. The bedroom closet contains the safe, which would fit a netbook or a small laptop but probably not a larger sized one.

Other than a few minor scuffs on the edge of cabinets and door frames the unit was in good condition. There were a couple odd little maintenance glitches - the lightbulb in the shower was out, the shower handle came off in my hand (in my defense, it said "Pull On" but did not specify it needed to be tilted at an angle rather than yanked directly back), the sound system for the tv wasn't working, and most mysterious of all there was a howling wind tunnel under the hallway door. Most of these issues were quickly fixed with a call to the front desk and the wind from the hall was ingeniously blocked at 1AM by my wife using only two rolled up crappy Hangover t-shirts we'd received as a giveaway earlier in the day.

Ph Towers Tshirts

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Thanks for the review... I've always been curious about the PH tower and I think this settles my curiousity. MUCH better than I expected, though. Too bad the tower couldnt be in a better location.

1 for Captain Picard on Windows

It must be Captain Picard Day!

Great review. Would be perfect hotel except the parking blows, no Verizon cell service at least on 52nd floor, pay wifi and the washer/dryer smelled like a moldy trout's asshole.

Very nice review, thanks for sharing.

Sweet review!

That couch is perfect for an orgy.

What was that about the mini washer and dryer under the bathroom vanity? I'm intrigued. Stellar review...I've wandered thru the lobby of this place and wondered what the upstairs looked like.

Thanks, everybody.

W/r/t the washer dryer, we used it for bathing suits and a couple of shirts. It is small but plenty of room for that sort of thing. A box of detergent was provided (didn't check to see if it was replenished after we used it). No funky smell in it at all. It was hell of confusing to operate though and we ended up just mashing buttons to get it to open the door when it was done.

Westgate still owns the property, so it is not under the Caesars (Total Rewards) umbrella. I believe they have designated certain floors for use by the timeshares they sold. The walk to the casino is no more than 100yards through the mall. It has larger rooms and is an easier walk to the strip than Vdara or Signature. There is no restaurant and the lobby bar has very limited hours and selection. The 1 and 2 bdrm units are usually available at a decent price.

Great review, and generally agreed! My SO and I stayed here with another couple over Thanksgiving last year, and I was hesitant based on online reviews, but figured the bang for the buck made it at least worth a shot. Was pleasantly surprised - plenty of room for each couple to feel like we had our own space, but a good community area as well. (That window shade/screen for projector tv is FAB for football season). Split between the four of us, this was by FAR our best option for such a high-capacity holiday weekend. Next time I'm on a group trip to Vegas, this will be the first property I check for availability.

Thanks for the write-up. Haven't read too much about this place.
We've got a one bedroom reserved for four nights this January, to try this place out. Don't mind a little walking, and I do like a nice room - yes, I'm one of those that actually uses a room for more than SSS. Now, I'm really looking forward to this.

Oontzfest, hillarious. Nice review thanks for taking the time, was curious about this place.

A very well put together review. Thanks so much! I've always been curious about the PH Towers, and now I have much more info than I thought.

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