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Glad to hear you had a good stay.

I admit, I find the carpet a little off-putting, but there are some great elements in the redesigns. For one, the new entertainment centers are excellent. I also like the bathrooms in the "blue" rooms.

Still, I love Bellagio but Aria is more my taste aesthetically so I think I'll stick to there.

Either way, to be a bit honest I'm slightly surprised you ended up liking the new rooms :)

I feel better about these now, although the picture frames still look very cheap.

Did the shoes come with the room?

^^ Shoes come with turndown service.

This does indeed look more impressive than the renderings we saw earlier. I just hope they can keep the white bed frame clean and unscuffed. It's also going to be awfully tempting for drunks to accidentally knock that blown glass lamp off the teensy little sitting table between the chairs. Were there ample plugs by the bed, for those of us who charge cells and laptops bedside?

^^I didn't notice a plug on the base of the bedside lamps, although you can charge an iDevice in the dock on the iHome if it is compatible.

However there are tons of plugs (2 on connectivity panel and 2 on desk) for use nearby.

I agree with brt374, all that white around the bed, and the white bedspread, look like they have the potential to get scuffed, stained, burned, etc real easily, not so sure that was a great design choice from an upkeep and maintainence perspective...I thought the carpet/wallpaper combo looked much better in the darker picture of the elevator landing versus the brighter picture of the hallway...also, how was the quality of the linens & comforter (thought the comforter looked a little cheapo from the pics)...Finally, how are the old girl's public areas holding up? Still immaculate, or starting to fray around the edges? I for one have to say I'm not optimistic about how turning the Fontana bar into a nightclub will change the character of the place, particularly if all the club douches & drunk girls are lined up all through the casino on a busy night...

Thanks, blackjacker. I think I'd have to see the wallpaper behind the bed in person before I could declare I like it -- kind of looks like a 70s game show set designer threw up. The rest of it looks good.

Thank you for the review-we have not gone back to Bellagio for a few years because of the dated interiors but may go back now because of the remodel-Question: where did they put the inroom safe and is it laptop size?

^^ Not sure about the in room safe but I would guess it is adjacent to the closet or in one of the nightstand drawers. My bad for not seeking it out.

the safe is in the nightstand drawer. it will hold a laptop but not a gigantic one.

We have stayed at Bellagio many times, but I think the new look in the rooms looks to bright, appear's cheep. One comment said, kind of 70's I have to agree. The Bellagio was a very classy resort. They could have up dated but left it still looking the same classy style. MGM has a way of making there new designs look cheap, I don't thing they know what there doing when it comes to new, but Classy. Wynn's will always do better with there updating. Steve Wynn has a much better idea of class, then any of the people at MGM. Just my opinion. We'll continue to stay at the Wynn.

To the original review poster: penultimate means "next to last" . Just FYI

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