The Plaza Mini Suite: The VegasTripping Soft Review 2011

Peeping the Brand New Rooms At The Plaza

Posted by Chuckmonster

Next to the bed are two chairs and a side table. I like the way the pillows sorta match the curtains. They could have put them with the stripes horizontally, but purposefully chose not to. These are good details. Check out the door behind the chairs.

Plaza Minisuite Chairs

This room is presumably a closet. Or a place to store your mother in law when not in use. There are no luggage stands, hangars, iron/boards or any of the other hardware you might expect in a closet.

Plaza Minisuite Saferoom

There is a rather large safe, that doesn't appear to be operational quite yet.

Plaza Minisuite Safe

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I'll be there on Sunday to stay for my first time. Looking forward to it.

Yay Plaza!!! With some additional housekeeping, another lower-mid market hotel that will hopefully survive and thrive.

Truly amazing what they've done to the dump. Once the rooms are complete, these will easily be the nicest rooms downtown right after the Golden Nugget and El Cortez. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the public areas. Best of luck to the Plaza and all of Downtown!

Thanks for posting the minute-it-reopened review. And for being understanding about the snafus due to the renovation. I worked in a hotel that stayed open during massive renovations, and it was amazing what all could go wrong when the rooms went back on market (finding a handicapped queen bed in a room that should've had two doubles, etc.). Can't wait to see more pics from the common areas of the Plaza.

Hey, is that the Hotel Bridger and the Nevada Hotel And Casino there on the left?

Even with the room the way it is now, it's still a HUGE improvement from what it was. I mean, obviously they still have the original doors on the rooms and those mirrors. I think the mirrors still keep the retro nostaliga to the room and that's kind of neat.

Later could you post pix of the new casino?

Great job in getting this posted so quickly. Overall it is a definite improvement and worth a look. I assume they will be installing a TV? Not sure there is a quick fix for that fridge. Can't wait to check out the casino.

I actually dig the mirrors. They remind me of Linda Blair's penthouse in "Exorcist II".

I kinda dig the mirrors. I also really like that old B&W photo of the hotel- helps make the room feel swanky yet minimalist. Very cool.

Very nice review, it definitely sounds like there are some hiccups, but then again, I'd sort of expect that anymore for openings, and given the Plaza's complete makeover it almost seems appropriate.

At least their rate reflects a soft opening price.

really,they got rid of the dank in the casino?!?!? That musta took a team of Mexican cleaning ladies weeks and tons of Windex to get rid of...... looks good tho

Great review! Like many others, I'm excited at the possibilities that the Plaza presents for downtown visitors. The only thing in the review that gave me pause was the fact that the in-room fridge won't fit into the intended space. Everything other glitch is something that can be easily addressed -- put the fixtures in the closet, install the bed skirt, and so on -- but if the fridge won't fit, short of buying new fridges or attacking the furniture with power tools, the fridge is just going to have to stay where it is.

I like the desk area.Looks super functional with the extra surface space to the right.I can't remember seeing a nicer desk in that tier room.

I'm heading there in a few weeks! We love downtown and am so glad they fixed the place up. My hubs won a jackpot there a couple of years ago and insists we stay there- it's his lucky charm.
Plus, I can't wait for Hash House A Go Go and the sushi restaurant.

I'm staying here tonight, and you'd think with a 3am check in things would go smoothly. Wrong.

30 minutes to check in because the daft girl couldn't figure out if my card had been run or not. $100 dollar incidental charge, which is a bit steep unless you're looking to invest in HHaGG. Room had no cold water, only hot and scalding, which after a 15 minute hold, was told I was going to have to drag my luggage back across the casino to the desk and change keys, which I refused to. Keys replaced, moved up a few floors and ready to sit down and do a bit of work and internet.

The hits just keep on coming. Shoulda stayed at the Nug. Oh and the Fblow furniture and castoffs look great.

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