Cosmopolitan Terrace Studio : The VT Review 2011

Fool Me Twice...

Posted by Chuckmonster

This is the Terrace Studio, one room divided into a spacious, open-walled bathroom, a living area, a bed area and the outside terrace. In Cosmopolitan's collection, the Terrace Studio is priced equivalently to the non-terrace City Room and below the Terrace One Bedroom and Wraparound Terrace Suites. In my opinion, this is the best of Cosmopolitan's room offerings. The Wraparound Terrace Suites - while neat on the outside - suffer from haphazard living area design. The claustrophobic Terrace One Bedroom wastes precious space with cluttered decor and questionable inclusion of a too-small Japanese soaking tub in its wet space. The terrace-free City Room has a large bathroom and two gigantic queen beds shoehorned into its teeny tiny space. Most of these issues were inherited from Cosmopolitan's original raison d'etre - condominiums.

The Terrace Studio has a usable sized tub (more on that later) a luxurious shower and a big lovely quasi-suite feel somewhat akin to the open suite layouts at Venetian/Palazzo and the semi-open suites at Encore. The quality and style of fittings and furnishings is underwhelming throughout the Cosmopolitan's living spaces, with the only exception being their finely appointed bathrooms, hardware I'm compelled to believe was inherited from the previous plans. The Terrace Studio room, by far, offers the biggest bang for the buck you will find in Cosmopolitan's overpriced hotel room collection - you get a nice, oversized open and airy suite, a lux bathroom, comfortably integrated living/sleeping space with their deal maker open terraces.

Cosmo Terrace Studio Entry

Directly to the left upon entry is the open bathroom. A translucent blind (see photo below) and a barn door (above) sort of seal the bathroom's open spaces from view, but probably not enough for privacy nerds.

Cosmo Terrace Studio Tub

I curled up in the tub one afternoon for what I hoped would be an hour of jets soothing away my Cosmopolitanger. After filling the tub and hopping in, I started hitting the buttons on the side mounted control. All sorts of stuff started gurgling and burbling. Aaaaaaaaah... uh... whuuuuut? The tub started emitting a raunchy scent of machine oil and a slick started forming on top of the water. I called Mrs. Mo into the room to confirm my suspicions... which she did. The tub jets were leaking oil into the tub. Needless to say, I was irate to the point of wanting to check out (again) cancel our vacation all together and go home. I got out of the tub, hopped in the shower to wash off the machine oil all over my body and tried to let my anger subside.

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Will they ever get the hotel portion of this property right? Oil from the jacuzzi?
That's pitiful...

Very nice review as always. Those hallways remind me of the IP, and that's never a good thing for a property looking to be 4 or 5 stars. I've said before I'm not much of a design guy, but I completely see your reference to a disjointed styling that's essentially pulled from a catalog.

That breakfast did look fantastic though and the view makes up for a lot of problems, especially that night view. I'd swear that was a stock photo if you hadn't told me it was just your view.

Amen. I gave Cosmo two tries and experienced a comedic/frustrating number of problems. Reading your reviews was like being there all over again. Like you, I'll go back to dine or have a drink with friends, but I'd rather stay at the IP than the Cosmo. They don't know if they're coming or going, and they also don't know that you're supposed to knock before entering a guest room.

Thank you, Chuck.
As an East Coaster, I only get to Vegas twice (maybe three times a year), and I want the best of experiences. A few months back, when I was planning for my upcoming trip in September, I was considering Wynn and Cosmo. After your first analysis, I selected Wynn. Your analysis this time around further solidifies that Cosmo is not right for me. I will visit the bars, restaurants and casino, but I will not stay there.

It seems to me this property has a ton of potential, but these reported problems are extremely difficult to overlook. For Cosmo's sake, I hope that management reads your reviews and realizes that your poor experience directly translated into a missed opportunity.

Those chips were (no hyperbole) literally inedible. They took them off the bill, when asked, though.

I have not stayed there but I have eaten at several restaurants and drank at the bars and while I still enjoy my time there it always seems like it's a style over substance type of place. My favourite bars are Vesper and Bond, I could take or leave the Chandelier. As for the restaurants I found DOCG to be great, Comme Ca is no match for Bouchon and Holstien's is my third favourite burger joint after BLT and Stripburger. Maybe some day I will pony up the dough just to have that breakfast experience cause that looks awesome!!

Coupla things
The damn hallways are so barebone and lit weird that it almost looks like the hallway of a psych ward with funky carpet.
I agree that the terrace is the best bang for your buck. That's the only room I've ever considered staying at when it comes to the Cosmo. Plus the view is superb. Reminds me of the view from our Augustus Suite at Caesars.
The oil coming out of the jacuzzi, gross. Seriously, there's no excuse for that . The last people must not have used the tub to find out the issue. Room service looked deelish. I like the mirrors at the end of the bed (for certain untold reasons....)

The wallpaper, is trippy. Like seriously, I couldn't take acid there or I'd probably end up locked in the bathroom, or off the terrace. :-)

To each their own, of course. But I loved my stay at Cosmo in January, had not a single problem with the room or the service. Loved it so much, that if price were no object, I'd never stay anywhere else. Those balconies are unreal.

Wish I could get a decent deal for my October trip, as my wife would love this place.

Ya know. It's really too bad. The review and comments I've read from the beginning would make me want to avoid this place at all costs. But after not listening, I booked a trip there a few weeks ago.

Everything I've read here (both reviews) was nothing like I experienced. We had the 30th floor, east tower, north facing wraparound terrace for 2 of our 7 nights until we decided it was too big for just two of us. We downgraded to a 60th floor, east tower, north facing Terrace Studio. Bottom line, you cannot beat the view.

The only problem we ran into was that a shower light bulb went out in the second bathroom. Everything else was absolutely perfect. I guess the only real complaint I could have about Cosmo is the lack of any really interesting shopping options but that is totally subjective.

Overall, I was very impressed with this place and if I've learned anything from all this, is that Cosmo may be inconsistent and I've just been lucky (which is totally in the realm of possibility.)

I was a guest on opening night back in December and my stay was also pockmarked with all of the flubs Chuck has described in his reviews. At this point, the true saving grace of The Cosmopolitan is the four floors below the hotel towers.

Lately, I've been getting calls from 'hosts' regarding restaurant offers and deals. Perhaps Identity is picking up a bit, I don't know. I have been tempted to stay there once again on the evening of Adele's show... but... we'll see. I hope what has happened in the past to Chuck (and myself, sadly) does not happen again.

Great review. As always.

Because of the club noise, one cannot understate the importance of room location at Cosmo. The lower level east and south facing rooms in the East tower get hit with both dayclub and nightclub noise at a level far higher than any other property (including Palms, HRH, and Wynncore). Cosmo charges a very steep premium for the north facing (Bellagio fountain view) rooms, so it is very difficult to guarantee a good night's sleep without forking over the extra money.

The views are amazing. The vestibule and hallway look like something from one of those "active" senior communities. Not just boring, but borderline grim. As for the wallpaper, it already looks dated. But wow, what a view.

I wandered around the Cosmo when we stayed at the Mandarin in July. The casino was decent (much brighter than Aria) and the weird little pizza joint on the 2nd floor pretty cool. But overall is doesn't touch the Mandarin which was superb (even the Mandarin breakfast is better).

Granted you pay for the Mandarin, but it was the finest hotel stay I've ever had. Cosmo looks pretty half-assed to me.

Great Review. Is there any chance the Oil in the tub was some kind of bath oil from the last guests? My father was in the Jacuzzi business for years when I was growing up, and I don't see how anything from the motor could get in to those pipes. But I do know if the tub is not cleaned properly what ever was in the tub last drains in to the pipes and gets blown out next time its turned on.

^that made me vomit in my mouth a little

I dunno...I loved my stay at the cosmo. There were a few mistakes...we got a terrace studio when we reserved a terrace one bed...but decided not to complain as the room was fantastic.they are pricing more than what they are worth though. Going in on labor day weekend, wanted to stay there, but LOL at the prices. Bally's ho!

forgot the main reason I wanted to post our room, a compartment in the desk slid out revealing a fancy hotel guide. we didn't use the stupid tv guide for more than five minutes.

Although I don't disagree with your review, I can't help but sense that the Cosmo will never appeal to you. I read a review regarding the IP that, I thought, was completely out of sync with reality. That place has never appealed to me, or others I know who routinely visit Vegas. I do visit your site regularly and enjoy the content.

We stayed in a wraparound terrace suite in April and really loved it. Huge room, beautiful pool and a fantastic vibe really had us enjoying ourselves. We got a deal through Travel & Leisure magazine and paid just $500 for three nights.

The only negatives are the infamous wait for check in (ours took 1.5 hours which is crazy), and there was a concert at the pool on Saturday night and it was so loud I thought our room was shaking. We also had a mystery $50 charge on our bill that I had to call back and have them remove after we came home.

I didn't think the "hidden" pizza place was all that great, but I highly recommend Holstein's. One of the best burger/shake combos I've ever had, and will be a stop we make on every Vegas trip going forward.

@jakedeanders i think you need to read the imperial palace review again, particularly the subtext.

Holy cow... I'm very sorry to hear about what you experienced. We just got back from a stay in a wraparound terrace which was in the East Tower (I think you were in West, right?) and everything was 100% spot on.

Looks like they listened to your review and made a significant amount of changes since they opened. I didn't make it to the Grand Opening... but based off of our trip last week- I am glad I didn't. Our experience at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in Vegas. New York. Hong Kong even.

I'm grateful for our experience because I've heard others have had a lot of problems.

Thank you for your review. Our Travel Agent booked us for a Terrace "Studio" for Christmas vacy and have been aprehensive about the place ever since.
So Greatful for people like you whom take the time to post info and pix for amateurs like me. Only problem is - now I know too much - no element of joyish suprise - just disapointment

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