Obama Slept Here: Bellagio Presidential Suite Photo Tour

A Pictorial of President Obama's Digs at Bellagio

Posted by MikeE

Bellagio Presidential Door

You know what I love about Vegas? The fact that big players are treated just as royally as heads of state. But you know what I love even more? When said big players invite us up for a photo frenzy of their digs. We only had an iPhone as a camera (sorry about that!), but we weren't about to say no. Please enjoy this pictorial of Bellagio's 4075 square foot Presidential Suite - the very room President Obama stayed in February of last year.

After walking past the guard and into the elevator, we swipe the room key to activate floor 33, the top floor of the Spa Tower. The elevator opens to the landing - an exceedingly contemporary, yet warm and masculine space.

Bellagio Presidential El1

Bellagio Presidential El2

The hallways continue the décor.

Bellagio Presidential Hall

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Comments & Discussion

Wow....that rooms shows that the old girl is still a prime spot for the ultra-high rollers.

The Prez must have been playing some serious VP to get digs like these.

I've been in the Chairman Suite across the hall a couple of times (brag), and it's arguably nicer than the Presidential. Chairman's Suite has the panoramic view of the strip, Presidential has the mountain view. Given that I'm guessing Bellagio charges $30 more a night for the Chairman, so there's that.

And between the balcony/solarium, bar and the piped-in fancy music system, there is no more plush of a place to hang at night.

Better than Wynn and Encore.... Just sayin'.

Yes, I'd love to stay in either the Presidential or Chairman Suite. Now, that I've admitted that, I find the elevator lobby and hallway drab and less than cheerful. The lower wall wainscoting may be designed to look clubby and 1920s-ish, but it depresses me.
The bedspread doesn't look like luxury to me.
The solarium is a wonderful idea, but does the President have to practically have to sit on the floor?
Here's the floorplan. 4,075 sq ft is nice.
I've got to improve my disposition.

So prez/chairman is the top rooms of Bellagio? Then is it villas at Wynn and 2 &3 bedroom duplex apts at Encore? I ask because some of the travel shows have mentioned a penthouse suite at Wynn and a feature in Robb Report a couple years ago mentioned a Prez suite at Encore. I didnt know if those features just mislabeled the actual name that Wynncore uses for its top accomidations. Bellagio doesnt offer rooms above their Penthouse suite online and since your can occasionally book villas/ apartments I thought perhaps their are even more higher end accommodations and what I had heard wasnt a mistake . Also when I worked years ago for a Ritz Carlton the deal with the Presidential suite had alot to do with enough entrances and exits to satisfy the requirements of the security teams that are with dignitaries. Because of this the prez wasnt the only top unit at the property it was just the one with several exits.

nothing on imperial palace

I'd consider the Villas at Bellagio the top accomodations, either the 6,500 sq ft ones or the 8,000 sq ft villa. They exude Steve Wynn luxury compared to the Presidential Suite which reflects MGM's ownership.

However, The Grand Lakeview Suite would be my favorite because of its views of the lake and Strip. Note: I have only been in the Grand Lakeview once due to an easy to con housekeeper who let me in.

Why no pictures of the Royal Throne? Does it have a power flush?

While I think the Villas are nicer, albeit sans view, I'm sure the Secret Service would never allow POTUS in a place that is on ground level below lots of high rise structures.
Bellagio does like those pop up tvs at the foot of the bed though.

Encore's Mom has got it goin' on.

What did he steal? Think he still takes shampoo and conditioner like the rest of us?

Personally I wasn't that impressed. I've seen far nicer suites from other hotels. I'm sort of stunned that's the level of the quality for such a well respected resort.

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