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There's More To The Lingo Than 'Vegas Baby, Vegas'

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Welcome to our mega list of Vegas gambling lingo. If you've got some that aren't on the list - post a comment below!

  • 86'd (eighty-sixed): The act of getting booted from a casino, usually for cheating or being a chump.
  • Action: Sum total of your winnings.
  • Bankroll: Amount of money an individual or a casino has to gamble with.
  • Black: $100 casino chip.
  • Book: The room where sports and race bets are made.
  • Boxcars: Rolling two sixes (12) in craps.
  • Boxman: The craps dealer who sits over the drop box and supervises bets and payoffs.
  • The Cage: Where a casino keeps its money.
  • Carpet joint: A casino catering to high rollers.
  • Check: Casino chips.
  • Croupier: The guy at the roulette table who gathers the chips and drops the ball on the wheel.
  • Crossroader: A casino cheat.
  • Comp: Short for free or complimentary.
  • Dark: No show; as in Dark Sundays means no shows on Sunday.
  • Drop: Total cash traded for chips at the gambling table.
  • Drop box: A locked box located on live gambling tables where dealers deposit paper money.
  • Eye in the Sky: One-way mirror surveillance in the casino area.
  • Fish: a novice gambler
  • Folding money: Greenbacks, dollars, dineros. Get it?
  • George: A casino patron who is a big tipper. Antonym: Stiff
  • Green chips, Greens, Greenys: $25 casino chip.
  • Grinder: Low roller.
  • Grind joint: Casino that caters to low rollers . See also Sawdust Joint.
  • Hard count: Counting the change from slot machines.
  • High roller: A customer with the reputation of wagering large sums of money in the casino.
  • Hold: House profit from all the wagers.
  • House advantage: Mathematical edge for winning that the casino gives itself.
  • In red: A comped customer's name usually appears "in red" on a maitre d's reservation chart.
  • Hit me: A phrase used by blackjack players who want another card from the dealer. Usually used in connection with a hand signal.
  • Juice: No, not the kind you mix with vodka. It's who you know that gets you where you want to be. "He had to juice to get the high roller suite." Also refers to the amount of money you pay over and above your sports bet, insuring that the casino makes money whether you win or lose.
  • Junket: A group of high rollers flown in on a chartered plane by the casino.
  • Ladderman: A baccarat supervisor.
  • Limit: The least or maximum bet accepted at a gaming table.
  • Low roller: A player who makes small bets; a grinder.
  • Markers: Markers are used by high rollers like IOUs.
  • Marryin' Sam: Wedding chapel minister.
  • Pastposting: The act of increasing or decreasing your bet after the hand/roll/spin has completed. Cheating.
  • The Pencil: Authority. For example, pit bosses have the pencil to grant players free rooms and authorize markers.
  • Pigeon: A gambler who chases his/her losses. See also Plunger and Steamer.
  • Pit: The casino employee area behind the table games.
  • Pit boss: A casino boss who oversees numerous table dealers.
  • Plunger: A gambler who chases his/her losses. See also Pigeon and Steamer.
  • RFB Comp: Room, Food and Beverage complimentary from the hotel.
  • Rack: Simply the device that holds the chips on gaming tables.
  • Sawdust Joint: casino catering to low roller. See also Grind Joint.
  • Shoe: A container from which several decks of cards are dealt on the Baccarat and blackjack tables which prevents the dealer from holding cards.
  • Shooter: A gambler who is rolling the dice on a craps table.
  • Spoon: A device used by slot machine cheaters.
  • Stickman: The dealer who moves the dice around on a craps table with a hook-shaped stick.
  • Stiff: A casino player who never tips or tokes regardless of how much they win.
  • Soft Count: Counting the folding money.
  • Steamer: A gambler who chases his/her losses. See also Pigeon and Plunger.
  • Stickman: Craps dealer who handles the dice.
  • Stiff: A winning gambler who "stiffs" the dealer by not tipping.
  • Toke: Gratuity or tip.
  • Turkey: A gambler who is unpleasant to the dealer.
  • Whales: Gamblers who are so wealthy that they routinely lose millions without batting an eye. There are an estimated 250 whales in the world.

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