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I'm just not that impressed with this place. I mean, yeah it looks cool from the outside, and even the casino floor. But I was there last week and went through there. It looks cool but I don't get what all the comotion is about. FOREVER check in, pathetic housekeeping and customer service. I'll just stay across the street at PH or Trop.

nice read. thanks again! wondering if i made the right decision in picking cosmo over aria sky suites...

Great review! Very thorough and expressed my sentiments exactly. Also, that last shot is killer, and... love that throw on the bed. :)

PS. JohnH took out the fridge, not I.

The selling point of these rooms is the killer view..would love to sit out there and watch the fountains, and the sea of humanity below..

I'm wondering if one day, if the condo market resurfaces, if the property will be converted back to its intended use, and the casino and other aspects of the current usage simply disappear..

Three things.
1) I am diggin the decor of every room here except that damn cityview room
2) I LOVE the last pictures of your view and that fog that surrounds the towers. I don't think I've ever seen fog at night time in Vegas.
3) I still think I'm giving this place a chance. The casino , visual wall art, all of that is totally appealing to me. My husband and I are slightly art-sy (my husband more than me because he's an actual artist, I just like it).

Great and informative review

Does the rooms design flow issues steam from the fact that the room was primarily designed to be a home and not a hotel room? Originally designed to be lived in (almost) year round by a singular owner and not moved into and out of on a consistent and nightly basis.

Thanks for the great review. The view is magnificent and i hope to enjoy it someday. What boggles the mind are the apparent service issues and lack of attention to details. I can't believe you had to unscrew a bulb to get the lighting how you wanted it. It's hard to imagine a bigger fail than that in a supposed high-end property.

@TC There are moments where it becomes apparent that these were designed to be condos and that becomes a bit of a service problem. One that could be quickly solved by a doorbell system a la Encore. Other than that, there's not much difference to be noted.

A good, solid review, expressing service issues that seem to be a serious problem. I was fortunate enough to have not a single problem (save for a random mini-bar charge, quickly removed) during my two-night stay in January. I even got a free upgrade, from Terrace Studio to 1-BR Terrace without asking.

I adore the decor and layout of the rooms, and find myself wondering if I can stay anywhere else in Vegas, ever again.

But if I had the service/staff issues that you (or Chuck!) experienced, I'd be hesitant to return, for sure.

I agree with just about every observation you make and as soon as they can get everything worked out it will be a pretty nice place to stay. Some of the condo-related design issues will unfortunately be around forever.

The criticism is totally fair. But that view had me at hello. The rooms don't seem to have the flow or flair of the sky suites, but that view... I also don't really like having a kitchen in my room unless it's blocked by heavy doors. It feels a little too much like rich Uncle Don's condo. The horror!

Interesting review. Felt you were a little underwhelmed, heh?
My January stay's experience was much different. Timely, daily housekeeping over four nights, five minutes to check-in, well laid out Terrace suite w/view of fountains, etc. Seems most layouts have that desk/lamp/tv problem, while the terrace suite uses the desk against a half wall separating living and sleeping areas that worked very well for us.
We were very happy with the service we received throughout the hotel and casino. Strangely enough, our only problem was dinner at STK. Will not be back there.
Everyone seems to think the bathroom wallpaper is hideous. I LIKED it - upon close inspection, it kinda reminded me of certain women adorning big rig mud flaps! Think maybe they ran out of the other paper for your closet?
My only comment on our room design was the kitchenette-pretty useless unless you outfit it yourself, although the coffeemaker and minibar coffee did get used each morning. And I didn't like that I had to pay for the coffee either. Even PH gives you coffee for the pot.
Think my next stay there will be in the same type room. Not overly impressed, like I thought I would be, with the wraparound, especially for the price difference. Thanks again for your review and the pics.

If this casino is going to seriously compete with the best casinos, they need to be serving the good sh*t to everyone. I can get almost whatever drink I want - even while just sitting and talking on a penny machine - at Wynncore, Venelazzo, Bellagio and Aria.

If I can't get a Goose & Red Bull that casino is not getting my business (lol I know its a douchebag drink!) But Cosmopolitan doesn't serve either. They have some generic red bull crap that two different cocktail servers failed to warn me about. It tastes completely different! I actually told John Unwin about this in the elevator. This is not an area to be saving money.

Very nice review, those service problems are definitely an issue though.

I say we implode the Cosmopolitan and replace it with a new tower for the Bellagio!....Now who's with me!!.....

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