Stratosphere Select : The VegasTripping Review 2011

Wonders Await You Beyond The Tower

Posted by Chuckmonster

The bed featured four bite sized pillows, crimson bolster with matching checker board throw, vinyl striped headboard and two night stands.

Stratosphere Select Bed

The drivers side nightstand featured a phone, with the passengers side holding an alarm clock. There are no iGadgets peripherals, or plugs for iGadgets anywhere to be found in the room.

Stratosphere Select Bed2

And then there is this. The "minibar."

Stratosphere Select Minibar

Upon first glance, I doubt that this minibar is a standard issue amenity to this room and more likely a previous guests request that had yet to be hauled back to storage. Opening it revealed an exquisite array of minibar offerings.

Stratosphere Select Fridge

Ok, not exquisite. But there was no price list, weighted sensors or any mention whatsoever what the deal is with the stuff inside. I opted to leave it be.

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Wow is right. Between the renovated halls (M, totally M) the new look of the casino and the room itself it seems the Trop is not the only lowball joint in town that's getting its shit together.

Looks good, the hall and elevator lobby particularly. I've really got to make it up there at some point.

Impressive...If only the location was a bit better, but for $40 a night you could spend the extra money on taxis and still come out ahead. Amazing the difference at check-in you experienced between here and Cosmo.

Did you try any of the restaurants? Given the distance I'd think most people are almost forced to eat a few meals there.

@om no restaurants, unless a super late nite mcrib at the mcdonalds counts (it was great!)

Very impressed by the look, I've always liked the casino but given the location, it just wasn't worth staying in a marginal room when I could do it on the strip. Compared to the shape of some of the 'budget' mid class rooms on the strip are though, I think I might have to reconsider now.

One question, just from viewing the pictures, the strat's materials look a bit better then Tropicanas for the remodel? Just curious to whether you think one beats out the other from a materials standpoint.

Thanks for another great review. I really look forward to your review and have found them to be very true. They have been a great help in choosing where to stay. Thanks

I have to agree with Jinx73, at least with regards to the guest rooms, it looks like the Strat's remodel was more extensive and of a much higher quality than the Tropicana's, especially in the bathrooms.

I've passed through the Strat on my last 2 trips and been impressed with the cleanliness of the casino. In addition, the jazz lounge on top of the tower is a great place for a few cocktails (and is free if you take the restaurant elevators up). While the location is bad, you can walk to the Sahara and the OG (at least until dark).

@jinx i can agree with that the Stratosphere's renovated rooms are better built and designed than the Tropicana's. My personal taste veers more towards the Strat's design sensibility than the new Tropicana's.

The new look is impressive but I still cant see staying there due to the location and dining options. There do seem to be some similarities in this remodel and the one at the Tropicana at least as far as the bed and cabinets are concerned. I do commend them for the upgrade.

thanks, I didn't consider it, but I definitely can see where the design preference influences my thoughts a bit here too, as I prefer the Strats look as well. The Trops furniture in pictures reminds me a lot of the IPs remodel (which was probably 5-7 years ago). It looked great at the time but wore out rather quickly.

Wow, it's lookin way nice! Nice to hear the casino doesn't smell like someones 95 year old chainsmoking grandmother too!

And Chuck, I always laugh at yer jokes, you is one funny M-Fer!!

The room improvements look great. I stayed at the Strat in the nineties when it was new. It was comfortable and pleasant then, nothing fancy. I was a newby to the Strip and took it on a cheapy package from a travel agent. I didn't know its location before I got there but the bus worked well from there. I did make one mistake one night when the bus wasn't running. I was gaming at the Mirage when I called it a night and looked for the bus. The Venetian was being constructed and had a gas leak. All traffic was stopped going north and my bus never showed up. It was 2am and I started walking. I thought the bus would come along but it didn't. I did not realize the distance or danger I was going through to get back. That is a no man's land down near the Strat. Fortunately, I am still alive and my funds remained intact. Never walk to the Strat at night.

Excellent review. Great to see the Strat get a little love!

One of our travel strategies is to fly into LV on a Friday and spend the expensive weekend nights downtown or offstrip to save $$$, and then move to a nice strip resort for the remainder of the trip. The Strat suddenly looks like a contender for the weekend leg to kick things off. Nice renovation.

drake - i did that exact thing when i went to macau. easily saved about $1000 bucks by staying at wynn on a tuesday.

I give them 100 for the plastic wrapped plastic cups. I NEVER use glasses in a hotel room. Why?

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