The Cosmopolitan Terrace One Bedroom Suite : The VT Soft Review 2010

What To Expect From The Condopolitan

Posted by Chuckmonster

Cosmo Terrace Coffee Table

This isn't to say that the decor choices are lousy, there are some interesting contrasts of patterns and material throughout, particularly the interplay of this table top grain, chair cushion and carpeting.

Let us be serious here for a moment. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas isn't marketing towards those interested in interior design. They're marketing towards a new generation thrift store hipsters that are armed with Pitchfork, Top Chef, Foursquare and Twitter. We all know that these folks aren't suddenly going to flock to Vegas just because there is an indie rock venue on the casino floor and some guy they saw judge on Top Chef is here. Seriously... who is going to come here and stay in a $300+/night hotel room? The answer lies in the cracks of the couch:

Cosmo Terrace Couch Pullout

Calling all choadbags, the couches are pullouts!

Cosmo Terrace Spooltable

In addition to the two gigantic art books on the tables, there are a half dozen other books spread throughout the room. They weren't put here by the Gideons, they were put here by the Phaidons... if you take them, they will charge back the retail price to your hotel bill. Sneaky!

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Very nice Chuck. Overall I like the room however it doesn't quite have the feel I would expect at that pricepoint. I am really not a fan of the room design, being the neurotic bastard that I think the lack of consistency is going to drive me nuts. I think that terrace will make up for any shortcomings with the room itself. I guess I can judge for myself in 6 weeks...

One question, is there a fridge aside from the minibar one? It seems like they are advertising these as kitchenettes but without usable fridge that isnt really accurate.

so how long did they spend trying to downgrade you? did they actually pull the block/hold/etc on the upgraded room, then fail to downgrade, leaving you in limbo?

Excellent review. You really pinpointed the design problems resulting from the original condo plan. I'm not sure MGM did any better overcoming these issues at Vdara. Vdara also didn't have to deal with a change in the developer during construction. Cosmo was probably dealing with a limited budget (especially out of bankruptcy), a fixed timetable (DB enforced), partially completed units (kitchenettes and wiring?), some already ordered furnishings (kitchen, sleeper sofa), and minimal hotel design experience. It would be interesting to find out how much flexibility Rockwell had with the room design when he came on board. It should be interesting to see how impactful some of these flaws are on occupancy and rates.

So serious question: After finishing that walkthrough vid, how long did you spend licking that painting that you saw at about :20 ?

This review and what I've been hearing from people who have stayed at the Cosmopolitan is making me consider not stay there.
The common areas and pools (even though they are nit open yet) look gorgeous. The whole concept is amazing and very unique for a Vegas hotel. However, the hallways and rooms are a big let down. What is up with that bland hallway and door entry? No bell ring, automatic drapery, DND sign, and other electronic technologies you see at Wynn/Encore, Aria, MO, and other 5-4 star resort on the Strip.
I'd rather see them opening only 50% of the rooms now and leave the rest when they have more money, than seeing this not so cool rooms. I don't think the problem was adapting what was supposed to be a condo to a hotel room (see Vdara and Trump). The problem was money. They could have done better with only half of the rooms.
However, that balcony is something I have to check one day (and I mean, ONE DAY). After that day, I'm running back to Wynn/Encore.

Great review, Chuckmonster. I especially liked the creative use of the zoom button on the video walk-through. Note to self: don't lick the wall photos or drink from the coffee pot.

Wonder how much they charge you if you swipe the vagina-looking candy dish? Or if Spyder and Donnymac pee in it?

OMG my partner and I leave tomorrow for a Terrace Room - Upgraded View: so excited. I'm going to keep an open mind.
There must be some excusa-bility for an opening of a Vegas Hotel from a company that hasn't done it before (no?) I'm sorry for Mr. Monster's experience, however I think you must go into a new opening with a pretty big open mind... Thanks for being the guinea pigs, hopefully (fingers crossed) the problems will be figured out by now(!?) I'll let you know.

I think it was a very fair review considering the issues you experienced. I do hope they get their act together, although my belief is it won't be long until they run into a situation where they are forced to sell as I just don't think they are going to draw what Deutsche Bank feels is necessary.

I'm diggin the purple couch. I'm glad you did the review of the 1 bedroom rather than the standard hotel room. The standard room looks like a damn suite on a cruise ship. I don't like them at all. When we stay there I think we're getting a terrace studio suite.

Spot on review.The Terace Suite View looks like it will be the hot room to book . I think I better try it out within the next couple of months before they bcome unobtainium.

The room looks interesting but I dont see it justiying the rates they are charging. The reading material scattered around the room isnt free,huh? Then why is it there at all? I am also wondering why Yoohoo is in the mini fridge alongside the other cannned drinks. It dosent exactly fit. The drawer handles are the same as the ones in Tropicana but those drawers closed. If they drop the rates then I would consider staying just for the cool ass balcony.

levans, pretty much all serious luxury accommodations have reading material... some have libraries. very unusual in a cheap property with thousands of rooms. will it survive...

I'd take the bed, bath, and the Hendricks. That's about it.

I'm just an average guy who wants to pretend I'm living in greater luxury when I travel than I do at home. First, Bellagio, and then Wynn gave me that illusion. I don't perceive luxury when I look at photos of the One-Bedroom Terrace Suite at Cosmopolitan. No, I'm not a member of the Curious Class.

The hotel hallway was surprisingly bland and boring to me; no character or excitement. The room decor is a total mishmash of things that don't, to my untrained eye, belong together. An orange plastic table that looks like a construction barrel and a blue/purple 1950's sofa?

I assume everything on the kitchen counter was placed there by the hotel, other than the Macallan, Hendrick's and Blue Label. It just looks cluttered. Compare it to the sleek kitchen areas in The Signature at MGM Grand.

All hotels should offer in-room safes large enough to hold a laptop. Cosmopolitan is far from alone in failing this test.

Cosmopolitan may not be marketing to me, but I still want to have fun there in the bars and restaurants. I don't think I'll stay there.

Great review Chuck!

I checked in on Day 2 rather than opening night after suffering Aria's opening last year and maybe that helped, although it sounds more like random luck. My minibar aka fridge was full of smart water only, which we drank at no charge. They stocked said fridge during the only cleaning, where they also emptied all my refrigerated items onto the counter.

I had a great time at the place, but perhaps part of that was having a backup room in the Augustus Tower in case things went sideways. I did run into a lot of people who weren't 100% sure what they were doing or even close, but their attitude was great 98% of the time and that made all the difference in my perception.

I'm glad to have read your detailed review, maybe I'll keep at least an IP room for my valuables and to hang out in case of late checkin.

Also sorry to hear about those really bad experiences, including the theft.

The reason there was no airplane sized bottles of vodka in the minibar door is because Cosmopolitan offers 350 mL bottles of Grey Goose in the trays...which is one of the missing items in Chuckmonster's minibar, d'oh! (The other being PBR in a can). I like Chuckmonster's idea of a cabinet for the glasses to clear counter problem with clear glasses under bright lights is visible fingerprints, or worse. Keeping in mind the amount of hotel room glasses I've seen used as ashtrays in the past, I'd never use them anyway.

As for there being an "All off" light functions near the bed, that is controlled by the television's on-screen menu. You can control the entire room, on down to individual lights, plus climate controls and room service menus. Of course, if one never turns on the TV, how would they know? This was also mentioned by Hunter in his review, so this could be a problem going forward.

Solution? Cosmopolitan CoStars need to point these features out, whether it is the desk agents during check in or the Bellmen upon luggage delivery...or preferably both. Having the TVs set to the "My Room" menu prior to check-in is another option I've utilized in the past.

I just got back from staying in a premium view studio suite. I had coffee/tea on the mini bar, cups for said coffee, but no coffee maker. I brought my own little French press anyway. I like half/half in my coffee. None in the mini-bar, none in Vitals or Monogram (stores that carry liquids). I ended up by walking down to CVS to buy some. Did you put anything on the bottom shelf of the frige? I put my stuff there and it froze solid. So it really isn't a frige, it's a minibar.

Awesome review. I stumbled on this site about a month ago... LOVE IT!

Anyways... I stayed at The Rumor Boutique which is down the street from Cosmo about a month ago and loved it. From the sounds of it Cosmo is an overblown... over priced version of Rumor. I'll take the boutiqe version for a quarter of the price. First time staying in a non gaming mega hotel in Vegas... and let me tell you I think Im sold. Havent been n Cosmo yet but Im liking the idea of staying in these less overblown yet sexy places in Vegas from now on. If I want the bloat I still have the option to walk across the street to the Hard Rock.
My 2 cents.
Fan for life:

i was pumped until i saw the hallways.wheres the $1000 a minute whores and cutesy animals running around like a prostitute filled noah's ark? i dont believe in advertising anymore!thanks chuckmonster for showing the truth!BULLSHIT IS BULLSHIT UNTIL YOU SHIT ON A BULL!(I think thats a steve wynn quote in regards to jersey boys...he was very heated)

I wanted to read your comments after I passed through Cosmo's casino late Saturday night... actually 1-AM Sunday. Way too loud, table limits too high, but surprisingly almost filled to capacity with 30-something high rollers dressed to kill as if the Cosmo casino were an extension of a club. The casino has a poor selection of slots and video poker so it didnt surprise me to see most of the machines idle. But I think this casino was meant to be a club-- a hang out-- not a serious gaming hall. Serious gaming is across the street at Bellagio which still has $10 craps. Cosmo had minimums of $25, $50 and $100 at its tables.

Stayed for a night in summer 2012... there's simply one killer argument, and that's the fountain-facing terrace where you can spend hours after hours... everything else was a little disappointing. Technology working but with huge delays on the screens. Poor room layout, useless soaking tub, and I nearly broke my toe at night running into the eff-ing chest. Never mind the waste of space called the kitchenette. But the view on Lake Bellagio... might get me again some time.

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