The New Salon Suite At Wynn Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2010

Meet The New Suites at Wynn

Posted by Chuckmonster

After months of badgering and harassing the lovely folks at Wynn Las Vegas for a chance to peep their brand new Parlor Suite redesigns, they invited us to be one of the first folks to enjoy the latest of Roger Thomas' creations. The funny thing is that when we arrived at Wynn, they bumped us up one level to the gigantic Salon Suite. In the interest of full disclosure, Wynn Las Vegas did not charge us for the room.

We arrived at Wynn Tower Suites and were blocked from valeting our car at the Tower Suites entrance by an official looking guy, we dropped our car at the Wynn rear valet and schlepped our stuff over to the Tower Suites entrance. The check in took inordinately long since there were only two parties in front of us. The front desk attendant was all apologies and offered us some cold water to soothe our travel weary nerves... mmmm. Minutes later, we were handed the keys and hopped on the elevator to the 25th floor.

Apparent instantly is that this floor has been given the same decor treatment as the previously redesigned room we stayed at but with Asian inspired wall decorations.

Wynn Salon Suite Fans

The Salon and higher level suites are usually reserved for casino marketing as the tower suites elevator landing is only steps away from the High Limit Baccarat salon's rear entrance.

Wynn Salon Suite 2503

We headed down the hallway to room 2503, slid in the key *beep beep* and opened the door.

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That looks like Lucy Ricardo staring down at you on the bed.

Absolutely love the booth. Love it love it love it.
The rainhead shower and whole bedroom area also look awesome as all get out. I'm not to keen on the color schemes Wynn uses (it's just looks a tad to old lady for me) but it's done in a very good way. I'm still hoping to make my way to the Wynn sometime soon. Just gotta find a good monacale, top hat, and some sort of chain wallet/pocket watch combo with a cane that turns into a fencing sword.

Gorgeous. Gives Encore a run for the money.

When you were eating the room service potato chips, did it feel a little like you were cheating on the minibar potato chips?

Looks like they gave it the Encore color treatment. The bar does look exactly the same. This room has always been available via online reservations, at least as far back as I am aware having stayed in one in Apr 2008. The only rooms at Wynn that haven't at some point been available via web are the 10,000 sq ft villas. These seem to rack at $750/night but I've seen them as low as $375, but usually higher of late. I think in '08 I paid over $1,000/night.

The room looks a lot nicer now, although in a way I do kinda miss the red. I wonder if the living room TV is the same or the larger model as in Encore. The artwork definitely looks great, really good pics of the detail!

So, bold colors are out, and subtlety is in. In all, it looks very nice in an Encore kind of way. I did like the vibrant colors of the old color scheme, and I'm glad to keep at least a hint of it in the bar area. Broken dresser, missing TV, and inop shower head sounds more like Megacenter than Wynn, however. Those are the sorts of details that can cost you a star...



I would take a Bellagio penthouse over a Wynn salon, fairly similar size rooms, but I like Bellagio finishings and location better. Bellagio seems to use the space better. Wynn Salon might be better for a large group, party, etc.

plus those Bellagio versions can get down to $359 during an offweek weeknight.

Great job, Chuckmonster! Beautiful pictures and keen observations. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Chuck. I was surprised they didn't change the shower to a steam. Those showers are lightweight but still quite functional. You're sure you had it on full? Likewise, to add the electronic controler but keep the old drapes buttons by the bed was odd. Did they change the drapes control buttons at the entry and on the walls? This looks to be more cosmetic than anything else but I do like it better. Do you know how many floors are done? Ditto with the Parlors? They told me they'd be working through April when I was there a month ago. I definitely want an updated unit. Thanks again.
And it's been Crest toothpaste for a couple years now. :-)

This is how I imagined Bellagio's Penthouse suites would look if Wynn were to renovate them. The new design is more Encore than Wynn, and quite frankly, I hate it. I loved the bold use of colors at the Wynn, and to me, the Salone Suite was the epitome of Roger Thomas' design. I've never liked Encore's room designs, and I've preferred the bolder and more luxurious accommodations at the Wynn over the subtle and relaxing design at Encore. But still, in comparison with the SkySuites at Aria or Bellagio's Penthouses, this outshines the competition by a mile.

That "hole" behind the bar area is where the DVD/CD player used to be before the renovations. The TV was mounted on a wall behind the curtain and there was no where to place the DVD/D player. Now, they added that furniture by the TV where probably the sound system and DVD/CD player are.
The windows in the living room seem a little smaller now with the addition of that wall behind the TV.

One last note: is it the way you positioned the camera or they really didn't centered the furniture in the middle of the room? If you look the pic you took of the main area, you can clearly see the couches are not on the right position to make the TV centered between them. A small detail that it is easy to fix though...

Love, love, love this colour scheme.

Simply beautiful...a true high roller's suite!

...bottle of Maker's Mark, eh? No disrespect to the brand, but in a picture of a Wynn Salon Suite? :-/

I so wish I'd made the Cosmo(politan) opening, since the CityCenter meetups last year were such fun. Having seen this, I'd have brought you a Blanton's.

@moto i'm an equal opportunity drinker.

Even my balls are jealous.

Great, great suite and video.

Anyone know what the music is?

Frank Zappa

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