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VT superfriend MiddleClassBuzz spent a coupla nights at the Artisan and brought back a ton of photos and description of one of the more interesting off strip boutique hotels. Very awesome. Thank you MiddleClassBuzz!

Believe it or not, there are a few hotels in Las Vegas that don't have rooms full of green felt tables and one armed bandits open 24-hours a day. Oh, yes. And what the hell kind of person would want to come all the way to the damn desert to stay in one of these? Well, people like me for starters. I've argued that this is an enormously underserved market, because a lot of folks come to Vegas and never bet a dime.

I'm a Las Vegas native now living in NYC, so needless to say, I've seen it all. When I swoop into town for a few days to visit family, I don't need to fight the traffic on the Strip, navigate a confusing parking garage, and then schlep a few days worth of luggage through a busy casino floor. I like being able to get in and out of a joint with ease, without the fluff. And based on conversations I've had with others, I'm not the only one.

Artisan Sign

Based off this criteria alone, the Artisan delivered. Of the small collection of hotels that make up the Siegel Group (siblings include the Gold Spike downtown and Rumor, their newest boutique located across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel) the Artisan is their most well-known.

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I know the club scene can get pretty loud there at night. You were there sometime around Thanksgiving, so I can imagine it was so bad. Did you get any whiff of that the day-after?

@JohnD I didn't see any of that. We were there Wednesday and Thursday night and out by 10 on Fri. morning. It was deadsville the entire time.

Thoroughly impressed. That pool area looks like a pretty awesome summer spot if they keep the club factor to a minimum.

The Siegel Group does a great job with their hotels. I stayed at Rumor a few months ago (during the soft opening) and I was very impressed.

It's so interesting to see how Siegel is handling Artisan and Rumor. Of course, they started out with "Siegel Suites", which are basically clean & safe low-rent motels often used as longer term housing by low-wage Strip workers, so many were wondering how on earth they'd reopen the more artsy/hipster Artisan and open the more glam Rumor. Yet so far, both seem to be humming along. We got to give Siegel credit for knowing how to run motels and hotels here.

The pool area does look awesome. I LOVE little boutique hotels. Or hotels that are non-chain. I love staying in unique places which is why I think I love Vegas as a whole. All of the hotels are different for the most part.

Every time I travel I try to find the most unique hotel I can possibly find.

I have been to both hotels Rumor and Artisan. I must say they are both great! Artisan just got voted best after hours in Vegas and it does get crazy on the weekends. During the week its a mellow hidden gem! I have sent so many people there I should get a referal fee!

The pool area looks nice. But would only be nice if it wasn't a crazy "day life" scene. As far as the rest? The style of decor really isn't to my tastes.

very Goth, as someone I showed this to commented.

Glad there are options, and an alternative to the mega-corporate operators on the Strip -- for my money, as a tourist I still rather like staying in the resorts.

The Siegel Group also owns Siegel Suites notorious for crime,drugs and shotty,poor living conditions .
The location on Boulder Hwy&Nellis had a stabbing in 2009 The recession had made them rich

People get stabbed at extended stay motels and at apartment complexes in every city.

Comparing the Siegel Suites chain with The Artisan, Rumor and the Gold Spike would be like comparing Circus Circus with the Mirage. Two completely different markets these properties cater towards.

Not true the Artisian was a shit hole before the redo-Read up on it JACKHOLE

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