Sahara : The VegasTripping Review 2010

The New(ish) Superior Rooms At Sahara

Posted by Chuckmonster

Sahara Las Vegas 2010 Hotel Review

Six months after SBE Entertainment bought the aging Sahara for $350M in March 2007, new owner Sam Nazarian trumpeted his plans to the world that, with a little spit and polish, he'd be able to charge $200/night for rooms at the Sahara. Before the chuckling at Nazarian's claim had subsided, the economy turned into its skid mark and so did Sahara - closing hotel towers and restructuring debt load just to stay open. Sometime in late 2009, Sahara's scuttled plans for an extreme makeover eeked into public view in the form of strategically placed shots of Botox known as the Sahara Superior rooms.

In accordance with a coupla dozen requests from the peanut gallery - you - we decided, against our better judgement, to go rip the bandages off and see what was going on over in the new(ish) Sahara Superior rooms. I've already mentioned in two previous blog posts that the Sahara, in many ways, is a dirty, disgusting hell hole. To be fair, I should mention that the craps crew they've got working there during the graveyard shift are tops. I'd like to give a shout out to Ken, stick man beyond compare, who reminded me how fun it is to play at a dice table with a carnival barking dealer who knows how to stoke the action.

Arrival at the Sahara was nauseating, I was honestly scared to touch anything. Fortunately, check in was quick even if the front desk clerk didn't laugh at my jokes. Trust me, the problem isn't the material or the delivery. In addition to the blanks stare, the clerk gave me the keys and pointed me down the hall to the Garbanzo Bean Tower or wherever it is my room was in (Tangiers Tower.) On the way, I walked by three truly pathetic gift shops, a tattoo shop, a dark and dingy "lobby" and Sahara's Sportsbook, which by my means of measuring is more of a Sportspamphlet, or Sportsfoldoutflyer. I've also got to say that the 1950s Rat Pack photos have got to go. I love the idea of vintage Vegas as much as the next guy, but I don't think there are all that many people still alive who saw the Rat Pack do their schtick at the Sands way back when.

I hop on the elevator and head up to the 26th floor to room 2652.

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Comments & Discussion

Mmmm.. Funyuns

You should have stolen that camel lamp.

Wait that room is "Renovated" or just got a new TV?

The flat screen TV probably costs more than all the furniture in that room combined. Table Beds Chairs Sheets=$300 at the most.
Flat screen=$699 tops (you know they got em on sale somewhere)

I stayed in one of the Tangier rooms about 4 years ago, the room does look a bit better, although how much is debatable. It would be nice to see some of the common areas cleaned up like the room and hallways. As the property does have some charm, as mentioned, I've found a lot of the dealers and bartenders to be first rate.

Do they sell that lamp in one of the sad gift shops??

For a budget hotel, that room and hallway don't look bad at all. Sahara's problem, though, is that EVERY Vegas hotel is a budget hotel these days.

I trust they don't have the cojones to charge a resort fee. That's a plus, huh?

I remember a while back that the Sahara closed a good portion in their rooms. (2007/2008? I don't know exactly when). Is this still the case?

I've had some funny/weird upgrade experiences at the Sahara but I never went there for the quality of the rooms. The craps crew is the best! A bunch of them have left or switched shifts but there are still people I look forward to seeing on every trip. Sahara is the first place I ever played craps so they will always have a special place in my heart.

Looks pretty spiffy for a low end joint. Not bad on the decor, and the cleanliness is a plus.

Perhaps they should open a home store, a la Wynn. If nothing else, they could probably sell a bunch of those camel lamps.

Seriously, when you could stay at Mandalay Bay, Mirage, or any number of better places for the same money, why would anyone ever choose the Sahara?

Dude. I can't believe you, Mr. Shat-Phone hater man, would use a coffee maker that is within reach of a toilet. I mean, ewww. No way does that thing get hot enough to sanitize itself. This might explain why you went on a rager and nearly killed that poor little doughnut loving Indian guy.

Okay even though the place looks steam cleaned I wouldnt consider staying there. I would, however, buy one of those cool lamps.

Thanks for the preview..I've got a Saturday night December 11 stay booked..paid under $40 on their website, just to say I stayed there and knock one more hotel off the list....I for one like the Rat Pack pics in the casino..Sahara is one of the few properties left that celebrates Vegas past..

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