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Thanks for the review. Again it seems that Aria shows a lot of promise but fails to deliver in the areas that generate repeat customers.

I'm just happy not to see yet another room slathered in red velvet, fake gold, and beige cylindrical pillows ala Wynncore.

Since Sky Suites has five or so types of rooms, I thought I'd add that this room appears to be a One-Bedroom Penthouse:

@sandy none of the three items you mentioned are in the rooms at Wynncore.

The room looks utterly phenomenal.

That said, I'm very disappointed that the technology isn't working! I was in a standard city-view king-bed room and I never had a single problem with the technology (although I didn't use it much since I was often too busy gambling and sightseeing).

The SkySuites lounge is also very disappointing. It looks awful. Its literally the most ugly thing I've seen at Aria!

Other than that... well... the hotel-room-porn is to die for, and I do intend to stay in a SkySuite on my next trip.

I'm diggin it. Especially the headboard on the bed and the bathroom with a view. Oh and the striped countertops...I want countertops like that in my house. Anyone know where I can get a punched pleather headboard like that??

I'll draw up a set of plans and material list if you can find a builder RockChick.

In all, a beautiful suite, especially the bathroom. The living and dining areas also look well thought out. A big thumbs up for the separate fridge and icemaker.

What were they thinking with the SkySuite lounge? At least add some interesting art to the walls.

Very nice write-up, enjoyed the review.

Nice review, the room looks real nice but there are some real disapointments there as well.

Just got back from my second stay at Aria; while the service is much improved but they havent won me over. My TV did not work once again and my room had to be reset, the fixtures in my tub were rusty, and I really just dont like the layout of the room. I dont think I will be staying here again unless i get a great deal.

Looks like a great place to crank some Hall & Oates or some Hall & Oates covers. Thanks for the review.

That view from the bathroom is to die for! Just what you need to relax...I'm sure it looks even better at night.

Personally, I wasn't too wowed by the room, apart from the bathroom. The bathroom was absolutely spectacular. The open look of it and large windows and how clean and pristine... Very nice. I'd certainly stay in the suite for the bathroom alone. The rest of it though, meh. While nice, certainly nice enough for me to HAVE to stay there.

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